Fashion Friday: Favorite Fall Outfits for All Occasions

For todays post I partnered again with Nordstrom, my favorite place for one-stop-shopping, to bring you some fun fall outfits that are sure to inspire you for just about any occasion this season.

Perfect for a football game (watching, attending) or really anything casual. Nothing beats the security of a giant scarf and the comfort of pretty suede loafers.

Leather pants you will wear ALL. THE. TIME. (trust) and a comfy but sexy off the shoulder sweater make for the perfect date night/ night out with the girls outfit.  Ain’t nobody got time to be freezing their buns off in halter tops during the colder months!  Also, I’ve been trying to justify these heels for months- they look insane with denim AND fancier outfits…. help.

Want to look professional but also awesome?  The velvet blazer is a staple for this, paired with a bold paint, trim fitting bodysuit and patterned brocade heels— you’ll knock ’em dead. (Also, pair with jeans for a more casual office environment).

Simple and classic- which is always a good look. A leopard faux fur vest with a ladylike cashmere sweater, silk scarf (totally hot right now) and pearl studs.  Paired with denim to dress it down and velvet smoking slippers for coziness.

I looooooove this dress. OMG. So good. I’d contrast the super femme silhouette with a leather jacket and funky leopard heels. Paint your toes to match and do a plummy-brown smokey eye to finish it off.

You know what the funny thing is– I put together all these outfits all the time and yet I still can find nothing to wear…. :)



  1. Great post! Would love to see one on winter coats. I am struggling to find a great, reasonably priced wool/cashmere coat.

  2. Ooooh that coat is gorgeous. I’ve got a gray wrap coat but the one you show comes in a really classic tan that I would love. Hard to stock up on outerwear when I don’t have a hall closet!

  3. I definitely wore an 80’s version of big meeting back in the day. My favorite piece of clothing is a well tailored blazer.

  4. LOVE this post!! The wash on the jeans in the first outfit is so good. Bought the scarf for my sister and MIL for xmas presents – thank you Erin!!

  5. The window for wearing fab heels is finite (at 60 I still lust after gorgeous ones, but am no longer purchasing them…though still wear when I can) so buy them! Wear them!
    Ps I think it’s funny that most of the items I clicked-through on are JCrew. Far cry from manolo…

    1. Ditto on the tiny window for wearing heels. You can still BUY them, but just not wear them standing up … after a certain point. You’ll know when. Your feet will scream it out loud.

      So if you love heels, get them and wear them NOW.

      PS there’s also a tiny window for wearing bikinis in public. I should have worn mine 24 / 7 all summer long while I still could. Everything sags and wrinkles. Even working out five days a week.

  6. Love Fashion Fridays! And it cracks me up that you feel like you never have anything to wear…SAME! Especially with formal dresses, why does every occasion feel like it requires a brand new expensive outfit that I’m only gonna wear once or twice?!? This year i have tried to be more conscious about pinning outfits I admire and really analyzing whether i have the pieces to come up with something close. For example in your coffee and shopping outfit i don’t have a leopard vest, but i have a fur vest…i am totally wearing this next casual friday in my office if it’s cold enough! Or i might notice that I really love the colors in an outfit I’m drawn to and look for things I have in those colors. Doesn’t cure the shopping instincts but helps!

  7. I love your blog but some of these prices almost $1000 for 1 pair of pants or a pair of shoes -with 3 kids and both my husband and I working full time I would still have to win the lotto before I could think about spending that much , you and your readers are so blessed and I admit I am totally jealous… I Would love more budget conscious options! Thanks!

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