Dining Table + Chair Roundup

Hi guys- sorry this is late. I’ve been running on fumes this week! However, I did think a post like this would be pretty interesting as I’ve found that people can find it a bit difficult to pair dining tables and chairs. In the design world its a no-no to buy furniture in sets (of any kind) so pairing a table with chairs that compliment but don’t MATCH is key. Here are a few examples that may help you visualize your own space!

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Tulip Dining Table-White Carrera Marble Furn_SideChr_Riviera_Fog_White_CH31-07_0528_sh


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s7d4.scene7.com MID-CENTURY-LIVING-Truman-High-Back-Windsor-Classic-Side-Chair-Set-of-2-4a275724-f6d8-412e-8d50-e95946b525e3_600


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  1. This is really helpful – thank you! Also, I love a post that is visually easy to digest quickly. Hope your week gets back to normal. :)

  2. Great post – oddly enough, Riviera chairs always seem so teasingly anachronistic to me when used indoors. It’s like both the chair and I should be sipping wine and watching Parisians stroll by rather than drinking a quick cup of (possibly instant) coffee while I scribble a grocery list onto a Post-It before dialing into yet another 8:00a meeting. Le sigh…

    P.S., if you are looking for post ideas, could you do a primer on how to choose an appropriate lampshade for a base? For instance, I have two very tall alabaster lamps that I cannot find shades for…and it’s probably because I’m not sure what the overall proportions should be for such things.

  3. This may be a silly question- are there nice wood tables (maybe some of these? though from comments certainly not all) where the finish durable enough not to require coasters or a tablecloth? I would love a table that looks good but can withstand my small kids…placemats are OK for mealtime, but would also like something that can easily withstand homework, games, etc.

    1. We have a table like the first one, but with dark wood, while the chairs are white cerusé. They survived two kids (who were 21 years apart, so there was plenty of wear in between) and many dinner parties. The only disaster came when a tea light blew up its container and the table caught fire! (Husband was watching TV three feet away and didn’t even see it.) He did a good job of repairing it, but you can make out where it burned.
      We always use a tablecloth, though. They are great! You can shake out all the crumbs outside for the birds. We don’t leave it on the table all day–just for meals.

  4. My family used the wood and leather captains chairs from my grandfather’s medical practice waiting room as our dining chairs. What I realized later is that having arms on all the chairs helped everyone relax at the table. Now I’m committed to no-side chair dining rooms :)

  5. This is super informative! I am so afraid to make a mistake here that I just haven’t done anything. Of course, if I could buy a Sarinnen table and Serena and Lily chairs, I would know they go together and would get them…lol!! Would die for that combo!

  6. Love this post, so fumes are still working well for you. What about styles of couches/sofas paired with chairs in living rooms. So many different styles out there and when one tries not to do matchy-matchy, it gets a wee bit daunting. Thanks!

  7. Great post! My dining room has a straight-leg farmhouse table with white wishbone chairs, but I’m totally loving the Windsor style chair with the farmhouse table too.

  8. Don’t take this the wrong way: don’t apologize. We (women) apologize too much – I get that you are committed to your blog, your readers, but you don’t owe us anything. You have a busy life, and sometimes sh*t happens, and that’s okay. I’ve always appreciated your transparency and your healthy dose of real life in your writing, but don’t punish yourself!

  9. Love this post. Would love to see a post matching bedside tables and dressers. I have such trouble with that one – hate the “matchy matchy” look.

  10. So helpful, it is always hard to decide what style of chair to pair with your table and once you find it, making sure that it is the right height for the table as well. I love when modern tables are paired with more rustic chairs!

  11. Ahhhh I love this post as I’m currently deciding what kind of chairs to pair with a ‘farmhouse’ style dining table (I really like the last one you have posted by Pottery Barn). Perfect timing – thanks Erin! I’ve always loved the Serena & Lily Carson side chair that you have pictured ANDDD it’s on sale right now, bonus!

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