Fabulous Kids Room Finds From Etsy

We’ve been doing a lot of kids rooms and nurseries lately (most of them e-design, actually- it works so well for this type of room) and I have found myself sourcing more and more from Etsy for unique and custom offerings.  I absolutely LOVE finding completely off the radar items for any space in the home, including nurseries and kid spaces.  From antiques to custom bedding, you can really source some incredible stuff with a little legwork.  Or I can share some favorites and make it a little easier for you… :)

1. , 2. , 3. , 4. – Custom bedding from CadenLane creates a super unique palette in a nursery. I love ALL these patterns!

5.6.– Vintage furniture, like these headboards and rocker, make a fabulous statement in a nursery or kids room (how about those headboards paired with those blue floral sheets?)

7. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, LivenUp makes awesome trundle beds, daybeds and upholstered headboards :)

8. , 9.- Adorable striped baskets to contain clutter.

10. I am DYING over these felt mobiles. DYYYYIIINNNGGG.

11., 12.– How fantastic are these prints? Modern and yet kid-centric!

13. – I literally can’t even with these kid/dog play tents. I actually think Baxter would LOVE one. :)

14. Gorgeous handmade wood “little chef” stools and stepstools in custom finishes to co-ordinate with your kitchen!

15., 16.– Totally in lvoe with everything this shop offers- from  the custom sheets, quilts, boppy covers and more.

17. The cutest little tooth fairy pillows I ever did see!

18. Turn your dining table into a charming fort! Genius!

19. Download and print these wonderful animal prints- so affordable and great looking!

Here are three design boards we did for clients’ kids rooms that did not get implemented (they went with another version).  I love them ALL (and funnily enough, all in the blue/ periwinkle color scheme! Guess I have had this color on my mind this year!!!) Because clients paid for these boards I am not going to link sources (gotta maintain the value of my services) but if you want to inquire about our e-design offerings e-mail Katie [email protected]

And while we are talking about babies– I want to share that we have a new bundle of joy in the Erin Gates Design family! Lindsey gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl a week ago and we are all in love! Her nursery is BANANAS good and will be in my next book for sure :) We miss having her in the office, but are all so thrilled for her!


  ** This post was sponsored by Etsy, all selections and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting those businesses that help keep EOS going!


  1. Oh my gosh, that table tent makes me want to get a new dining room table without a pedestal base! Great finds, thanks for sharing!

  2. Would Lindsey mind sharing where she got that robe/gown/top she is wearing in the below photo? Would it for my upcoming hospital stay!

  3. If you ever need another resource, my sister just opened an online shop with really adorable and unique stuff for kid’s rooms and nurseries. Her shop is called Kitty & June, and here’s the link if you’re interested – http://www.shopkittyandjune.com.

  4. Congratulations, Lindsey!!

    I fell down the Etsy rabbit hole when I was trying to find a sweet crib sheet for my baby’s nursery. So many good finds. I eventually settled on one made with fabric designed by Teagan White. It was (and still is) so precious.

    Also, I love those little chef stools!! I’ve been eyeing “learning towers” for a few months now. Planning to get one and I like the look (and price) of these.

  5. Okay, I’m drooling over several items … the teepee with ball fringe. So good! And the table topper playhouse. I’m guessing you can also order it card table size (so no pedestal leg issue).
    And your design boards … I’d love the first little girl room but in my size. The nightstand; it looks like the one from your guest room. I don’t know how anyone said no to these fabulous designs. The ones they did select must be absolutely beyond fabulous. I do hope some of your customers install the design (and allow you to photo for the next book.

  6. Great post! I’m struggling with a design for my almost teen son’s room. So hard to get it right – not little boyish, but not adult either. Perhaps you’d consider doing a teen version of this post?

  7. THANK YOU! Just ordered the tooth fairy pillow! My daughter’s front tooth is wiggly and I have been looking for a cute one.

  8. I am currently re-reading your book cover to cover and am so excited at the mention of a “next book”…already can’t wait. Would you be able to share the source for the tall topiaries on page 71? Topiaries are a struggle for me (is it ok to go fake? Do they have to be real?) Anyway the ones pictured on that page are what I’m after for my tall skinny mantel. Thank you!!

  9. Hi Erin,

    Congrats to Lindsey! I can only hope to look that good after giving birth!

    Really random question unrelated to this post. Are you getting any of your Spring pillows back in stock anytime soon? Dying for those diamond prints! Was also on the hunt for your lamps! Thank you!

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