Emmy Red Carpet Recap

Sorry this is so late- I had quite a busy morning.
I did not watch the Emmy’s but of course devoured all the fashion this morning.  I have to say there was not a dress in the bunch that really made me sit up and go “OMG”, which is always a bummer.  There were some pretty dresses, and some major missteps too, though.

We are about to finish The Sinner (which is creepy and super dark but good) and I am impressed with Biel’s acting chops.  I thought she looked really pretty last night.  Not my fave dress of all time, but she wears it well.

Thandie Newton was also in the same blush tones and looked radiant. Love the simplicity.

Emmy Rossum was GORGEOUS in this simple, black sparkly gown. The green accents were perfect too.

Another dark and sparkly number I liked was Lea’s dark wine colored column. I think the makeup is too “grey”, she looks a little ill, but the dress is great.

I really love this Prada gown on Yara Shahidi– the nude color blends so perfectly with her skin letting the green sequin embroidery sing. It’s unique and cool.  I may have done bolder emerald earrings with it to play up the green tones.

Viola Davis always looks good- and this orange number is no exception.

Issa Rae and Edie Falco looked awesome in bright red columns with interesting detail.

I love these next two dresses because they are elegant but still age appropriate. Fun, feminine and youthful.

I was on the fence about Claire Foy’s jumpsuit but I’ve decided I love it. It’s edgy but still super classy.  And the hair and makeup is perfect!

I can’t believe this is the same woman who plays Princess Margaret on The Crown, but Vanessa Kirby looks amazing in this dress, which is a color I usually dislike on blondes.  I wish the hair were a tad neater, but the makeup is great.

I half like/ half dislike Shailene Woodly’s dress.  I love the green velvet and the overall silhouette, but I wish the V neck weren’t so deep and that she had big earrings on.

Now we venture into tumultuous territory- tea length land.  There were LOTS of tea length on this red carpet and I am sooooooo not into it.  Nicole Kidman was the closest I was to liking it in this crown.

Elizabeth Moss was a big winner, but this dress feels too middle school dance to me.  And I don’t love the matchy shoes and clutch or hair either.  I would have preferred an edgier tea length like this one at right by Jenny Packham with gold heels.

Jane Fonda almost always slays- and I LOVE this dress actually, but the hair is trying too hard to look young. It makes me uncomfortable. Also, with that high neckline I would not have done a necklace.

Zoe Kravitz is probably the only person in the world who could pull off this super bold dress,  but I would looooove to see her in an ice blue color, like this Naeem Khan.

Mandy Moore’s dress was too many tiers. I would have preferred this Armani jeweled single shoulder gown.

REESE! AH!!!! This satin tuxedo jacket mini dress was such an uncharacteristic bad choice.  It looked so 80’s Working Girl!  I would have died to see her in bold color with floral detail.

Another shin length gown that feels awkward.  What about a knee length skirt and sheer top (modified with a liner of course) like this Michael Kors?

I think Tracy Ellis Ross’s Chanel dress was my least favorite. Unflattering and strange.  I’d have chosen something like this Brandon Maxwell sweater, ball skirt situation with mage huge, funky earrings.

Debra Messing’s dress looked like it as coated in plastic. I feel like this Sachin & Babi  bejeweled column dress would have really complimented her hair in a more understated way. A bit more grown up and elegant.

What were your faves and least faves???


  1. It’s almost blasphemous for me to say being a fellow Nashville girl, but I agree about Reese. I thought it made her look shorter and wider.

  2. I think Jane Fonda’s necklace was worn like that on purpose as a back decoration — it’s kind of amazing back there! Totally agree on Reese and Elisabeth Moss, which is too bad on such a big night for their female power projects.

  3. Totally agree on all of it. Nothing really jumped out at me this time.

    I would also have liked to see a different hairstyle on Shailene Woodley. With a dress that low-cut, maybe just wear her hair down and super straight – or half up and half down.

  4. Yes! I love Reese but the dress and the hair… so dissapointing…

    I loved Nicole’s look.

    And Emmy’s.

    Always love your award show recaps. The best!

  5. I couldn’t believe all the positive compliments Reese got. I had to question whether they were all seeing what I was seeing. I totally agree with you, it was unflattering, it made her look wider and it was a wasted opportunity. She could’ve looked *so* stunning in a better choice (love yours! Why aren’t these stars paying YOU to style them yet?!).

  6. Totally disagree about Nicole – she won the night for me! And I loved all the throwback/vintage tea-length styles!! So classic hollywood and feminine.

  7. Award shows are better because of your fashion posts! What a value add too that you provide looks that would have been 10x more flattering – their stylists need your blog address!

    1. Erin: You are always SO right on and I love the alternate dresses you choose. Maybe add stylist to your next “to do” list. By the way, the dress you wore to your award was beyond fabulous. You looked beautiful. I know many of your fans were begging for intelligence–photo, who’s it by, etc. Just gorgeous. Congrats.

  8. I’ve been waiting all day for this post!

    I felt so bad for Reese – she was going to look short next to her Amazonian costars no matter what, but her dress choice made it SO MUCH WORSE. WHY NOT FLOOR LENGTH!? And was Debra Messing wearing plastic?

  9. I was shocked to see Jane Fonda, who is always impeccable. Trying way too hard to look young. Let it go, Jane, let it go, let it go!

  10. So on the mark, as usual! I adore your alternative picks too! Seriously! What is wrong with these stars??I thought Jane Fonda missed the mark, too bad because she’s beautiful! Gina Rodriguez and Julianne Hough looked amazing too!

  11. Definitely check out the back of Jane Fonda’s look- makes all the difference. And I agree with you re Tracer Ellis Ross only as far as pictures go. With movement that dress comes alive and has an incredible elegance on her!

  12. Agree on the weird lengths – so many of those this year!

    Hated Reese —- WHYYYY? Who dressed her?

    Did you see Heidi Klum? Looked like she was going to the beach. Weird.

    Kate McKinnon looked gorgeous!

    1. wow. i never saw it that way but it’s so true… we (women) are so harsh on other women… men don’t have to deal with all these harsh judgements…

  13. I love your taste, and whole heartedly agree. Although I don’t know fashion to come up with such great alternatives. I love sheer dresses with embroidery .

  14. Reese!!! What happened! Spot on with your recommendations! What about Sarah Paulson? She looked like she was being smothered by sequin.

  15. I thought VIOLA’s orange dress was horrible… why is she all glittery too? it looks horrible. She usually nails it!

  16. You’re the best! I agree 100 percent with all your comments and choices.

    The stars should run their outfit ideas past you first!!! :)

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