Design Crush: Monique Gibson

You probably ( along with me) drooled over the spread in Arch Digest last year of Meg Ryan’s loft in Manhattan. The beautiful mix of rustic, traditional and luxurious was concocted by designer Monique Gibson, a celebrity decorator who flies a little bit under the radar (as I just discovered a bulk of her work yesterday!)  I absolutely loved her portfolio of work and wanted to share it with you in case you too had not heard of her before.

This space below is her “atelier” in NYC where she operates her business out of.  Can I please have an “atelier”? I guess thats what you get when your first big design client was Elton John!

This is her office upstairs. Amazing. The blue walls and the marble mantel are kind of everything I’ve ever dreamed of.

Also the scenic mural in the hall?

Yeah, it’s not even funny it’s so good.

I adore the rustic but refined feel of this bedroom.

And this bananas space that just ACHES to host me, a big glass of wine and a stack of unread magazines.

Meg Ryan’s loft kitchen….

And incredible draped bed (someday, my pretty…)

It’s just so collected and rich without being pretentious (even though it probably costa  zillion dollars!)

She also designed John Mellencamp’s South Carolina vacation home (which appears to have originally been a church)

Is Rustic Drama a thing? Because that is what this is.

Simple and yet utterly wonderful.

How cozy a spot would this be for a casual dinner party?

The drapes in this bedroom slay me. They are probably a wonderfully luxe wool/cashmere, perhaps blended with unicorn fur, because the way they drape is like WOAH.

And on the bed side, a little bit of custom heaven….

LOVE this mirror. Just love. And the art. And the fireplace. And all the white. I wish I could live in a space this pristine.

Oh, hello kitchen of my dreams.

Nice to meet you. (This picture makes me weak in the knees)

This is the opposite of where I ate breakfast this morning. This looks much, MUCH better.

And she also works her magic in children’s spaces.

That wallpaper? WOW. (Although I’m not a huge fan of the exposed bulb sconce).

Another Manhattan project with that wonderfully casual feel (that is hard to achieve, much like the no-makeup-but-with-makeup look).

(P.S. Am I the only one driven crazy by the fact that the roman shades are not level for this picture?)

Rich detail, a signature of Moniques work.

You can see more on her website. I had so much fun reading about each of her projects and learning more about each process.  Looking at portfolios like this make me inspired to be a better designer and do more in my own work while simultaneously making me feel like an utter failure. :)  But it always good to be motivated to learn from talents like this in order to evolve in your own work and spaces. :)

У нашей компании полезный блог со статьями про гранитная плитка цена.


  1. HOLY CRAP. That fireplace! That window nook! The blue walled kitchen! This is seriously bananas. I’m going on a deep dive of her work during nap time today- thanks for the find!!

    Xo, Brittany
    Espadrilles roundup all under $30 on my blog today!

  2. I’m with you about the roman shades. When photos are being taken, the smallest detail becomes the biggest flaw if everything isn’t done right. Lovely spaces, otherwise!

  3. I can only imagine what their closets look like with homes like this… Idea for another post? Fantasy wardrobes for people who live like that. They probably wear white pants without spill marks and hand prints on them. Patricia, envious much? I wish I were this tidy. I’m coming back to this post later when I’m not on my way to yoga so I can drool more.

    Actually i really want to be the kid with that wonderful bed loft thing.

  4. LOL, I definitely know what you mean about the simultaneous feeling of being inspired & yet defeated at the same time. Your work and eye for design and fashion does that to me & many of us every day, haha! Just remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and while I looove Monique’s work, I feel more inspired/defeated by yours :)

    1. so funny, I thought the exact same thing! I love ILQ – also look at Harriet Anstruther’s farmhouse in West Sussex – she is also a master of layering antiques and sparse space.
      You have to be brilliant to get the balance right.

  5. Unicorn fur, LOL! That gave me a much needed out loud chuckle! Her style is so different and so refined. She definitely has some kind of connection to the music industry. Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Rieka

  6. Soooooo can we talk about the lack of toe-kick in the kitchen? I love the look but this kind of tells that the owner doesn’t ever use their kitchen…

  7. Outstanding!!! I had to print the pic with the kitchen glass cabinets to give me an idea what to put in mine. I hear ya with the uneven roman shades. I will definitely be checking out her website.

  8. All lovely, but yeah, that kitchen has a dreamy “but I never cook” look about it. The lack of toe kicks, the absence of any ‘landing spots’ for pots around that gorgeous range (well, you turn around and put it on the island). And why stop the cabinets short of the ceiling?

    1. whenever I see gorgeous kitchens with open or glass-door shelving i think – where do you put the 1,000 children’s sippy cups and parts?!

      1. If you can afford these kitchens your children’s sippy cups are probably made of Baccarat and pixie dust and are totally display-worthy.

  9. I remember seeing M.R.’s loft but didn’t ever look up Monique’s work until you led me to her website. Her descriptions of the spaces are just as great as the final design and you see how she really listens to what her clients want. I particularly loved the idea behind the 7 year olds presentation of wanting a room like “parakeets with a little touch of bunny”. Hence the birdhouse bunkbed! It’s refreshing to see design work that doesn’t mimic others and really gets what the client is wanting. I love following designers like you and her…so thanks for the new one to follow!

  10. “Looking at portfolios like this make me inspired to be a better designer and do more in my own work while simultaneously making me feel like an utter failure. ” — I know this was said, “tongue in cheek”, Erin, but remember, comparison is the thief of joy! All these spaces are absolutely inspiring, but your designs pretty much rock my world too!

  11. The uneven roman shades surprise me for someone with such attention to detail who surely has these projects photographed by some of the best in the business. To continue your makeup / no makeup metaphor, could that be the equivalent of “oh, I just threw my hair up in this messy topknot which is why the ends are sticking out” when it was actually a third or fourth calculated attempt?

  12. LOVE! so up my alley as I grew up in a slightly bohemian house where we had also inherited a house full of victorian antiques from a childless great uncle who was a biology professor. Let’s just say we had unique bone collections too! Thanks for sharing this Designer. I love it when you “school us” (the readers) about what’s happening in the design world. I see people and designs I never would come across. More of this please.

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