Fashion Friday: Shopping Like Your Mama

I wore some high heels last weekend to dinner and felt a tad wobbly in them- then realized that’s because I NEVER wear heels anymore.  I have come to value comfort as much as style now that my life is crazy busy with a toddler, and so my wardrobe is slowly shifting from binding party clothes (a la Cher Horowitz) to more comfortable, but still stylish basics.  Ain’t nobody got time to be uncomfortable in their clothing.  And while I still think I dress pretty decent, I have noticed more “mom store” items creeping into my atmosphere. Now I have not gone so far as to start ordering from Soft Surroundings and living in mumus, but I have noticed that traditional “mature women’s” shops have been stepping up their game a bit more when it comes to design and fit.  Chico’s has some seriously cool jewelry with a MArni-esque vibe, Talbots has had some awesome shoes as of late, and Ann Taylor has greatly improved their fit and style.  Even Garnet Hill has a bunch of stuff that I’ve dog-eared in the catalog.  So here are some recent finds that I think work equally well on someone 25 as it would on a 55 year old.  Lesson learned: never write off any store because it seems too “mom”. :)

  1. I’ve been eyeing this long cashmere cardi in Garnet Hill for a few months.
  2. An amazing, huge statement necklace for under $70 from Chicos- great with an LBD or sleek black top with jeans.
  3. Ordering these croc Talbots wedges for summer- the perfect neutral show for sundresses.
  4. Another Talbots win- a Chanel-like tweed jacket– great with jeans and heels.
  5. A long statement tassel necklace from Chico’s
  6. ADORABLE leopard hide low heels– comfort AND style. Perfect with cropped black pants.
  7. An awesome leather bag with tassel detail on sale for $135!
  8. I LOVE the color and texture of this top, and paired with jeans, a black leather jacket and leopard heels it would be amazing for date night!
  9. A simple black dress with great lace up front detail.
  10. Awesome tassel earrings in a chic shade of grey.
  11. This bamboo clutch is perfect for any summer night out. Goes with everything.
  12. I love the taupe color of this striped tee shirt dress (great with that green military jacket too!)
  13.  This slouchy cashmere poncho + white jeans, sandals and big earrings is a SUPER easy outfit that also looks really fabulous.
  14. Cool shades.
  15. The bell sleeve detail on this blouse is super on-trend.
  16. I own these chandelier earrings (see them on me in this article from Boston Home Magazine) and I looooooooove them. LOVE.
  17. The beaded shoulder detail on this cardi-jacket is pretty cool- I’d pair it with a black cami, jeans and black heels.
  18. Super slimming cropped pants with a slight flare. Awesome for spring dressing.
  19. Another cashmere poncho– this time with pom pom details.
  20. I am currently super obsessed with this shade of blue, and the tiny print and cut of this dress is awesome for summer nights (or vacation!)
  21. These striped Superga sneakers are darling- white jeans and tee and you’re off in style.


  1. I was JUST looking at the talbots website- which is shocking because growing up I always thought of it as the old lady store- but those wedges are seriously so cute!

    I’ve been anti stilleto even when I was a college party girl, so I’m loving that block heels/ wedges and sneakers are in style! Good finds, Erin!

    Xo, Brittany
    Weekend links + steals on my blog today!

  2. E – love these type of posts. Quick question-did you size up in the striped top you featured last week? Thanks!

  3. ♥♥♥ this fashion post, and it does not feel Mom like to me at all, really cute stuff and fashionable. Of course I am the older set so this way of dressing is right up my ally. I did a little Spring shopping already but I did pin a few of your selections, just in case I think I need something else. Love the two dresses and the Talbots jacket. Thank you for this post, really loved it! We need to get the older set out of ugly ill fitting crop pants and loose tops or dresses with those bolero type sweaters. I cringe every time I see someone in those.

  4. I could pin just about every item on this post. Of course, I am their target market, but I think many of these looks are truly ageless. I could definitely see that green-gold top styled as you suggested on a 20 something and styled with flats on someone my age.
    Great range of looks and some very affordable options. You put the “fashion” into fashion Fridays!

  5. Thank you for this! I’m in the same boat as you – mid (late?!) 30s, young kids , working mom – and have been looking at these “frumpy” stores again in recent years. They tend to be more forgiving for post-baby bodies, and you can find good stuff if you look carefully. Thanks!!

  6. These choices are great. Another store I never thought I would order from but do often for good cuts on dresses in comfortable and forgiving fabrics is Lands End. Who ever would have thought?!

  7. Hahaah this is so timely because I was passing J Jill at the mall yesterday and thought, “when do you start shopping in these stores? I’m still too young right? But those things look cute!”

  8. I’ll cop to semi- regularly checking out Talbot’s… they have some really cute and classic stuff, even though they also have some weird grandma stuff like Scotty-dog embroidered sweaters (why is that even an option?!?). But I have to say, it’s been a long time since I’ve given Chico’s a peek, since I generally detest everything in the store window and think most all of it falls in the “why is this an option” category. BUT- I had to do a double-take with that beaded cardi-jacket! That’s Chico’s?!?!

  9. I seriously enjoyed this post. I am 32 with no children at this point, but even when I meet girlfriends for a night of drinks, I still pull out my comfortable clothing and flats. I hate more than anything being out somewhere I really want to be and thinking, “UGH I cannot wait to get home and take off these heels/this shirt/these pants I can’t breath in” lol. I want to be able to enjoy the company and not have to worry about whether or not my shirt is riding up! So I am alllll about being comfortable now!

  10. Erin, I have to “GAAASSP!!” that you even mentioned Chico’s! (I laugh lovingly of course), but I have sworn my mother to NEVER shop there and I certainly won’t either, BUT I do know some items have gotten better and if you are primarily pointing out accessories then I can deal with that. I definitely have no problems with the other stores and I will buy clothes anywhere if I like it, it fits well, and is good quality. That being said, I just had to chuckle at Chico’s being mentioned, my mom and I both read your blog and if she sees this she will get a real kick out of it too! Thanks for another great post!

    Happy Birthday Mom! Next stop Nordstrom’s and Neiman’s! :-)

  11. Do you think the “mature women’s” shops are stepping up their game or are you growing into them? Seriously, though. I was horrified at myself a couple of years ago (at age 35, having just had my 3rd child) when I ordered a few outfits from J. Jill. I mean… But, my lifestyle has changed, my priorities have changed, my body shape has changed. Not sure it’s the shops that are changing!!!

  12. Thanks for this post!! I love your picks!! Along with your suggestions on how you would style these pieces! You style each item to up the “cool factor”. I am def ordering some pieces for an upcoming Mediterranean cruise. Thank you!

  13. Great post! As a mother of a toddler, I try to stay away from dry clean only but I still need professional looking clothes that are comfortable and stylish.

  14. I love # 17 the Chico’s cardi jacket. It’s sophisticated fierce! I would totally wear it with black pants and some cute booties or even pair it with a white dress.
    I only recently discovered your blog through your book. It’s FABULOUS. And your’re genuinely helpful. Great going!

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