Big Announcement! Erin Gates for Momeni Coming This Fall!

I’m SO excited to finally be able to announce this amazing new collaboration I’ve been working on for the better part of a year– my own rug collection with the fabulous Momeni rugs!!! I was so excited when they approached me to work on this collection because other than home accessories, rugs was one of the next category of items I wanted to design (fabric and wallpaper being the last piece of the trifecta).  We worked hard to create beautiful, high quality rugs at an accessible price point.  Not “cheap”, but the best quality for the money, which is important when you want your home to be durable but not break the bank!  A variety of styles can be found from colorful wool flatweaves to classic jutes perfect for layering, to amazing faux hides (affordable AND nicer to animals!)

I’ll be launching the whole collection at High Point in October in my very own showroom (IHFC G-382) and we’ll be having an event on October 14th at 1 p.m., which will be a Q&A between myself and Amy Panos, the Homes editor for Better Homes & Gardens.  We’ll be discussing how to create a beautiful, but also livable home for families followed by  a cocktail reception in the showroom. If you are going to High Point please stop by and say hello and join us for this event!

Here’s a sneak peek of a couple of the styles we’ve developed ( I think we have close to 40 different styles!)  Included is an amazing kids capsule collection in there that I am BANANAS about. :)

The rugs will be available to purchase online and in some retailers this winter, and as soon as I can announce those vendors I will!!!  I hope you love the line as much as I do!

As an aside, it’s LAST CALL time for my fall pillow collection on Wayfair! In the coming week or two they will be off the site so if You’ve been eyeing a pillow or two now’s the time to move! :)




  1. Congratulations. This sneak peak looks amazing. And, thank you for your commitment to high quality at an affordable price. Many designers who are able to launch their own lines, automatically jump to very high price points. I appreciate that you are designing and selling products that are more accessible. And, since they don’t cost an exorbitant amount, we don’t have to feel guilty changing things out as the seasons change — or we just want to shake things up! It’s been fun to watch your continued success.

  2. Congrats Erin! That cheetah rug is everything! Can’t wait to see the price point because I’d love it in my home!

  3. I want that leopard rug! Also, I’m looking for a neutral rug for my family room that will hold up to spills…is that jute rug “washable”?

  4. Congrats as well! And like the other commentator, I appreciate that your designs will have quality and a reasonable price point. New paint and a new rug makes every room feel fresh and they’re the easiest update, right? Especially for high traffic areas, it makes no sense to spend a fortune and then tip-toe around it! Good luck with the official launching. I imagine it will be very successful. :)

  5. The rugs are gorgeous! Congrats!

    Speaking of rugs, what are your thoughts on having a rug custom cut to go around a fireplace? Worth the money or fine to just buy a slightly smaller rug? Thanks!

  6. Rugs have always been my nemesis but just today I found a beautiful area rug at Home Goods and of all things it was a Momeni. I had been looking for a soft gray toned rug for some time and just never could find the right rug until today. When I got it home it looked even more beautiful on my floor. I love the soft gray and muted beige with soft teal highlights.

    The right rug really does make the room and I couldn’t be happier with my new Momeni rug! I love that leopard print rug you featured on your post a lot too.

  7. So excited to see these! I love the idea of faux animal hides, I think they are so versatile! I have two wool “hides”, a tiger and a zebra, in several of my kid’s rooms and they have been so great. Way to keep rocking all the things, Erin!

  8. Lovely designs!! The rugs will create such amazing accents to any room, offering pops of color, patterns, and textures. And the pillows, too! Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Congrats, love the rugs, High Point has a wonder market. I live 15 minutes away from there and its exciting time to be in High Point, I enjoy walking around the market area. I can only imagine the excitement of seeing new designs complete after a long time of designing and ready for market. Enjoy your time in North Carolina

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