More Pillows!

If you follow me on Instagram you saw my announcement that my fall pillow collection released early and is up on Wayfair! I am really excited about these additions to the current collection as they are PERFECT for fall decorating on a budget! I know a lot of the velvet ones have sold out already but they ARE restocking ASAP so put your email in to get notification when they are back in and ready to ship! Dimenisons are missing online right so the square pillows are 22″ (about 20″ when stuffed) and the lumbar is 14″ x 24″ (slightly smaller when stuffed also).

Loving this rich orange for fall… it’s the perfect shade- not too “burnt” and not too bright.

I still can’t believe the level of detail on these pillows for the price. The velvet has linen applique border (looks So expensive) and the more graphic one has two layers of applique trim.

Agean Key Collection: I mean, these look like $200 pillows for $48 a pop for the large squares! I am OBSESSED with them. (Again, they are coming back in stock so just sign up for notifications).

This grouping is particularly pretty- the Agean Key, Pavilion velvet lumbar, Ikat Stripe and the thick, woven Angier diamond.

Again, in a smaller grouping. I’d do the diamond and velvet on a sofa and the lumbar on a chair.

The morel colorway is awesome- grey-brown that really mixes well with the orange and fig but also is great paired with neutrals like linen and stone.

The Pavilion Collection is velvet cut and appliqued onto linen blend pillows.

The Tangier Collection– a thickly woven diamond pattern with tons of texture. Easy to mix with tons of other patterns.

The Herringbone is another thick woven that is fabulous of mixing with florals or solids.


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  1. Love all of your pillows! The graphics on them are perfect! I couldn’t find the dimensions on Wayfair? Could you share please?

  2. thanks for sharing more look book photos- it’s so hard to see the detail on Wayfair- I ordered 2 Greek key pillows last spring and the images didn’t do them justice- so much more beautiful in person!!! Can’t wait for the velvet to be restocked. Would u ever consider doing smaller square pillows? We have a low back on our sofa so I’m worried 22 x 22 may be too large.

  3. Such a lovely collection! I have two neutral (stone) couches in my living room. I struggle choosing pillows for two couches. Should the same pillows be used on both couches? I think I would like more of a mix I don’t know how to achieve this. Also, how many pillows on each couch? Do the morel and navy coordinate? Please tell me what to purchase!

    1. I typically use the same pillows- so four of one style and four of another- a solid with trim (like the Agean key) and then a pattern! I think you can totally mix morel and navy!

  4. One question–is the “peacock” color more navy blue or more green? I want to order the velvet square with that amazing appliqué border!

  5. Want and love them all!!! Do you know if you can get them shipped to Europe/Sweden?
    Thanks for an inspiring and wonderful blog. And book!

  6. Oh, these pillows! I see another order in my future. Last week I ordered 2 Ikats in Peacock (lumbar) at your suggestion. After seeing these I am ready to replace the solid gray pillows that came with the sofa I have…do you think the Dori and Tape in Peacock would work with the Ikat?

    I am also ordering one Pavillon and two Ageans Key in gray green for our bedroom.

    My throw pillow budget is usually along the lines of Target and TJ Maxx so I am thrilled for this option…only slightly more in price but WAY more in style!

    1. Lovely! Went to buy a few and my faves were already sold out… bad for me, but exciting for you that they’re already so successful!

  7. I was able to snag 2 of the blue greek key pillows at Home goods and I’m seriously blown away at the quality level at this price point. This pillow in a boutique would run over a $100/pillow easy. Keep up the amazing work!

  8. Love the new pillows. I’ve ordered three Aegean key in peacock and a Dori and Tape lumbar in orange for my sectional. I do wish you had a more variety in the square sizes so I could mix and match because I like so many of them! I Great price point when you have kids and dogs and still want to have some semblance of a nice house without breaking the bank!

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