An Ugly World.

Waking up to the news that our country suffered the worst mass shooting in history feels like a kick in the gut when you’re already writhing on the ground from various other devastating blows.  The world feels like a very ugly place right now, with disaster and doom lurking around every corner and on every news website- natural disasters, ineffective and rude government officials, terrorism….  It’s hard to feel positive during dark times like these, and blogging about pillows and pretty paint color doesn’t feel right today. It feels like a day to be quiet and contemplative.  And also to think about what positive action one can take to perhaps, just maybe, change some the things that make this day in age so anxiety riddled.

Yup, I know, this is a design blog. I get that. But I am also a person, a citizen of this country and a mother and while many have said I should not to get “political” on here (“bad for business” they say, although I’ve never seen much collateral damage aside from a few unfollows) I am going to take a minute to remind everyone about the stalled, ridiculously messed up gun control debate we have in this country.  Our government has managed to STILL not take a stand on automatic and semi-automatic weapons, which actually helps shooters like the one last night do what they do with few hurdles to even slow them down.

According to the BBC, Nevada has some of the most lax gun laws of any state in the country. Open carry is allowed, even for assault rifles. There is no limit to the amount of ammunition that a person can buy at a time, which may have helped the shooter harm more people during the attack. Gun owners also don’t have to be licensed with the government, meaning there was no way to potentially track the shooter’s movements before the attack and prevent his actions.  I mean, it’s harder to get a license to drive a CAR than it is to get a freaking assault rifle in Nevada. HELLO? HOW DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE?

I’m not here to say no one should have a gun.  If you want to abide by a set of rules and background checks to have a handgun or hunting rifle- fine. That is your right. But no civilian, and I mean NO ONE, needs to have an automatic assault rifle.  These should be banned completely. And it’s proven that in doing so it STOPS mass shootings (look at the statistics from Australia who bravely and rightfully made huge gun law changes after a mass shooting).

I myself have been a member of Everytown for Gun Safety since the Newtown shootings  and now have joined Moms Demand Action and am donating today to support their fight against these stupid, outdated laws that keep getting innocent Americans killed.  I think  about my sweet boy playing on tractors and eating apples this weekend happy as a clam and then think about the possibility of a gunman taking his life because we allowed them to have access to ridiculous weapons and I want to flip a dumpster in rage.

There is so much that happens that we cannot do anything to prevent, but we can with this.  I have to believe we can demand action from our elected officials.  So my call to action today is if you feel like I do, join a group like the above that are working to make change or write your Senators and Congressmen to tell them what you want from them. Lets fight for them to take at least ONE step towards reasonable gun laws.

It’s time.



  1. Keep speaking up Erin! It’s so sad that other bloggers and people with a platform choose to sit silent, in fear of hurting their “brand”. Please keep the dialogue open and don’t be deterred by the negative comments or unfollows. Thank you for posting this today!

    All the best – Kelie

  2. Making comments here is like preaching to the choir. Consider making donations to anti gun lobby candidates. The NR A uses money, mass mailings, and targeted action to keep all these weapons legal and far too easy to purchase.

    Words alone won’t change the situation.

  3. When do we move the needle? When?! How can we be so inundated with fear and bad news and feel so powerless and keep continuing? Because people, I am totally fucking depleted.

    Two weeks ago I watched militarized police march down my street- right in front of my house- to push out protesters after the Stockley verdict. It was my Twilight Zone moment. The chanting as they walked backwards out of the way, followed by 200 men in SWAT gear, a circling helicopter with a spotlight and automatic rifles.

    I have 2 little boys that aren’t even 10. ““If you want to change the world, go home and love your family” – Mother Teresa. Pardon me if I pull the plug on anything outside of a 5 block radius for the rest of the year. I just have nothing left.

