Dropping All The Balls In the Air.

People ask me often “how do you do all that is on your plate?” And the answer is- I don’t know and sometimes, I fail miserably at it! Like today- I thought I would have time to post WHILE photographing our new office BUT I am currently busy holding up hardware for a shot because I did not have time to install it yet.  Basically, I’m a hot mess. Where do all the hours in my day go?  #whereserin #peekaboo #photoshopmagic

I’ll post this afternoon or tomorrow morning instead- promise :)




  1. I just wanted to tell you that I have been stuck as to what to do with our living room for months now – I have furniture, (ish), but no rug, one piece of good art, but no personality. I picked up your book today (which I read when it came out & since has been jazzing up my bookshelf) and in 10 minutes had a new plan – it was totally inspiring. Thank you for that! And, while I look forward to your posts, please know that we’ll be here whether you can swing a post on any given day or not.

  2. Hi Erin, I was wondering what height you recommend hanging wall mounted coatracks/hooks? Noticed yours in this photo and am having to decide on this myself: )

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