Somehow, someway this week marks my ten year anniversary of blogging. A DECADE of my blathering and pontificating on all things design, fashion and life. 3,202 posts to be exact if you can believe it!!!  Starting as a clueless 27 year old with NO idea what to do with her life to now- an established designer with a legit business, a New York Times bestselling book (and another in the works), product lines, a BABY, a house and more amazing projects under my belt than I ever thought possible- I am rendered pretty speechless when looking back over the past ten years.

I never really take the time to step back and admire at what has happened over the past decade, but HOLY HELL, what a ride!!!! It’s actually pretty amazing.  And I feel so lucky and so content with what I have built that I can be nothing but filled to the brim with pure gratitude today. It hasn’t been easy, I’ve worked hard to build this life, but it has been fulfilling, inspiring and fascinating.

I’ve been trying to think about my favorite posts and moments from over these 10 years– beyond all the design posts (mine, others, fashion, interiors, exteriors…), so many of the biggest moments in my adult life have been chronicled here.  From my first post (followed by months and months of posts with 1-2 comments) to….


*Being on the cover of the Boston Globe Magazine (no other press has been as game changing as this feature- its how I found Lindsey, whose been with me 7 years, to MANY of my clients for years!)


*My apartment being on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens!


*This gut-spilling essay that got such amazing response (and was bought and published by Ladies Home Journal and also helped land me a book deal….) That pic tho….


*Buying my first real house!


*Meeting Oprah (!!!!!) , speaking at her conference, filming an ad for O and Ikea in LA and being in O Magazine.

Gates_cvr_final-copy ` Screen-Shot-2014-10-08-at-7.29.35-AM

*Revealing the cover of my book and the insane turnout for my launch party.

IMG_20141023_192529156-751x1024 Screen-Shot-2014-10-10-at-7.43.36-AM


*My book tour, which will go down as one of the most incredible experiences Andrew and I have ever had in our lives.


*Finding out the book was a NY Times bestseller. Still a WTF concept I can’t grasp.


*Announcing my pregnancy after years of infertility. And Oliver’s EPIC side-eye (which was telling, as he still dislikes Henry immensely)

IMG_1713 BabyGatesNursury-3

*Announcing Henry’s birth (also revealing his nursery).

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 8.42.47 PM

*Debuting my product line (I am told all new spring pillows will be back available to order today).


*Investing in my business and renovating our new studio (reveal to come soon!!!!) and hiring more people to work for me.

What’s next????

I have a lot in the works- the second book, some really amazing design/product projects and hopefully someday soon a second child. A makeover of the blog and logo is in the works. And maybe a new house to renovate someday soon. And more incredible homes to design for others and fun blog posts to write!  I will continue to reach for the stars and feel so in awe of all the incredible blessing bestowed upon me (a combination of hard work and luck, for sure).

I’m curious what have been your favorite posts? What keeps you reading? How did you find me? What do you hope to see from EOS in the next 10 years (because I ain’t going NOWHERE).  People say blogging is dying and being watered down, but I think it is still a very vibrant, powerful way to discuss, share and market ones self and business.

I love this little community I’ve managed to create and I am forever grateful to you for your support, your time and your ideas, opinions and comments.  Deciding to start this blog CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER.  I cannot even imagine who I would be had I never had the guts to do it.  I don’t want to.   The life I’ve got is a gift.

And you better believe I’m going to throw a party to celebrate this milestone (and our new amazing studio). Stay tuned. :)

Love & Respect,







  1. Congradulations on 10 years! I found you in a magazine blurb (House Beautiful I believe). I took one look at that stair carpet runner in your entry and said “I gotta check her out”.
    I found substance, style, humor and OMG she’s in Boston! So I get my New England fix as well.
    Best wishes on everything upcoming, I look forward to following along.

  2. Congratulations Erin! I’ve been a reader of your blog for about a year and a half now. I found you after receiving your book as a gift. I’ve learned much from you in that short time and I thank you as your book and posts have helped me create a more stylish home! Cheers to the next ten!

