Fashion Friday: My “Mom Style” Essentials

Motherhood brings about a lot of changes that span the width and breadth of your entire life. Personal style and care routine included. Very included.  Since becoming a mom my purchasing trends have phased out of cute, dry-clean only delicate tops and sky high heels to things I am comfortable in but look slightly polished and flats. All the flats.

So here are my favorite things (with my explanations why I love them) and I really want to hear yours as well- share away, ladies!

  1. Tee shirts. Good tee shirts are hard to find and I struck the motherlode at, of all places, J.Crew Factory. For some reason their Studio Tee and Boatneck Striped tee are SO much better quality and fit than standard J.Crew. I stocked up BIG TIME since they are so affordable (and on extra sale today!). Seriously guys, SO GOOD. I live in striped tee shirts these days (sometimes dressed up with fun earrings or a necklace- see #3 and #7- sometimes with dirty jeans and sneakers! I have an ENTIRE dresser drawer just for striped tees!)
  2. I have had no time for any pampering between work and Henry, I’m lucky I get my face washed every night truthfully,  but I was just introduced to this mask/scrub combo from Tammy Fender by the ladies at Follain and I am SOLD. It only takes 5 minutes, is all-natural/ toxin free and really works. I felt so much fresher and glowy after using it I bought more right away. I put it on while I’m brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed and it makes me feel a little more special.
  3. I have this necklace in grey and every time I wear it I get compliments.  It dresses up a  simple tee and jeans in an instant (and also provides Henry with a distraction during a public meltdown). I’m ordering this blush version for summer because it has become such a staple for me.
  4. I got my nails done this week for an event and was all HALLELUJAH I FOUND MY MOST PERFECT NUDE!  Come to find out, it’s a discontinued color called Alone At Last (um, hello, perfect mom color name!). DAMNIT.  I found some on eBay and this site, but if anyone knows people at OPI please tell them to bring it back! They should doa  whole Mom collection with names like “Tantrum Red” “Beet Splatter” and “Is it Bedtime Yet Blush”
  5. This spring has been a study for me in how many pairs of slip on sneakers one adult woman can purchase.  These are my current fave– perforated for breathability (and style) and a great price point.
  6. Go-to outfits are so important when you are trying to get dressed while simultaneously keep a toddler from hitting the dog with the remote (just me?). A great cashmere cardigan is an investment but feels and looks great (layer it over this cami– another AWESOME high quality J.Crew Factory find and add the necklace above, jeans and cute flats and you are good to go!)  I’ve been eyeing a lot of ponchos/ruanas lately but then I figure, oh wait, I have to actually use my arms today so….no.
  7. Fun earrings always make me feel like I’ve put in a touch of effort even when I haven’t.  These are adorable, fun and super lightweight.
  8.  Again, I am all about flats.  And the slip on loafer is all the rage right now and this bright orange suede version (40% off today) are such a fun way to dress up basics!
  9. I only buy Citizens of Humanity jeans. They are the very best in my opinion in fit, fabric and color.  This new cut– a skinny with a nice wider ankle is flattering and looks great with both flats and heels. This dark wash is perfect for when you want to look more polished.
  10. I am literally wearing this blazer, a striped Factory tee and jeans RIGHT NOW. Tossing a blazer on top of a tee or cami adds instant polish. This one has a wrinkle-free shell (that also has a bit of stretch!) and a loose but slimming cut. Worth the investment- you’ll wear it all the time.
  11. I know I have blogged about this Cuyana bag a couple times but I shall sing it’s praises again. Another piece I get constant compliments on (people ask if its LV a lot)- that can fit a diaper clutch in it on weekends and my Macbook on weekdays. A sturdy strap and exterior pocket for your phone make it literally the most perfect busy  mom bag. I have two.
  12. I so want to be the girl who rocks all these cute off the shoulder tops on the off-chance Andrew and I get to go out for dinner alone in the city- but the idea of putting on a strapless bra makes me want to cry so I prefer ones that I can wear with my sad, beige mommy bras. :)  This one is adorable with jeans and #14 heels– oh heck, toss on the #7 earrings for fun too!
  13. Another item I have covered in the past is this amazing foundation, but I wanted to share that I am now on my third bottle of it. I don’t think that has ever happened to me before with foundation.  Super hydrating, great coverage and a little “glow”… so good.
  14. I don’t think I could go on if they stopped making Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. Nothing compares for second (or third. or fourth.) day hair. Nothing.
  15. When I get to wear heels I still want them to be comfy- these J.Crew ones are my absolute favorite- perfect heel height, perfect nude suede color and comfortable. Like, on my feet all night comfy. And beautiful on the foot!
  16. I just got this blouse from the amazingly chic French line Sezane and I love it. A good bohemian style blouse in another go-to item in my wardrobe. You can’t lose with this one.

