A Surprisingly Beautiful Celebrity Furniture Line

Typically I avoid any sort of special “celebrity designed” line of goods. When a “star” tries to cross into product it can be awkward, unless its a natural reflection of their talents, of course. Still, even knowing how particularly skilled (read: insanely talented) Ellen Degeneres is at interior design (she has a whole book out on the subject and her houses have been featured in numerous design magazines) I was still very hesitant to check out her collection for Thomasville. And I LOVE Ellen. Like, LOOOOOOOOOVE Ellen.  But finally this week I peeked at the site and was TOTALLY and pleasantly surprised at the collection.  Its a strong mix of mid-century and rustic-modern and there are quite a few fantastic pieces that stand on their own or also serve as super tailored basics.  I guess I was taken aback at how artistic and yet simple it all is.  And so I thought I better share it with you (this is in no way sponsored!) I believe Thomasville has many fabric choices to work with for their upholstered pieces so don’t let a fabric shown deter you :)


Take this bed for example. AMAZING!  She (and her team of talented furniture designers, of course) utilized the clean, classic lines of a Windsor chair and turned it into a bed. I adore this!


A simple side table/ nightstand with fabulous hardware details and a great gold circle mirror that would look good just about anywhere.

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This sofa was in the ad I saw that made me check out the site– love the spaced nailhead detail and streamlined shape but also that it has loose cushions, making it comfy as well!


The chair version is particularly fetching in this skinny stripe. And this two tier side table is super useful (small lamp on top, books and magazines below!)

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This armoire is STUNNING! look at that detail!


A white slipcovered sofa with perfect lines. No brainer.



These two chairs are great accents- the leather has a strong mid-century style while the other (one of my favorite pieces from this collection) has primitive/ rustic style but also a modern feel while also being very sculptural.


85831_905_S16 85832_904_S16

This bed has a few options (check them out here) that are really interesting!



Love this classic mid-century dresser.


A great accent chair that has traditional lines but done is a very chic way, and a barstool with interesting details.

2651-15_1968-01_S16 85821_877_ALT_S16

The woven texture of this wood chest would be as great in an entry or living space as it would be in a bedroom.


This channel tufted sofa is sleek but still looks inviting!


This modern desk is SUPER cool.


As is this desk (note the little animal details on the foot bar!)


LOVE the shape of these host chairs for a dining table! And this accent chair would be awesome in the corner of a bedroom.

2678-15_1007-08_S16 2665-15_1027-24_S16

This entry table (or sofa table) is a nice mix of rustic and modern too.


This secretary version of the desk above takes an “old” type of furniture piece and makes it truly contemporary. While this center hall table is simple as could be.


85831_622_S16 85832_245_S16

I encourage you to also check out the spread from Arch Digest on one of her California homes… *SIGH*



OK, well  I’m at the airport bright and early to jet off to work on an exciting project I hope to share with you very soon! :)











  1. That Windsor bed and rustic chair are really beautiful. And I think that’s my favorite of the many Ellen homes, but many of them are really great. Good design + California weather and architecture + lots of money is definitely a winning combo.

  2. We probably shouldn’t be surprised: her funny, kind exterior clearly hides the heart and soul of a very serious designer and collector. I watched two seasons of her furniture design competition, and even for a competition show the level of talent was extremely high, and the judges she was able to obtain were amazing. Her aesthetic is not always mine, but I can always see the incredible taste level. When you couple that with the resources that her income has given her, the results are be-yoo-ti-ful!

  3. I can’t stress how much I love Ellen. But I am not in love with this furniture. It’s fake old. If you want old, why not buy the real thing, which will be made of solid wood and probably far better quality and probably far cheaper than this? Not to diss Ellen–it’s true of most furniture you can buy today. You are almost ALWAYS better off buying vintage/antique in terms of price and quality. Even my Ikea furniture from the 1980s is better quality than the same stuff today (Billy!). Kudos to Ikea for keeping prices reasonable, but something had to give and that something was quality. Of course, it takes time and taste to root out real, vintage versions of the stuff Ellen has on offer.

  4. Every one of these pieces is a design gem. Each one holds a unique flair and many can be used in a myriad of home decor styles. I had no idea that Ellen had made a collection, thanks so much for sharing. I am definitely going to have to check out her stuff for my next project!

  5. OK, I LOVE that bed… i went to the website but no price is listed… any ideas? I guess I’ll be calling Thomasville.

  6. Thank you for covering her collection, I probably wouldn’t have checked it out… and I am totally in love with the desk and it’s little caravan of animals! A bit reminiscent of the artist Philippe Berry, whose work is whimsical like Ellen

  7. Thank you so much for this post–had no idea Ellen designed furniture. Gorgeous pieces…

  8. Erin,
    Can you PLEASE do a post on upholstery fabrics? I love white/cream sofas, but have not been able to keep them looking good…. Are some fabrics better than others?? Or is there away to achieve that “white upholstery” look while not actually using white? Thanks a million!!!

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