Fashion Friday: Fall’s Best Bags

I know that most people are sad it’s already August, but I for one am not. BRING ON FALL. Like, I cannot wait to be buying sweaters and boots and yummy layers for fall temperatures. Humidity and I do not get along.

While it may feel too warm to go as far as buy sweaters and coats, bags are another thing.  A good fall bag (or two) will get you far (and is something you can carry now for the most part, because instant gratification is where it’s at, right?)

Trends for fall bags seem to be in line with the thinking that simplicity is key, which I love.  Specific things to look for:

  • suede and leather mixed textures
  • rich jewel tones like olive (the new neutral), navy and oxblood
  • Structured totes and lady-like silhouettes
  • Or the extreme opposite of slouchy, unstructured hobos
  • TASSELS EVERYWHERE (cue me doing spirit fingers!)
  • Unbranded bags- no giant logos or logos-as-pattern

Here is a round up of some bags that fit the bill! Click the images for links!


  1. that navy cross body is super cute – putting that on my fall list. Just purchased the All Saints Freedom bag in light caramel and loving the slouchy hobo and tassels. Feel like it would be up your alley!

  2. I have the Cuyana travel set in a beautiful red leather and I am very happy with the quality of their product. Have been coveting that same bag for a few years now!

  3. Love that Loeffler Randall suede and leather bag! Amazing new color combination that is perfect.

  4. I just found your blog after hearing you on the Ballard podcast (which I also just discovered). I have been reading it obsessively while on vacation this week and I absolutely, positively love your fashion sense, design aesthetic and your general take on life (so basically I’m love with you ; p!). Your blog is insightful and beautiful and well-curated. Thank you for sharing your amazing taste, along with great advice and product sources that can actually be used!

  5. Beautiful ideas for fall handbags. Did you end up getting the tote for your birthday? If so, do you love it? I like the added touch of the contrasting interior and more structured shape with this Cuyana classic.

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