Fashion Friday: Pop Up Party!

I’m so excited to share with you guys that my newest collection of designs from M. Flynn has launched this week and to celebrate we’re having a party with some other fun friends! So pop by next Thursday for some sips, snacks and early holiday shopping (or to add things to YOUR holiday list!) My whole collection will be here to try on and shop if you’ve been curious and not able to make it into the South End. (Also you can see our new studio space and shop other awesome stuff….keep reading!) RSVP HERE.

One of my most favorite pieces is this small ball locket…. done spotted with diamonds (above on the invite) or with a diamond bail.  worn on a short or long chain it’s simply awesome.


I wanted to be able to keep something special inside- a tiny lock of Henry’s hair, his first lost tooth- or there are small charms you can keep inside- a clover for luck, a heart for love or upgrade to a birthstone. I love, love, love this piece.

I designed these with my Mom in mind- but also myself. Pearls are BACK and brushed gold is hot (and more modern).  These classic studs are ageless and timeless, in a today’s Jackie O kinda way.

I wear my Heirloom cross earrings almost every day. I love them so much.  So we wanted to do another version of them– so here is the new small huggie!

An everyday classic you will never stop wearing, I promise. Shown below with the ball locket and Les Points bracelets.

Another additoon to the Heirloom Collection is this bead necklace– wear one, two or three (or more!) on a chain for a bit of sparkle.

I also still die for the Heirloom Station Necklace. It’s a dream. Also available in a single.

We also made a skinnier version of the Les Points bracelet.



Also here to shop will be some new jackets from Two Penny Blue, the company my bestie owns and I consult for.  There’s a fresh new Chanel-ish boucle jacket coming that no one has seen yet ( it’s so good, you guys) and also a great everyday long line blazer and a leopard topper. You can try them on and order!

Also debuting is my new Indian blockprint pattern with Jill Rosenwald! A sneak peek below! Available in two colors and lots of different shapes from a bud vase to a big bowl, get your orders in for holiday gifting NOW.

And also we’ll have samples of one of my favorite accents for the home, Dunes & Duchess candelabras! 



  1. Can you share the source for the glass chandelier in the pic of the dining room with Dunes and Duchess candelabra please? I’ve been eyeing the Oly Muriel Cloud one but might like this better. Thanks!

  2. Love the designs; classic and chic, as with the rest of your work.

    You might consider renaming your huggies earrings. Huggies are hoops that are a full circle when they are clasped. They literally hug the ear ;) From the photos, it appears the earrings, (though lovely,) do not form a complete circle.

  3. Your jewellery is beautiful! I like this collection even more than the first.
    I wondered about the sepia toned tree picture behind one of the candlebra. Do you know who it is by, or where it might be found?

    Thank you.

  4. Wish I could come!!! I love the EG collection so much that I have the les pointes diamond disc, and the tiny compass. I adore the little ball you’ve added, well all of your additions, is/are gorgeous. Just the right bit of glam in a classy and timeless collection. You do good work, missy. I think I’ve told you that my hubby dropped off my engagement ring with them, on his last trip to Boston. And they are redoing it for my 35th anniversary. With anniversary bands and all. I have a friend who may do the same.
    I think it says something about your character and ability, when women from far away send their precious jewelry away on your recommendation alone. Go girl.

  5. love the jewelry! would you ever consider doing mixed metals for the heirloom bead necklace? could be really pretty!

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