  4. Get Educated, Donate, Speak Out, Vote–just ACT. We can’t do this unless we band together. As Erin said, join and donate to The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Everytown for Gun Safety, and/or Moms Demand Action. Sign up for their notifications of rallies, or bills pending in Congress. Right now, Congress is getting ready to vote on legislation to allow people from Conceled Carry states to carry in states where concealed carry is not allowed – it’s called Concelaed Carry Reciprocity. And there will be more NRA-sponsored bills coming down the pike. Call your representative and say NO MORE. Stop voting for representatives with poor records on gun control legislation. Prayer is not enough–we must make our voices heard to stop this insanity.

  5. I live in Canada so I really shouldn’t comment except to say, ” I agree! ” No individual needs to own a semi automatic. Leave those in the hands of the military and police.
    My condolences to the families of those killed or injured in this latest attack.

  6. Why are people already politicising this horrible tragedy?!?! What gives?! I mean REALLY PEOPLE! I know all of your hearts are in the right place, but it would have been so much more kind and sensitive to the families of the victims If you had just posted a in memoriam on the blog instead of some thing political. Again, I understand the heart behind all this, but all I could think about when I saw this post was what if a victims family sees this?!? How is it going to make them feel on top of ever thing they are already going through? Thanks for bringing up this much needed viewpoint , but it would have been sensitive to wait a few days.

    1. Valid point. Although the other side of this is that it is the anger and pain we need to tap into in order to get something done. In a few days, sadly, something else will take our attention away. Like a hurricane. Or the threat of war with NK. Or any number of things.

      And part of what I love about my wife’s point of view here is the raw emotion of it. Waiting has a way of tamping that down.

      Not to disagree with your statement…just the other side of it. :)

      1. Thanks so much for being so nice about my disagreement.. and please don’t feel that I was trying to put anyone down.. after I posted that I thought “was I a little harsh?” I am thankful for Erin’s passion to make her country a safer place, and if we pull together, I think we can do that. Maybe that is the glimmer of light we are all clinging to right now..

      2. Thank you Andrew for weighing in. I hate to say this, but we women still need men to have our backs…Why is it that we may shout out loud , recognize pain and injustice and yet not be heard? We can look to Eleanor Roosevelt. f I am a Canadian who owns a home in Naples. I have never been comofortable with American gun laws…or lack there of. When will the American people rise up against the NRA? Too much power in too few hands… We are neighbours and friends, and what we see going on in the US is sad and problematic. Sending love and peace. Brenda. Murphy.

    2. Totally disagree. How is this insensitive? Because it would remind a victim’s family member of the senseless of the tragedy, i.e., that if only Congress had acted to solve the problem of mass shootings before now this shooting may have never happened? Inaction can be just as “political,” and just as powerful, as speaking up.

      1. Could not agree more! If not now, when IS the time to discuss it? It’s just another excuse for avoiding a much-needed discussion!

    3. If I had a loved one killed by senseless gun violence I think that knowing that my loved one’s death led to action to prevent future tragedies would be one teeny, tiny glimmer of hope and a feeling that my loved one didn’t die in vain. I think of the parents of the Sandy Hook kids who tried so hard to help pass gun control legislation so that other parents wouldn’t have to go through that, and I just think it’s so gut-wrenching and that we as a nation couldn’t even give them that small silver lining. Personally I think not doing something collectively as a nation in response to these tragedies is a huge moral failure and is just…disgusting.

    4. I think it’s a shame that we view common-sense gun legislation as “political.” And frankly, almost any disagreement can be framed as a political discussion these days. But in my opinion, this is not an issue of politics; it is a health and safety issue. When too many children were being killed in car accidents, we legislated to have them in the back seat, with seat belts. Now, car seats are required and we have airbags to protect all passengers, including from side impact crashes. Our government is tasked with acting to save lives without significantly impacting our rights as citizens. These actions may be implemented by politicians, but they are not inherently political. Personally, I’ve never heard the families of victims say that the discussion about gun control started too soon; I’ve only ever heard them say that it started too late.

      1. Very well said Lucy! And keep speaking your mind Erin. I respect you for using your platform to raise awareness. It is the most meaningful way to honor the victims of this tragedy.

