Fashion Friday: All American Weekend Wear

I cannot believe how fast the 4th snuck up on us!  We’re venturing off to Maine for it and I’m trying to get myself prepared packing wise- here are some goodies I’ve had my eye on perfect for celebrating summer.  From classic stripes and gingham to perfect white sundresses and sandals. Click on the images for links!


  1. thank you for always having a high/low mix! SO appreciated! ordered the ON shirt and will wear with white jeans and the everlane sandals you recommended from a few weeks ago which I am so pleased with!

  2. Speaking of classics…Erin, please tell me I am not the only one who finds it appalling that Kim K. is now the owner of Jackie O’s Cartier Tank!

  3. Other than not nearly enough stripes (need a twelve step program), perfect summer wardrobe!

  4. This is SOOO great. I was just ogling the dresses at Madewell…SO CUTE! I love the range of prices and those sandals and…sigh. All of it! Perfect for life in Belize.

  5. This is random, but when I saw that Jenna Lyons was leaving J.Crew I thought of you. What do you think about all that is happening with J.Crew now?

  6. An adorable collection of goodies — again! Also, this is super dorky, but I LOVE clickable images. It’s so much easier to get to the source and not accidentally misclick (especially when reading on a mobile device where you have to scroll up and down to see what to click). Thank you thank you thank you!

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