Fashion Friday: The Top I Am OBSESSED With!

Last fall and winter I wore this Gap jacquard funnel neck sweatshirt TO DEATH. I have navy and olive versions and anytime it was freezing or I just wanted to feel comfy but cute I wore one. With jeans. With leggings. Everything!  So I was so thrilled when they re-issued them this fall! I already bought black and grey and am thinking about the pink and brown too! I know, it seems crazy but they are 40% off right now and I really love them that much. I was stopped by a woman this week who HAD to know where I got the one I was wearing.

Did I mention they have pockets???  And the perfect tall turtleneck to hide in?

Wear it everyday like this (click products for links)

Or top off your gym outfit with one for a post-workout coffee date (click products for links)

Buy one NOW. Thank me later.


  1. Omgggg so exciting! I saw this on someone last year and by the time I got to Gap it was already gone! Can I ask what size you have? It looks like it might run big… did you order your normal sweater size or size down?


    1. I have size smalls and they are loose like on the model. So I’d say order your normal size if you like the look shown or down one size if you want it a little less baggy!

  2. I have the black, purple, and grey from last year. People stop me on the street to ask me about it. Best winter item ever.

  3. I remember you recommending this last year and they were always out of my size!! Just bought the black and thinking about the brown. Love this tip!!

  4. I reserved both the black and the gray and will go try them on after yoga this morning. Love your styling.

    PS I’m stalking your family room remodel on Instagram. It looks fabulous; hope we get to see it furnished.

  5. This look so cozy – thanks for recommending. I’m not a regular Gap shopper, so probably would have never found this.

  6. I also remember this from last year, but I kicked myself for not buying them… I’m not letting that happen this year! I just bought the black and the grey, thank you for sharing!!

  7. Post suggestion for next year…coordinating outfits for family pictures!! I feel like you could pick out the best options!

  8. Just bought pink and white, since I just went on a sweats/comfy/around the house shopping spree on old navy and bought lots of black and gray…THANK YOU NOW!
    ps – just bought those black print leggings last week….

  9. I bought one last year (per your suggestion!) and it seems to have gotten pilly in the wash. How do you wash/dry yours?

    1. I bought two last year and ran into the same problem. Loved the look but probably won’t reorder unless someone can explain how to keep them looking nice!

  10. Super excited–just ran to the GAP and bought the white. Other colors coming in today so may have to go back. I’m short and it is still the perfect length. Thanks!!

  11. Exactly what I have been looking for! Are these really 40% off? I just checked the website and don’t see the sale price.

    1. When I look online I have a red banner announcing 40% off your purchase price with the code “more” (I think). See if that works for you!

  12. I bought this last year at your suggestion. It’s very cozy (although the turtleneck can get a little oppressive). But my husband hates it with a fiery passion, and eventually I had to admit that it wasn’t really flattering. Maybe you need to be stick thin to pull off this look?

  13. I fell HARD for this and ordered in pink at once…..have to try it before I order more….hoping it is a long and lasting love…..THANK YOU!!

  14. I just ordered two – there is a sale code (ACTFAST) good through EOD 10/23 for 40% off. Would love to hear how to keep it from becoming pilly…

  15. I came back to post that mine just arrived in the mail and I love it!! It’s still close to the triple digits in So Cal so I don’t anticipate actually needing to wear it for a while, but I’m looking forward to the day!!

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