    5. Don;t you think the victims families wish we had discussed this SOONER? Then maybe their loved ones would not be dead. Of course my thoughts are with them, but this isn’t a time for politeness, its a time for ACTION.

      1. Wonder what your stand is on abortion? Do you think it is a time for action? There are over one million abortions in this country per year. Do you think the victims wish we had discussed this issue? Do you think it is time for action?

      2. I had that same thought Kathleen. Where are the “mothers against murdering children in the womb”! I think we should ban abortion…that would save a lot more lives than banning semi automatic handguns! I think we can all get behind that!

    6. Isn’t it actually too late, for those people in Las Vegas, not too soon??? We have to talk about this issue every day until changes are made.

    7. We needed laws changed yesterday. We need laws changed today and tomorrow. These people lost their lives because we keep letting it go. Every time another shooting happens we all give our thoughts and prayers. We need more! Now! The best thing we can do for these families is apologize for not doing something sooner. Nobody is being insensitive. People are outraged. What else is there to talk about but major sweeping change. We ALL look like idiots. I pledge to do more. To speak out more, to write letters, etc. Mania? I hope you do more now, for the families.

  7. Thank you for speaking out and for presenting a call to action! These organizations are new to me and I will definitely be supporting.

  8. Aside from your all the beautiful things you write about and share, part of the reason I love your blog is your wonderful writing . You have an important platform and you have the courage to use it to make the world a better place not only in our homes but in our communities too. Thank you, Erin.


  9. Thank you for posting about this! Your comments are in no way insensitive to the families and friends of the victims. We need to change our gun laws to prevent these tragedies. How many deaths are enough for us to put lives first rather than the NRA? Is 50 enough? We have to take action and make our voices heard or nothing will change!

  10. Thank you for your brave comments Erin. As a Canadian my heart breaks for the many tragedies that are occurring in the states. When I read comments of those who oppose gun control, I remember when my friend and former teaching colleague, an avid hunter and gun owner in a rural community, sat beside me dismayed following the Newtown shooting. As I waited for him to disagree with me, he said “I’ve been a gun owner virtually all my life…no one, absolutely no one needs to own that kind of weapon.”
    I will share the poem you ended with in my high school classroom tomorrow. Stay strong in regards to any nasty comments, we have opinions that we are all entitled to, and this is your platform to say whatever you like. Thank you for using it to say something you believe in.

  11. In 2016 Illinois ranked 8th in the country for having the strictest gun laws. Here are the statistics for 2017 (so far) for gun violence in Chicago:
    Shot & Killed: 496
    Shot & Wounded: 2386
    Total Shot: 2882
    Total Homicides: 533

    Where’s the outrage…where are the calls for action….where?

    1. Cause and effect can be confusing. Chicago has very strict gun laws because it has a tremendous problem with gun violence. It’s strict gun laws did not cause this violence.

      1. My point wasn’t that the strict gun laws cause the violence. I was trying to point out that we have a massive gun violence problem in a world class city and I don’t see people being outraged about it or calling for action. I find it horrifying. The people living in those neighborhoods are living a version of the Las Vegas Massacre on a daily basis and no one seems to care.

    2. Seriously?

      Chicago is actually an example of why we need NATIONAL STANDARDS of gun control. It is NOT an example of why gun control does not work.

      It’s an Island (of Gun Control) surrounded by a really big Ocean (of gun nuts).

      1. Again…I think you are missing the point of my comment. I guess I shouldn’t have confused you with the fact that Illinois has the 8th strictest gun laws in the country. My point is…there is incredible outrage and calls for action when there is a mass shooting like the one in Las Vegas (and there should be!). But in Chicago 500 people have been killed and 2,882 have been shot this year alone and I hear not a peep…no righteous indignation….nothing. Kids are being shot in their beds…on their front porches. The people in these neighborhoods have to live with the kind of horror that was on display in Las Vegas on a daily basis. Can you imagine!?!?!? They NEVER feel safe. No gun laws are going to stop the violence in chicago…there are plenty of laws already on the books and they are not being enforced.