Wishing all of you out there a happy, healthy Mother’s Day.  I am so lucky to be able to spend a second one as a mom to the most wonderful, sweet, darling boy in the whole world.  How I struck this heap of fortune, I will never know.  Love to you all!







      1. If you click on the words “bright orange suede version” it will take you to the site – it is Ann Taylor.

  1. There isn’t any information about the slip-on loafers. Could you please give us the source?

  2. I bought that foundation the last time you blogged about it and I LOVE it – so good! And the SPF in it actually works. I sit on the sidelines of a lot of kid soccer games and never get burned with this on. Also, can you provide a link to the red shirt? I don’t see a link and would love to know where it’s from. Thx!

  3. OMG, “beige mom bra.” I’m currently laughing out loud AND wearing one! This week, I got a makeover at Sephora and the lovely young lady gave me new day and evening looks that only involve a few products and I can actually do them! It really brightened my frumpy mom spirits. It was seriously so good! I’ve got smoky eye game for the first time in my life. And I don’t look like a raccoon. I also love my updated day look. That’s my recommend Mom tip. I cashed in some beauty insider points, but I think anyone can get an appointment, if you purchase products. which you will anyway, right? Also, I’ve started using Love + Salt sea spray. It has coconut oil, so it’s not drying and doesn’t make hair crispy. But it gives a nice soft wave and some texture.

  4. I am a Grandma and I can see me wearing most of these items, maybe not the heels or the scalloped cami, unless I had a jacket or sweater over it. I am like you in that I have so many striped t-shirts and they are and have been for years my go to! I just bought another one the other day and scolded myself but only for a minute, it now hangs proudly in my closet next to all my other striped tops. I have a post up right now of 5 Spring tops I just purchased to help my wardrobe go further. Love your style keep these post coming!!!

  5. One of the things I used to look for were pockets. Because as soon as diapers are over, you don’t want to carry a bag for the walk to/from school or going to the park but there still is a lot of stuff, and usually treasures like feathers and rocks acquired on the way.
    The dry clean stuff becomes possible again soon enough!

  6. When I was still nursing/pumping and working full time in invested in some great fun nursing tops and dresses, and it really made me feel a lot better at work! I used Mama’s Milk Box, which is a subscription service, but i’m sure there’s other brands out there too. I am still able to wear them all to, post nursing (just have to be careful to prevent an unintended peek-a-boo bra situation – ha!)

  7. I was in the Cuyana store last week & unfortunately, the bucket bag is literally sold out forever. They won’t be restocking it. She did say that they might be redesigning a new version, but wasn’t sure about that.

  8. Thanks for this Erin. Just finished shopping @JCrew An additional 30% off purchases over $100. Seven items ( yes, a few of the tees) for $139. How about an article on good quality,stylish,comfortable blazers that are a bit more affordable?

  9. I wish you would take the opportunity when talking about motherhood to mention your infertility struggles and journey more. It was so brave of you to open up about it when you were going through it , and I feel we need more women to be honest and vocal about it, not only when they are in the trenches, but also when they make it to the other side. It can be such a shaming isolating journey, and it would be great if we could help remove the stigma by talking about it more, and help make women know they aren’t alone. Especially as mother’s day approaches, which is such a hard day for those of us going through infertility. I appreciate and respect your sharing about it as much as you have.

  10. I just made the switch to IT Cosmetics CC cream this week and love it! I wish it had just a little longer staying power though.

    I’ve also been coveting a Cuyana bag for so long . My Tory Burch is looking worn and sad so it might be time to pull the trigger!

  11. Purchased the Laura Mercier bronzer you recommended two weeks ago and absolutely LOVE it! My hairdresser asked me today if I had a tan and wanted to know what I used! Thank you!

  12. Love the cami, and the pumps, (already have 2 pairs of the earrings) and happy mother’s day to one of my favorite young mommies… love ya lots. (yeah, i know, weirdly from afar, but still…)

  13. I needed a link for the sneakers and click on what you gave on that and assist the same red low for slide! I love those loafers -must have

  14. Erin – I just tried the CC cream you have on here and I can attest – it’s AMAZE-balls!! I walked in to sephora with both my kids in tow (20 months and 2 months) and told them “I need something that makes it look like I sleep at night” the lady said “I know just the thing for you!” She wasn’t wrong and neither are you!!

    Love what you have on this list!!

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