A Bedroom Design Inspired by Tory Burch’s Paris Flagship

I saw these pictures of Tory Burch’s Paris Flagship the other day and loved the modern-meets-Granny-chic look of it.  It’s glossy and glam but then also traditional and feminine. I thought it would make the perfect inspiration for an amazing bedroom design.

So here’s what I came up with! Classic floral wallpaper that doesn’t look too dusty and old because it’s offset by a leopard rug, lucite and lots of pretty light blue.

wallpaper // sconce // bedding // accent pillow // drapes // flowers in vase // side tables // bed // rug // dresser // mirror // art

In other news, one of our older projects that was in my last book was featured on Houzz today as a comprehensive tour.  Since the images were all split up in the book, it’s nice to see this project as a whole. Check it out here.

(photography by Michael J. Lee)

And I also wanted to let you know that I have a little collection of resin frames that just popped up on Wayfair too- a great gift for under $25, if you are one of those crazy people already shopping for the holiday season. :)


  1. The house on Houzz looks fabulous. I love that you re-used much of their very nice furniture. It drives me a little crazy when you see a home in a design magazine and not one stick of their old furniture is in the new home (or newly remodeled home). Why? Was it crap originally?
    The house looks cohesive and colorful and warm. Just lovely.

  2. I agree Patricia… not very practical in most people’s worlds. I prefer the feel of a house that has some sense of history or memories.

  3. Was it crap originally?

    I love that phrase. Those houses look like a furniture show room not a home. There is no warmth only some message that you should have this new lamp or table not that old one that belonged to your Mother. A friend of mine has furnished her new house from estate sales in her area. She picks and choses carefully and has interesting pieces. Turns out there is a website for these sales and she went on an overnight just to get a particular piece. Fun. That is what furnishing a home should be not a competition.

    Love your blog. Do keep up the high quality and insightful comments. Ann

  4. I agree completely with the others. Furniture can be reupholstered for a new look/new life, but junked and replaced completely? Insanity. Unless it was crap originally. It’s the home furnishings equivalent of going out and buying the latest off-the-runway look head-to-toe, rather than picking the pieces that work for you and mixing them with other things. A lack of personality.
    The best interiors are layered over the years with finds not just from catalogs and showrooms but from life experiences and travel. //francetase.wtordpress.com

  5. Very pretty and I love the look you came up with. I don’t mind so much if a home doesn’t have old pieces- often times a person wants to shed an old style or get rid of pieces that don’t work with their vision any longer. Not everyone has heirlooms that are real treasures. I do love the animal print rug and the lucite which keeps things feeling open and fresh. The wallpaper really creates a sense of coziness and I love the blue color you chose. Your frames are all beauties!

  6. Fun to revisit this home which I’ve always loved! Can you please share the paint colors from the walls and /fireplace surround and cabinets in the banquette eating area?

  7. i love the blue striped frame and jumped to Wayfair to order it ! got my confirmation email and everything. then this am i got an email from Wayfair saying the item had been discontinued and they were refunding my money. Earlier this year i tried to order a lamp from your collection and had the exact same issue. So frustrating! i love your stuff and think it’s a great price point, but won’t be ordering it anymore unfortunately – will stick to more reliable sources!

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