  12. Couldn’t agree more, Erin. Thanks for speaking up and not pretending like it was just another day.

  13. Thank you for providing organizations to get involved with. I wrote my congressman this morning after I dropped my small boys off at school. I have been complicit, never voting or getting involved in politics, a bystander. I can no longer be a bystander , to demand better of my country I must demand better of myself and get involved. America needs to have this discussion, everyone is a child to someone. No more of Americas Children should die .

  14. Thank You!! As I scrolled through Instagram tonight I was so sick of the “thoughts and prayers” posts immediately followed by a sweater post or lipstick round up from the influencers and brands I follow. I think it’s refreshing to see someone use their platform to actually speak about things that matter. I’m outraged by what happened today and I applaud you for taking a stand and more importantly taking action.

    1. I don’t know, I’m rather tired of people putting down ‘thoughts and prayers’. People in grief and pain are comforted by the idea that the nation is grieving with them – that they are not alone in their suffering. Further – ‘thoughts’ DO spur people to action -from supporting legislation to donating blood, money, time to actually help. And, as a religious person, I’ve found that prayers are quite productive.

      Please don’t be so down on ‘thoughts and prayers’.

      1. I don’t think people are down on them, it just feels like our leaders mouth these platitudes then move in. It rings very hollow after the umpteenth time.

  15. Thank you for your post. I agree completely. I wonder what will be the breaking point that will wake us all up? Today I was devastated and couldn’t really get anything done. I was getting abit anxious and then I remembered., i thought “Thank god I’m not running on autopilot today”. I’ll continue to mourn for the victims and pray for their families. I don’t know them, but you know what?

    The thing is that sometimes we think those things just happen to other people… not us or our families… we’ll die old and of natural causes… it’s easier to turn the blind eye Because the reality is too hard. Those awful things
    don’t happen to us, until they do. We need real connection! This world needs to stop and make space for real connection!

    Perhapa I’m being naive, but I think we all have goodness inside. I think the world can become a better place and we can all stop hating each other and really start caring for each other without being afraid. But it takes work and courage. it means we need to stop thinking about business and money before people. I admire you Erin.

    I think you’re on point when you raise your voice and don’t pretend this is a normal day. The day we start pretending nothing happened, we will be buried alive. We can’t lose our humanity.

    Your authenticity, rawness and honesty is what I most admire about you and your blog. Again thank you!

  16. Totally agree with your comments. We need to ask our leaders to take action to curve events like this due to automatic weapons. Right on for speaking out! I was heartbroken today.

  17. Thank you for speaking up on this very important topic, Erin!! I agree. We must act to protect one another from senseless tragedy. No more! These are dark times. I am sad for our country.

  18. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your honest and eloquent words. You articulated my own feelings so accurately. Living on the west coast I watched the Las Vegas horror unfold in real time, and I am shaken to my very core. My college-age daughter was inconsolable, and I have rarely in my lifetime felt such sheer helplessness, despair and, yes, dumpster-flipping anger. Thoughts and prayers aren’t enough, and your blog post was the one that made sense for me today.

  19. Thank you, Erin.

    Yes, this is a design blog but it’s your blog and you’re an American citizen. You have every right to use your platform to speak about the issues you care about.

    I don’t think you have politicized this tragic event. When is the right time to speak up? When everyone has moved on to the next shooting? We need some serious changes regarding our gun culture. That nothing happened post Sandy Hook speaks volumes.

  20. To Erin and Andrew, your viewpoints have impacted and rearranged the paradigm in my head, and I applaud you both. Since automatic weapons were banned in 1986, the law has not progressed to include new technological advances which now , sadly, make deadly adaptations legal. Congress needs to act immediately. And as far as the timing of this crusade…..if not now, when??
    BTW… the photo you posted of Henry at the station is a Norman Rockwell painting. I want a Norman Rockwell world again!