  3. 10 years! Wow congratulations… hopefully many more milestones shall be urs. Shall continue to b a part of your journey… from a distance

  4. I have no idea how or when I found you, but I remember your adolescent post and your infertility post and instantly loved you. You’re like the daughter or daughter in law I would never have….love you from Virginia….go girl!

  5. Congratulations Erin! I think i found you through another blog and have followed you ever since.Love your honesty and taste(for everything).I cried when i read the baby announcement and love to see you succeed.Keeping your blog on my top sites for inspiration.

    XOXO from NYC

  6. Congratulations!! I first found your blog because I think you actually commented on mine (wayyyy back in 2008 when we were all commenting and leaving links :) Such a huge milestone and so well deserved!! xx

  7. Congratulations Erin. I can’t remember when I started reading your blog, but I know I found it through my best friend, who shares my love of interior design and fashion. I have to say, while I love your interior design posts and would hire you in a minute if I had the need, your Fashion Fridays are the BEST! I look forward to them every Friday, I probably purchase an item at least 50% of the time and I swear every item I have that came from FF I get rave reviews on. You are the only blogger I follow, haven’t found any that compare. And, getting to see your Insta posts on Henry make me smile, as I am a Mom of an almost 14 yr old boy. Henry’s so stinking cute!!!

  8. I can’t quite recall how I found you but I do know your blog is one of very few I’ve continued to read daily over the past 10 years. Kudos to you for the constant dose of inspiration you continue to offer whether it be for design, fashion, family, self among so many other topics. I look forward to following your next 10 exciting years! Your voice remains such a breath of fresh air! (I also think this is the first time I’ve commented in those 10 years of reading!)

  9. Congratulations! Don’t remember how I started reading, but I think it was 2010-2011ish I was getting into fashion/lifestyle blogs while decorating my first adult apartment and planning my wedding. Love all your success. I met you at your NYC book tour stop at Canvas home, got 3 books signed (for me, my mom and my MIL). Love all the design posts especially when you break down how to style rooms. Also a huge fan of affordable etsy and online vendors that you share. There are so many players in the design space and unless you are in the industry its so difficult to find the smaller brands unless its through word of mouth. Please keep sharing.

    xoxo from NYC and soon to be Denver

  10. Erin, you know I’m one of your biggest fans :-) And I have turned most of my family and friends into fans of yours too, with very little arm twisting that is of course. I am always passioned by seeing people that I actually know work hard and do well and see results from their hard labor. so just keep on doing what you are doing, it’s authentic and all good x0

  11. Yay Erin! Congratulations on 10 years of blogging :) I could only hope that my blog might someday warrant half of that amount of success! You really are talented and the world noticed! I found you through word of mouth. My girlfriends and I all love home decor blogs (I’m the only one who also writes one) and two years ago one of them said, “OMG y’all Elements of Style is def one you should read.” I’ve been hooked ever since! Especially since I have a tiny man about Henry’s age – am also renovating my house (jealous that yours is done!) and also have a home decor blog of my own. Your writing style is my favorite part of your blog – so down to earth and honest (and funny!) in every single post. Not all bloggers can create that, but you did beautifully. Reading your posts is like having a chat with a good girlfriend. I look forward to seeing what’s next – thanks for taking us along on the ride!

  12. Erin. I have been following you eight of those years. You have a lot to be proud of. You are a vertible workhorse and style inspiration for many women and entrepreneurs. Bask in your success and wishing you many happy years ahead.


  13. What an achievement!! And what an amazing essay – having just read it, so much respect for you posting that picture (your comments are hilarious and just made me laugh out loud) – from one not-so-cute-as-a-kid to another, your honesty and how far you’ve come is truly inspirational! To read something candid about the pressures we feel as women to fit within society’s norms of ‘attractive’ is so refreshing – especially one that’s genuine, rather than the Candice Swanepoels of the world talking about how they struggle with insecurity (give us a break). Wishing you the best of luck in your career – not that it would seem you need it! :)


  14. Congrats Erin! I’ve been following your blog for about 5 years now and your career and life is nothing short of amazing!! Can you do a blog post about entrepreneurship? Specifically women and entrepreneurship? I’d love to hear more about how it is you do what you do.

