Artist Crush: Christine Flynn

I cam across the work of Christine Flynn while perusing Boston galleries for a client.  I loved the modern approach she takes to scenic landscape photography.  It’s such a subtle and yet wonderfully interesting style or work (I especially love her use of pink!)

(all images above from Christine FlynnAu Gallery and Parts Gallery)

I was also delighted to see that more affordable work by Christine is now available on One Kings Lane!!!  The original works have a bit more to them, but the OKL pieces give you that look of her work for much less- and they come LARGE. :) I am particularly obsessed with the images of country landscapes- feels a bit fresher than the ocean imagery that has become very popular.

This triptych is amazing.

In a modern farmhouse this one would be pretty awesome.

So peaceful. Love this.

This Nantucket image makes me feel happy- like at the end of a long beach day!

And while horse photos are a bit ubiquitous these days, how sweet is this one???






  1. The image with the wild horses and the metallic orange detail at the bottom…wow…just wow! Thanks for introducing us to another talented artist.

  2. The cornfield is my favorite. At first it looks like an English countryside. I looked her up for purchasing info – a bit out of my budget at the moment, but breathtaking pieces.

  3. Ok this is totally off your topic today. How do you stay organized between home and business? Do you have a specific system or organizer or journal? Being a mom, I need to get my [email protected] together because ,y current system is not working! (Besides not being able to hire my own assistant :)

    1. Um, I am consistently a hot mess and thankfully has assistants who remind me when I have appointments and things due. But I too need to get better organized. We like using the site Asana at work to organize and remind us of stuff! It’s pretty great!

  4. Love her original work. At first, I thought it looked like the end of a receipt paper :). Also I like the idea of having photos as well as original works of art. Thanks for sharing.

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