    1. Unfortunately the “Norman Rockwell world” existed mostly in his paintings. His career spanned revolutions with global impact, the rise of fascism, both World Wars plus Korea and Vietnam, Jim Crow, etc. etc. There is no idyllic past–only a future we cal all make better together.

  21. No revolution ever started with silence. SPEAK! This is ridiculous. Now, next week our elected officials are deciding on whether silencers should be saleable? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Continue to make the world beautiful, Erin. Part of that is paint and pillows, and part of it is your beautiful voice.

  22. My advice to anyone reading this is to get educated about guns. Know the difference between an automatic and semi-automatic handgun, know the different types of guns, know the difference between an ” assault weapon” ( the definition is very murky and may vary by jurisdiction-know your local gun laws!) and an “assault rifle”, etc. The gun advocates, the gun lobby, the gun manufacturers, NRA, etc. are incredibly smart about guns and gun laws! They will exploit your ignorance at every turn so please do not give them the chance! Right now, they are working out a plan to spin this tragedy into something positive for their pro-gun platform. They are counting on each one of us (especially women-they love to exploit the ignorance of women) to be overwrought with emotion and ignorant of the facts. Please don’t give them that advantage. Thank you, Erin, for starting this very important conversations!

  23. The fully automatic weapon allegedly used by gunman, Stephen Paddock, was made illegal under federal law back in 1986.

    1. Yes, but there are hundreds of thousands of pre-1986 machine guns still available LEGALLY on the market for a price. Also, there are ways to “upgrade” a semi-automatic to basically a fully automatic (hundreds of rounds per minute)– it takes minutes and you can buy these add ons online. Legally. So banning semi-automatics WILL stop shootings like this because this level of damage cannot be done with a handgun or a hunting rifle.

      1. News reports say he also had the makings for a bomb.

        And that man in Nice killed over 80 people with a truck.

        Evil is evil. Evil isn’t constrained by laws.

      2. And just look at the stats from countries that enacted bans. Australia, Scotland/UK responded to national tragedies with action and it worked.

    1. Brilliant point. We don’t talk about it because then we would have to examine ourselves. Placing blame on inaminate objects is just easier. Also throwing money at something and then patting ourselves on the back for being so caring is another easy way to avoid any kind of reflection or hard work. By the way…I am not placing myself above these things…I do this all the time. Thanks for the reminder that we all fall short…

    2. Yes. That is what this is all about and where everyone really IS on the same page. If we focus on mental health, the evil of social media, the way these events are covered and what motivates evil people to carry out these heinous acts, the power is taken from the object – the gun – and put back into the mind of the perpetrator. It could have been a bomb or a truck or a chemical… evil is evil and it will find a way to carry out its plan. We need to figure out how it ever came to this in the first place.

    3. that is the most important part, that no one seems to get, sadly……no post, no report, no discussion just more anger…..

    4. That’s sounds pretty broad. Why don’t we start with some common sense gun legislation and then discuss the human condition, when the world is a tiny bit safer .

  24. Well said. I appreciate your candor regarding this issue. I completely agree and am cautiously optimistic that we might see changes soon or at least in our lifetime.

  25. Erin, the points you make are so valid, but the issue in changing law is not simply one about saving lives but intertwined with lawmakers wanting to win the next election. As long as the gun lobby is as ubiquitous as is is, and their money can make or break a candidate, nothing will likely change. Gun violence in the United States results in tens of thousands of deaths and injuries annually. In 2013, 33,636 deaths due to “injury by firearms” (10.6 deaths per 100,000 U.S. citizens). That is about 3/4 of the population of Charlottesville, VA……..every year another small city is wiped off the map from gun violence, and yet it continues.
    By passing common sense laws we could avoid so many senseless deaths (like texting and driving), but the gun issue has become so polarized and political that I doubt it will happen. Soon this incident will fade from our collective conscience until the next time.

  26. Also, our 24-house news programs, diving into depth about every detail encourages these types – they can go out in infamy – their name living on. Physiologists tell us that the type of news coverage we have, where the shooter, bomber, etc is at the center of the ‘excitement’ spurs others on to act similarly. The Columbine shooters were actually seeking infamy, and they, in turn, continue to inspire others. They actually have a fan base. Yikes!