    Congrats again,

  15. Erin, Congratulations! I cannot remember how I found you…most likely from another design blog b/c we designed and built our own home and I spent entirely too many hours perusing the web for ideas. You and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum on many issues, but I so enjoy your style, insights and posts and even when I disagree with your ideas, you challenge my thinking and cause me to ponder. And my dearest roommate in college was an east coast gal and you people are a breed of your own and I LOVE IT! Please keep blogging and best wishes for all you do!

  16. Congratulations! I started reading after the Globe magazine article. Very impressive that you’ve been blogging this long, and so regularly. I love seeing posts about your projects, any kind of before and after, product recommendations, and budget-friendly decorating options.

  17. I first heard of your blog through my sister, who followed you because she had bought a house. But then we went to a Kate Spade event on Newbury years ago and you were the “host”/blogger to meet at the event. I loved your style and thought you were nice so started reading your blog every day from that day onwards. Then my husband and I bought a house and your blog became my bible! I used alot of your ideas from your house for our inspiration and you taught me so much on sinks, to wallpaper to lighting. I am so proud that we designed our renovation all from what i learned from your blog. And it came out awesome! And people always think we hired someone to help us. I still enjoy your blog, even the kids posts. I am not a parent but have nephews and nieces so have purchased quite a few things from those posts as well. Fridays are my favorites though! Thank you and good luck on your continued success! PS: Your book is displayed on my coffee table, looking forward to next one.

  18. Congratulations Erin! Andrew introduced me to your blog oh so many years ago and now can’t start my day without checking in first. I love your voice, your candor and most especially your impeccable sense of style both in home décor as well as fashion. I’m so happy for your great success and look forward to the next book (and maybe tour again in Chicago)! Keep up the great work!!

  19. I’ve been following your blog for so long I’ve lost count of the years. I admire, respect, and appreciate your candor and honesty. It’s refreshing and heart-warming. It’s like reading something a talented, good friend wrote. I root for you and it pains me when a mean-spirited person writes something that hits a nerve (round up the girl gang, someone’s bashing our sister). I wish for you continued success but I hope it doesn’t take too much time from your blog because I do enjoy it so very much.

  20. Wow, cheers to 10 years! I’ve been following you for the last 7 years or so. I was searching for a new bed and a co-worker showed me a white PB one you had blogged about, and I’ve been hooked ever since! I love your refreshing honesty & humor — I feel like your voice is a lot like my inner monologue, especially when freaking out over cute tiny things (animals, decor, prints, children, etc.). I also got to meet you on your DC book tour stop, and have shared your book with my mom & sister while we re-decorate my parent’s house! So looking forward to your next one! :)

  21. Congratulations! I’ve been reading/following along for a while. I first met you while working for Kravet in the BDC after design school. I remember assisting you in placing fabrics/furniture orders and chatting briefly about projects. It’s so encouraging to see a designer life yourself have (and continue to have) so much success! Thanks for doing what you do!!

  22. I can’t remember how I found the blog but I have been following you for years. My favorite memory was you walking by my car in Newton (I live in Wellesley) and I totally stuttered telling you how much I liked your blog. I was a big fan and you were very sweet. Congrats on your success and keep blogging!!!

  23. I found your blog through your book and subsequently learned so much about you and your story. Girl, you’re an inspiration! I’m SURE it must not have been easy creating this beautiful life. Your blog brings happiness & inspiration to so many of us, including those like me who’re jumping in into the world of design, style and beauty.

    You rock! Congratulations on 10 years and all your successes (and all those failures that you walked through, to get here).

    Lots of love from San Francisco !

