Our Office Bathroom Reveal!

Ok guys, FINALLY, we are revealing our new office this week after months of renovating and decorating and getting some of the final touches done! I cannot tell you how much of a difference it makes to have a space that reflects our business appropriately and makes us all happy to come to work! It was a great decision to invest in this way in my company and I will never look back (plus being able to walk to work is HEAVEN).

The rest of the office will be posted tomorrow, but today I wanted to share the bathroom, which was done in partnership with DesignerBath, an awesome plumbing supply showroom and supplier in Beverly, MA.  It was so great to be able to send over to them what I was looking for and get back a perfectly edited proposal of goods.  We were on a serious time crunch so they pointed me in the direction of items that would come in in time for my installation. In a perfect world your choices aren’t limited by a rushed time line (or you’ve planned ahead for it). But this is real life and having a guiding hand that knows actual lead times was SO helpful since I had such little time to invest in this project with everything else going on at work!

To say our bathroom at the office is now nicer than my bathrooms at home is not a joke. It came out AMAZING.  We created a dramatic backdrop with Schumacher’s Miles Redd scenic chinoiserie wallpaper.  I LOVE it. Seeing as the palette of the paper is very cool, I chose fixtures in white and polished nickel to compliment. As much as I love brass fixtures, polished nickel is still a classic and has more warmth than chrome.  They look so great against the lacquered white Fairmont Designs vanity,  which has interior drawers that are built to fit around the plumbing of the sink which REALLY maximizes storage.  I’ll talk more about the floor in my next post, but it is vinyl plank from Lowes.  The toilet is American Standard.

I swapped out the hardware the vanity came with with for this truly fabulous Campaign style backplate and knob pairing from Atlas.  It makes it feel more custom and special.  The marble top and sink came with the vanity and both are perfect and made it SO easy to not have to coordinate those details.

I love the classic styling of these Hudson Valley sconces (I’ve used them in a few client projects, they are so good!)   I also selected the Brizo Baliza faucet with cross handles for it’s streamlined but traditional design (we also used their towel ring featuring an adorable guest towel from Cece duPraz).  I wanted to bring some of the natural tones from the floor up on the wall so we had a custom grasscloth wrapped mirror  from LivenUp Design.  The brick wall was painted Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams (my new fave white).

I don’t have a pic of the bathroom before because it was THAT gross– a damp, dark, super bare bones hole in the wall (that dark doorway in this pic below)! We’ve come a LONG way in this space!

An oft overlooked detail in commercial spaces and basements is the drop ceiling. I managed to find decent looking tiles to use in this back room and bathroom from Home Depot.

We are so thrilled to be in this space and want to thank Designer Bath for their help and sponsorship of this renovation. It could not have come out any better and I hope it inspires your own bathroom renovations!

Photography by Sarah Winchester.








  1. I’ve never seen drop ceiling look so chic! It looks wonderful, Erin. If this is what the bathroom looks like, I can’t wait to see the rest.

  2. I’ve never seen an office bathroom look so chic. You’re right; it looks way better than the bathrooms in our apartment. Looking forward to the next post.
    Any design decisions made for Henry’s big boy bedroom? His nursery is also much more chic than my bedroom.
    Keep inspiring us. We do appreciate your hard work and obvious excitement when you’re sharing something that makes your pulse race with joy.

  3. Stunning! I love when you share spaces you’ve designed as they always provide so much inspiration! Excited for the full reveal tomorrow! Congrats on your new space!

  4. This bathroom is gorrrrrgeous. I’d want to work FROM the bathroom if this were in my office :)

  5. I’m interested in how you were able to not comply with ADA regulations for this renovation. As a common use restroom in an office, this room is not legal and opens you up to litigation.

    1. We complied with all our city’s regulations and the renovation passed inspection and permitting.

    2. I hate comments like this. She’s not really interested in your ADA compliance, she’s just interested in making a judgement and sweeping pronouncements based on a few pictures. What is it about people that the internet brings out the worst in them?

      Hope it is aggravating me much more than you, Erin. Your pictures and design and creativity are wonderful as always. Thank you for sharing.

      1. While this may not be the best forum for that comment, Beth does raise a good point: there is a lot more that goes into commercial design than residential. I don’t know if that’s a big focus for this blog’s audience, but it would be interesting to explore how to improve the aesthetics of some of the less glamorous aspects of commercial design.

  6. Looks absolutely gorgeous! I know you are a fan of brass, but that polished nickel is everything to me, so I am very glad you went with that. Love the exposure to this chinoiserie paper, which I hadn’t seen before. I used to tease my mother about all the chinoiserie in our house , and now I am older, I’m falling for it as well. I can hardly wait to see the rest of the reveal, and I am so happy for you and your well-deserved success! It feels as if this space is a big step forward for Erin Gates Design.

  7. I really like all of it but is it weird to say that I am most impressed with the drop ceiling tiles?? You found a way to work with them instead of trying to put in a ceiling that would likely need to be ripped apart one day. That could be the most helpful source of all to the lucky renters who are stuck with ugly drop ceiling tiles! (I really LOVE the vanity too!)

  8. Wow, this is so stunning! Definitely giving me some inspiration now that I’m about a month away of starting renovating my new house!

  9. Holie Crap!! That bathroom is absolutely gorgeous!! That wallpaper is to die for!! KUDOS! franki

  10. This is exactly the look I’ve been pitching to a client! This will totally give me street cred!

    Stunning, Erin! Chic von Chicstein

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