    We need to talk about how to talk about these events without creating the infamy these creeps are looking for!

  27. We all would like to pass the perfect set of laws that could protect us and our loved ones from harm. But the problem isn’t the guns. Its the human heart and the nature of the world – which can be an ugly place indeed. If you take away the guns, you’ll get more murders with vehicles, bombs and knives – yes, mass murder. Because the problem wasn’t the guns; the problem was that this person wanted to commit mass murder. I hope we come to understand why (his motivation) – maybe this can help us prevent it in the future.

    1. This argument is often used as an excuse for inaction, and I don’t believe we should allow that. Just because someone might break a law doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have the law. Without an automatic weapon this man would’ve had a much harder time trying to commit mass murder . Shouldn’t we make it harder? Considering we are the only country with a mass shooting epidemic, we need to stop with excuses and get real about the modern NRA and the gun culture they’ve created, and our easy access to guns.

      1. I’m sorry, this is not ‘an excuse for inaction’. I just don’t believe in demanding things that make us feel better but do very little in fact. I don’t believed in acting emotionally, but rather with thought and care. For example, we don’t, at this point, know whether the weapons he used were legal or illegal. What will you say if the guns or the modifications to the guns were already illegal?

        Also, as we are all very aware, you don’t need a gun to commit mass murder. You can use a truck or a bomb, or even an airplane. I’ve seen reports that he had bomb-making materials in his care. Also, this guy was a licensed pilot – he could have purchased or rented a plane, loaded it with gas and crashed it into the crowd.

      2. But he could have. He could have used bombs, a truck, a plane. want to be safe – I get that. We all want to be safe. But ‘gun control’ is not a panacea. It will not be THE solution to the evil that lives in the hearts of some people.

        The truck drive in Nice killed more people. The Grande concert killer used a bomb.

    2. There are countless examples of countries that have passed gun control legislation that has effectively reduced the rate of gun deaths. Our country is alone in our refusal to recognize and address the problem.

    3. Yes people use other things to kill people, like cars. But they also need cars to drive. No one needs a semi-automatic weapon or 50 something guns in their home. We can’t solve all evil in the world but we can do something about guns.

    4. Lilly, if your house is on fire do you spend some time reflecting on how or why your house caught fire? Do you wonder why there is fire in the world?

  28. Thank you for having the conversation, Erin. You and your husband make a great team.

    Please keep the dialogue going and help educate by sharing your knowledge.

    You’re a talented woman, but this is why I really like you :)


  29. Preach!! I believe that is an expression of affirmation. You have used your forum to say something that means so much to all of us and I just wanted to thank you.

    Pauline P Davalos

  30. Crazy people should not have guns, or knives, or bombs, or the means to make a bomb . . . angry people should not have guns, or knives, or bombs or whatever . . . The USA is angry, you are angry because the USA allows certain guns.
    But lets ask what is going on? Why are people angry, killing , lacking compassion, respect, love – honor – care? This guy was said to be “normal” no one saw any signs. What set him off? Who set him off?
    Sure we can take their guns and they use a drone to go over a school yard – or your back yard, and spray chemicals. We take the drone and they use fertilizer and fuel to make a bomb and put in the parking garage at the mall or your office complex, or attack our power grid system. If people want to kill and disrupt, they are going to kill and disrupt.
    Is it the GMO food, the preservatives, the 24/7 news channels, the fluoride in the water, polluted air, all those things? The reason behind this act, is what needs to be discovered and shortly, because this is not stopping! Take their gun, sure, but what is the next weapon going to be? You can join all the antigun groups in the USA, but that is not going to stop the anger and hatred we are beginning to see.