  24. Dear Erin,

    A heartfelt congratulations on 10 years. A true milestone. I found you about 3 years ago when a friend recommended your blog. Shortly thereafter I started my own design firm – with absolutely NO training in design — just a heart full of inspiration, creativity, hope and a tad bit of grit. I’m now going strong and have a successful business that I started really because of your story. Last week I did a presentation about my business and being an entrepreneur to my daughter’s school and one child asked me, “Who inspired you to start your business?” (9 year olds ask the BEST questions.) Without even hesitating, I replied, “An amazing woman named Erin Gates.” Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being an inspiration of bravery and taking risks. You are amazing and I’m so glad I found your blog. It has changed the trajectory of my life. Lots of love — and to another 20 years!

  25. 10 jam-packed years! Some remarkably impressive accomplishments for one so young. I’ve been reading for about 5 years (maybe 6?). As a Maine native living in the west, I love your preppy style. I also appreciate your candor and assertiveness. Probably my favorite posts are your red carpet style recommendations! Your suggestions are always stellar; like uncanny genius level. Of course, I appreciate your design posts, even though my tastes lean less traditional-classy is never hard to take. And finally, I will absolutely confess to coming regularly for glimpses of Henry! Enjoy all of your well-earned success, and thank you for continuing to blog!

  26. Congratulations, Erin!! You have definitely been an inspiration to me as I begin to navigate designing my own life and my very first home with my fiancé!! Your EOS book has come in handy soooo many times! :)

    Your blog is the one that turned me into a self-proclaimed “blog junkie” and I couldn’t be happier to be known as that! I find inspiration from you daily!

    PS….on your next book tour, I think a stop in Chicago is definitely a must! :)

  27. Erin….boy when you put it on paper you have had 10 awesome years! Congrats because you definitely worked hard for all of it. Excited to see what life holds for you in the next 10 years:)

  28. Erin, I’ve been reading your blog or 10 years!! I can’t believe that either but it’s true. A faithful follower. I’ve loved watching/reading your journey from afar (Canada) and cheering you on throughout the years. You are very inspiring to me! I love your honesty, your personal posts, what inspires you, the projects you work on and seeing your family grow. Keep up the amazing life you’ve built and enjoy it all. You deserve a little Moet this weekend. :)

  29. So many congratulations to you — how awesome to look back on all of that! I love your blog so much and keep coming back for the inspiration but also because you are hilariously real, and I appreciate that so much. Thanks for putting out everything that you do — I know that there are really critical people out in the world but the way that you are just YOU is something that I very much admire and respect.

  30. I have been following along since 2008, but I didn’t know at the time that it was a new blog! I found out about you through my sister, and since then we have often referred to you as Erin without any qualifiers (I guess neither of us have IRL friends named Erin, so we don’t have to say your last name). My sis recently had a baby after a fertility struggle and I came to your blog to help with ideas on a baby gift I knew she would love (stuffed 3ft llama, which she loved!). Thanks for the inspiration over the years and congrats!

  31. hi Erin! congratulations!!! you deserve every bit of success you’ve had. you’re an utter delight and the ONLY daily stop on my internet wanderings lately. I think the #1 reason I keep reading your blog is because of your voice as a writer and because you haven’t changed your blog the way so many of my former faves have- bringing on new writers, doing watered down posts that are basically throw aways. I have strayed away from Garance, manrepeller etc for those reasons. I like that you are a classic :)

  32. You have written us the sweetest thank you letter. We need to be thanking you for many hours of reading pleasure, for educating us on good design and for sharing your sweet family. I wish you nothing but the best in the coming 10 years.

  33. Happy No. 10! I found you through the Boston Globe magazine all those moons ago and have followed you since. A fellow Boston via Connecticut gal – Wishing you continued success. xo

  34. Congratulations Erin – I love your blog and style. I cried the first time I read your story about your dad’s toast at your wedding and just brought tears to my eyes again!

  35. Congratulation, Erin!!

    A fabulous screenwriter friend of mine in Los Angeles, who has impeccable style, introduced me to your blog years ago.

    Loved your book (so glad it wasn’t lost in the mail. Italy’s postal system is the worst) and looking forward to the next one!

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