A Jaw Dropping Fall Wedding

I will admit, this bride has been a blog reader in the past (not sure if she still is now) and we’re friends on Facebook because of that. And when I clicked on a link to her wedding she posted this week I was bowled over. Like, yelled out loud “holy sh*t!” as I scrolled through the pictures by Jose Villa on Martha Stewart Weddings.  Talk about the most dreamy, fall wedding there ever was. As a wannabe/frustrated wedding planner (I considered the career for about a minute after getting married) I love inspecting all the details that go into events like this.   They relate greatly to interiors too– see the end of my post for a holiday tablescape based on this wedding!

The invitation are intensely detailed– leather embossed covers, seals and delivered in a box.

The save the dates featured blackberries in a nod to the location of the wedding, the famed Blackberry Farm.

Love their old school, vintage inspired look (the velvet tux jacket is amazing).

Horse and carriage, natch.

They constructed a rustic/modern “outdoor chapel” that is pretty incredible yet simple. (P.S. Those flowers!)

Beautiful bouquet with feathers.

Guests had plaid blankets to keep warm (adorable).

I mean…..woah.

The level of detail at this wedding is incredible! Planners Easton Events really got to show off their skills.


Classic and yet whimsical.

Such a beautiful cake!

Congrats to the lovely couple on such an awe-inspiring celebration!

I felt so inspired by this wedding decor I used it as inspiration for a fall/ Thanksgiving table design.  A little color, a lot of texture and references to nature.  I love blue and brown together for holiday decorating!

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And speaking of blue for holidays– act fast if you want to snap up my navy velvet Xmas stockings and tree skirts!!! I wanted to have a classic motif in a color that is less “SANTA’S COMING!!!!!” and more in line with how I like to decorate. Also new are the faux mohair throws (plaid is sold out, but light grey and ivory available and they are awesome!)





  1. I’m loving the accents of red in the floral displays, especially in the first picture. Really brings everything to life.

    Does anyone recognize the Pendleton plaid fabric? I love it and the MSW website doesn’t give a source. TIA!

  2. Eye popping! Very stunning. If you can afford it, you’re giving lots of tradespeople and craftspeople economic opportunities to show their skills. I do not want to know what it cost.

    Everyone has to make choices for themselves. For us, we spent everything we had buying our house (moved in the same month we got married) and under $1,000 getting married. But it was a second marriage for both of us and the right choice for us.

    But those photos sure are beautiful. Best wishes to the newlyweds.

  3. The most drop dead gorgeous Fall wedding I have ever seen. So inspiring. Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Erin, so flattering thank you SO MUCH. The wedding was honestly so much fun to plan, I loved every minute of it – a great team of pros goes an incredibly long way as you can see! Thank you so much for the feature. P.s. Still a reader! Started reading back in college and almost 10 years later life is slightly busier (boo) but will always love your blog and am inspired by your writings. X

    1. This just “melted my heartstrings”…I honestly felt the entire wedding bliss!! What a memory of a lifetime together!! WELL DONE!! franki

  5. Whoa! Daddy’s tab for this event must have been remarkable. The median cost of a US wedding just experienced an uptick.

  6. Erin! I’m not a big wedding person, but I ALWAYS LOVE the weddings you spotlight! Thanks so much! This just went on my inspiration board! This is breathtaking.

  7. The DRESS! As a married of 18.5 years, I look at these weddings of today and can’t believe how amazing they are. We only had MSW magazine to help us out. Dreaming of my 12 year old’s wedding some day…I’ll try and tuck these images away for that-absolutely stunning event.

  8. O.M.G.
    What an absolute dream come true! One of the (many) beauties of this wedding is that the bride and groom made the guests feel so special and valued which, in turn, makes them even happier for the newlyweds!
    Wishing the bride and groom a lifetime of health and happiness!

  9. Absolute perfection! Having recently experienced the magic of Blackberry Farm, I can’t think of a more gorgeous backdrop for an intimate fall wedding. Every detail is stunning and so well planned. As a result, I have no doubt that both the guests and the couple have such beautiful memories from that weekend. Cheers to the newlyweds!

  10. Gorgeous and lovely wedding and I especially love the translation into holiday..
    but I’m calling a new trend: weddings that are more true to life than fairy tale. Is it just me or does anyone else find it more romantic to get married on a Wednesday afternoon, like my grandparents? Then again, maybe this is real life for them and I’m just not a billionaire 😂

  11. I’m 63. If I ever find someone to marry, I’d like to copy some of the flower arrangements. Fall is my favourite time of year and the flowers were my favourite part of the wedding.

  12. ERIN,

  13. This is gorgeous. Erin – blog topic request – would you be game for doing a post on holiday card choices? I am so overwhelmed with options!

    1. loved the post you did last year about the coordinated outfits — an updated one for this year would be amazing! i love all of your outfit idea posts actually!

  14. Wowsa! Anything Easton Events does is always crazy good. As is their winery, Pippen Hill, which is about an hour from me in RVA.
    Thanks for the pics.

  15. What a breathtaking wedding design!! Wow!! It’s totally amazing! I love it!! Thank you for sharing these photos! They got a dream wedding!

  16. Thanks for sharing! You’re right, the thought put into the detail was absolutely perfect; LOVE seeing projects coming together in a beautiful way like this. All beautiful. Shaking my head at the beauty!

  17. The floral work is especially impressive considering these are hydrangeas – it is really tough to not have those in water without them instantly fading – so the florist dried 2,000! Then, on top off that, out of season peonies – extremely tough (and $) to find this time of year. This is … insane!

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