  31. “Humanity has struggled to neutralize evil men for millennia. For millennia, we have failed. It doesn’t mean that we don’t continue to try. It doesn’t mean that we close ourselves off to innovative solutions and new ideas. It does mean, however, that even the best of intentions and the most genuine of monologues have to be exposed to the cold light of law, reason, and facts. Sincerity only makes misinformation more dangerous.”

    1. Thank you for this link. Hope everyone reading this blog will at least look at this article.

  32. Thank you for speaking out. The lack of action enrages me. I can’t understand why more people don’t follow these groups on Facebook!!! I received great info from them about who to call and what to say. They need more members and active participants!!!

  33. Thank you Erin. I continue to struggle with why some people here don’t get it though. This shouldn’t be so hard, it’s not like some mysterious philosophical debate. Common sense, gun safety, doing something to protect others, it’s so clear. Why are people bringing up random crap about evil and knives and what not. It’s hard to express how I feel without wanting to scream so I appreciate your ability to articulate so much better than I can.

  34. Who cares if Kim Jong-Un gets a nuke. Nukes don’t kill people, PEOPLE kill people. See how effing stupid that sounds?!?!?

  35. Thank you, Erin. Never be afraid to use your voice. There are those that will be inspired to raise their own.

  36. Thank you for using your platform to stand up and speak out about common sense gun regulation. As a mom to a young kid, it makes me sick to my stomach to think of these mass shootings, and a part of my heart will be permanently broken over Sandy Hook and our country’s (lack of ) reaction to it.

    The fact is, people kill people with things. We can’t prevent every tragedy, but we can reduce them. The Vegas shooter may have planned a bomb as well, but look at what he did. He picked up the thing that’s easiest. The thing our history and culture glorifies. The thing a large portion of our population is quite literally addicted to.

    We have to come at this from all sides, for ourselves, our children, our fellow people. All the mental health care in the world won’t prevent sick minds, but it will help. Common sense gun regulation won’t totally prevent sick minds from finding ways to hurt people, but it will help. There’s no one, neat solution, and the majority of Americans who support common sense gun regulation know that.

    But we have to try SOMETHING. Literally anything. Right now.

  37. keep awake and act in any way you can to keep this issue alive. rise up and demand protection from the gun loving lunatics

    1. Why name calling? I support gun ownership. You don’t know me or my thoughts. Why call me names?

  38. Clearly I’m in the minority but for the sake of balance, consider the fact that strict regulations on firearms will not impact crazy people like this guy in Vegas. He was determined to commit an evil act and, like most criminals, would have done whatever necessary, regardless of what the law says. My right to protect myself and my family comes from God and is protected by the Constitution. If we start chipping away at our freedom, where do we draw the line? Should we ban U-Haul rentals, knives and pressure cookers? It is not legal to own an automatic weapon, but that doesn’t stop people. I don’t understand the “more gun control” argument. Rather than focus on restricting our freedoms, I believe we should focus on recalibrating our collective moral compass. I am a mother. I own a gun and I take that responsibility seriously. Gun control will impact ME, not the crazy man…maybe not right away, but eventually. I say this with no animosity, but with love for my neighbors, my community, my kids and my country.

      1. Yes, you can protect yourself with a handgun, which I said in my post I would support. Did you not read that part? You do not NEED an AR-15 to prtoect your family from an intruder or criminal. And saying that banning those types of guns should be seen the same as banning knives, U-Hauls and pressure cookers is absurd. Those are items used in daily life for many other uses. There is no other use for a semi-automatic gun than to kill many people in a fast and vicious manner. Period.

  39. The reality is that most Americans do not share your sentiment. Americans want to keep their guns and they’ve proved it year after year. Any attempt to regulate strikes a fear of a slippery slope for gun owners. You live in a city and you surround yourself with people who live and think like you. Place yourself in rural America. I’m not suggesting that rural Americans are all against gun regulation or that they do not agree that what happened in my hometown on Sunday was horrific but many are rural Americans are used to being around guns. Are you used to being around guns? Probably not. Lots of people in this country use guns responsibly to make themselves or their family feel safe, they use them for recreation , and also to provide food for their families. Someone like you, living in an urban area and likely not a gun owner probably only associates guns with violence, crime and massacre. That does’t discount your opinion but my point is that you welcome regulation. There are a lot of people who do not live like you and therefore do not think like you and they will never respect your opinion if you don’t respect them. Telling them they have blood on their hands for what happened on Sunday is as disgusting as the comment you were responding to. You’re welcome to share your opinion on your platform but if any of us really want to make progress on sensible gun laws we need to start respecting different view points and try to see things from other’s perspectives.

