Fashion Friday: 14 Perfect Summer Weekender Bags

Summer is a great time to get away on weekends, and why not do it in style instead of in your fraying circa 1997 Vera Bradley duffle (fun fact- one of these below is a NEW VB bag! She’s back ladies!)

I have two weekenders I love (#7 and #9)- both really sturdy and hold the perfect amount for two nights away or a quick business trip.  Although I am pretty obsessed with the Wes Anderson Darjeeling Limited vibe of #2 ( I was straight up in love with the luggage in the movie).

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. //10. // 11. // 12. // 13. // 14.

Also as a side note, I found the perfect slip on sandal for summer for $88. They have a very Hermes vibe and come in lots of colors. In love.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!




      1. Thanks! I have such a luggage addiction – I’m totally in love with #14 but I really don’t *need* any new bags this size (well, any size, but….) I’m trying to figure out if I can use the weekender instead of my normal tote as a personal item when flying. Probably, if I don’t fill it too full, it would mush under…..

  1. I rely on a library of about 72 different LL Bean totes in various color/monogram combos… might be time for an upgrade! Also, I ordered those sandals yesterday in red – can’t wait to get them. I have had very good luck with Everlane shoes, so I am optimistic!

  2. needed new tan sandals so ordered these and will give them a whirl. glad to see in the comments that people have been happy with Everlane shoes. My first time ordering from the company and have been wanting to check them out. Cute bags too, still use a houndstooth and leather jcrew one from 15 years ago but when it dies I would die for #2

  3. Totally guilty of the Vera Bradley duffle. But circa 2013 because it was on crazy sale. I’m digging #6 and #11. Idea for a future post: backpacks along the same lines (nice looking, but functional/more than a purse on your back/diaper bag but not a diaper bag).

  4. I personally love the Longchamp expanding weekender. It folds up like a regular Longchamp bag. So great to tuck away in your luggage when you do a bit too much shopping.

  5. now i have to have the monogram bag like yours (#7), the options are cray cray, and i was on the fence about the sandals from everlane. but now……..

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