So, this is basically me when we get closer to September:


I have said it 600 times already but fall clothes make me so happy. Keep your sundresses and tank tops and hand over the sweaters and booties! I want turtleneck sweaters that look like they are swallowing my head and ALL THE COATS. All of them. I am a scientific study in what the threshold is for an adult human woman’s coat consumption.

That said, I have noticed in my “new arrivals” perusing lately that there is a boatload of very expensive fug available for fall. A quick scan of one site led me to these two charmers:

I’m sorry, WHAT? And this is just the tip of the fug iceberg! If wanting to look pretty and classic makes me a #basic than I shall happily embrace my basic-ness.  Because that up there is just trendy fashion nonsense. No one needs to be wearing overalls with bows. NO. ONE.

So here is an outfit (#basic) that I can’t wait to wear once the temps dip into the 60’s/50’s.  This sweater blazer is awesome (now referred to as my “business sweatshirt” because its as comfy as a sweatshirt but you look less like you’ve given up on getting dressed. (CLICK ITEM IMAGES FOR LINKS)

And then to piggy back off that, some awesome fall finds I’m hoping to pick up too.  Since my famous leather pants have a non-repairable off-seam hole int hem from wearing them so much over the last 6 years, a new pair are needed (painful investment, but worth every penny).  Unlike that leather skirt, which is faux!  Everyone will need a leopard coat this season (YAY) and adorable suede chunky heels and booties. Lots to love here. (CLICK ON ITEM IMAGES FOR LINKS)



  1. That asymmetrical jacket is fabulous. The angle keeps it from being like all the other Chanel-y jackets while remaining completely timeless and classic.
    The red leaf dress is a stunner, too. Not so out-there that if you wear it more than once people will think, “Oh, THAT dress again.” But not yet another LBD.
    Bows rarely look smart after age 3 (I won’t rule out exceptions, but none come to mind right now), and especially not on overalls.

  2. SWOONING over all your picks. My wallet, however, is not so enthused! Thanks for keeping us in style from the living room to the sidewalk.


  3. I have the most adorable five year old granddaughter and even she can’t carry off that bow/overall look.
    What I don’t understand is if distressed jeans are fabulous, why aren’t distressed leather pants? Couldn’t your tailor patch them with contrast leather patches in several places and you start a whole new look? Unless the hole is in some very unfortunate location… You’ve got legs for days and chicness to burn and a readymade media platform. Erin T. Grant, fashion icon.

  4. Yea! I love this style, too. I refer to it as classic. ;) I have that pleather pleated skirt from JCrew and it is SO GOOD. It is flattering and looks convincingly real and just works with everything. Fall is my favorite; although for us in Texas, it doesn’t really get here until November.

  5. Ordered the pleated skirt and black dress. If that dress ends up working out it would be a workhorse for $50. Fingers crossed. Thanks as always!

  6. PREACH!! The hipster fug that costs 70,000 dollahs drives. me. insane. I love me a good overall/clog combo but not at the expense of looking ridiculous. #basicforever because I have eyeballs.

  7. Ha! That picture loaded first and for a second I thought you were recommending the bow dungarees!
    How about a patch or some embroidery for the leather trousers? Use a proper patch then cover it with something more decorative. Black embroidery on black leather would be subtle. Depending on where the hole is you could extend and stabilise the sides of the hole and put black lace behind.
    I’m still tryi to enjoy summer here because we haven’t had much of one in the UK

  8. I moved to San Antonio last year, which has it’s charms, but I live for fall (does that make me #basic too) and booties and layering, etc., but there is no fall here. I was already feeling sad about it since we’re almost to September but this post nearly broke my heart!

  9. I have the JCrew bodysuit and I wore it twice last week – while we were on vacation. I just loved it that much. I have the black/white stripe version which was great with black pants for dinner, and skinny jeans for daytime.

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