    1. Actually, polls show that most Americans DO support gun reform, even Republican gun owners.
      And as you say, we all need to respect each others right to opinion. If you actually read what I wrote I said I’d support legal gun ownership of handguns and shotguns for the purpose of self defense and hunting/sport as long as there are background checks and licensing involved , which is common sense. What I do NOT agree with is the need for average Americans to have a semi-automatic assault weapon. You do not NEED that kind of gun for self-defense nor hunting. It’s a weapon designed for military use. So, I do agree to your right to bear arms, but not the kind of arms that have been used in all these mass killings. If we remove those from circulation via a buyback and new laws, we WILL see a reduction is mass murders like Vegas and Newtown and people can still arm themselves. I do not understand how someone could argue against that if it protects human lives but still allows for Second Amendment rights.

      1. Yeah…and polls also said Hillary Clinton would be the next President of the United States…I agree with worktheroom that liberal American lives in an echo chamber.

      2. You’re incredibly hypocritical- you see that right? Saying that we on the “other” side must listen to your side but you won’t listen a lick to our opinion NOR facts. Tell me, I want to know, why does the Average Joe need to own a AR-15 instead of a handgun or hunting rifle? Really- both those types of weapons should suffice for self-defense, protection and hunting. I have never once heard a reasonable argument other than “because I want to”– which sorry, is not an argument when lives are on the line.

      3. I thought you were above name calling…As far as being a hypocrite…how come you are not “slack jawed horrored” at the post that said if you contribute to the NRA you are responsible for the massacre?!! Or the post that said it took something like this to happen to a bunch of conservatives to change peoples minds? I have also asked where the outrage is when confronted with the horrific gun violence in Chicago….crickets! Will banning semi-automatic weapons fix that problem? Will new laws stop the carnage?!

      4. Maybe an owner of the weapons you want to ban just enjoys shooting them? Is there anything wrong with that? It is a hobby for some people. Most gun owners don’t own these types of weapons but it is their right. Who are you to decide what a gun owner needs and doesn’t need? A ban on these weapons will not stop what happened in Las Vegas.

    2. Amen.

      It’s the “you do not need….” rhetoric that is in-American and unconstitutional. When one group of people starts telling another group of people what they do and do not need (within the framework of the Constitution), that is the beginning of the end of freedom.

    3. Hi, coming from rural Alabama here. I come from the definition of rural America, following 3 generations of small town farmers. We support coomon sense gun laws here. We know the right to bear arms comes with responsibility. My family members use rifles for hunting and protection. Guns are serious business, not toys to play. I’m my mind there is not another viewpoint.

  40. Thank you Erin. When I vote, at all levels of government, a candidate’s stance on gun control is the number one policy position I look at.

    My sister was in an Uber car in LA that was shot into (she and her then 1 year old were fine, thankfully). The wonderful head of college counseling at my kids’ school was shot at when that nut job started shooting folks at the Fort Lauderdale airport last year, and was saved only by the school issued laptop in his backpack, which took the bullet. This senseless gun violence has to stop.

  41. I agree 100% …the laws need to be changed. Not saying no one should own guns because I myself own one however they need to change drastically. I feel like everytime i get comfortable and let my guard down …..another mass shooting happens ……….and as a mom I can’t help but wonder will my babies be in the crossfire next time it happens. Then i panic and die inside. It makes me want to hide out in the middle of no where. Then i’m angry for the parents and families whose loved ones were killed or hurt already.

    Something needs to change

    Erica Valentin

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