Fashion Friday: How to Wear the Ruffle Trend Without Feeling Like An Idiot.


I’ve noticed that for the upcoming season everything and its mother is covered in ruffles. Now, I like a good flouncy ruffle as much as the next girly-girl, but some of the stuff I’ve been seeing is serious ruffle overkill.  Like, trying to look really fancy for your fourth grade piano recital.    So here are my suggestions for how to subtly embrace this popular look while still feeling like a grown ass woman.  Because I lived through middle school dances once and I don’t really want to channel that time-period in my life again, thankyouverymuch.  The key is to balance the fluffy, busy-ness of the ruffle with super streamlined and sleek pieces- like a ruffled sleeve top with super slim pants or jeans.


I adore this one- sweet with a little bit of n edge in the distressed denim and embroidered loafers.

This one could potentially go to the office, or is great for when you want to be comfy and casual but still look totally pulled together.

I’m kinda obsessed with this look- the crazy fun metallic skirt paired with the cool beaded scarf necklace and a touch of denim to bring it down to earth.

A great work look with trim, tailored print trousers paired with a dramatic ruffled sleeve sweater (I also LOVE this one, which I’d do statement earrings with). The of-the-moment loafer tops it off. Also, that bag is under $75!

An evening look (this dress is bananas good)- loving red and navy together right now!

Have a happy weekend everyone.





  1. Great post! I love the ruffle trend but can’t always figure out how to make it work on my petite frame – without looking like I’m trying to channel the early 80’s. You’ve nailed how to make it work!

  2. Just bought the first shirt you posted! You are the most reliable fashion advice I have – thank you!!! Whenever I wear something from EOS I always get compliments!!

  3. Erin, your commentary is spot on! I absolutely love the polished casual look. I am more of a minimalist in my fashion taste, and that styled look is perfect.

  4. FABULOUS post, I think I pinned every single outfit!! Love your choices, you are always classic with a flair, I love that!! Thank you for letting us shop vicariously through you.

  5. The ruffle trend is a little too Carmen Miranda for me! Plus it will date so fast. I like a lot of your choices because theyre not too over the top.

  6. I hate the ruffle trend, but I actually really like several of these looks… Nice work (as always).

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