The Green Room

I have been OBSESSED with this room at the Lake Forest Showhouse by Wendy Labrum since the moment I saw it on Instagram.  Those green lacquer walls and the mix of modern and traditional is PERFECTION.  This color is HOT HOT HOT right now. I’ve been seeing vendors like Ballard stocking sofas in deep green velvet, so you know it’s a color that is en fuego .

This granny floral print against the modern art, light and glossy walls is EVERYTHING.

So I tried to recreate this look for mortals from retail sources.  Maybe the high gloss paint won’t happen, but you can still get the dramatic look on your own!

sofa // floral chair // painting // ceiling fixture // pillow // jute rug // zebra rug // ginger jar // mirror // green painting // baskets // lamp // chair // console


  1. I’ve always loved this color! Do you think it is lacquer or high gloss paint? I really want to do this some day, but it’s my understanding (and I’m still confused) that they are two different products and two different applications.

    1. Def looks like lacquer or something else entirely. That’s the kind of finish a lay person couldn’t appy. A professional needs to apply that to get that perfect mirror-shine finish, and to pre-treat the walls to be super smooth for the finish to look so perfect. High gloss paint wouldn’t be as smooth or reflective.

      1. Oh my gosh, I would not even paint a room with regular paint, much less do this! I’m a hire a person type of gal! Thanks for your input Lawyer Jen!

  2. I love that yellow pop against the green – it really stands out and is so unexpected!

    But I can’t get on board with the lacquer paint. All I can think is ‘how hard is it going to be to paint over that when green is no longer hot hot hot?’ Practical wins over design sense again – boo.

  3. I’m not in love with the lacquer finish. Reminds me of design magazines from the 70s. I do like the modern / traditional mix. I prefer rooms that mix rather than stick to only one style or period. It looks too “just ordered out of the catalog” rather than collected over time. As far as the green goes, it looks like a new variation of the old avocado green. We had avocado green appliances in my mom’s kitchen in the late 60s.

  4. Thank you Erin!! You did a great job recreating it!! This paint is Farrow & Ball high gloss in a custom color we called Ellis Green. Definitely requires a professional with good attention to detail to do the lacquer but it would look great in a lower sheen as well!

    P.S. I have those floral floor cushions sitting in my office if anyone is interested – I’d be happy to unload them for a great price ;)

  5. Hmmm I can’t say I like this… for some reason, it makes me feel a little closed-in the room. I applaud those who are brave enough to pull of this color and style though!!

  6. I know..isn’t it something how “this color” is hitting the newsstand, etc. I’m not a “green” fan but even I felt something for this …hmmm…franki

  7. Hi Erin! I love how all the moldings are painted the same color as the walls – it looks so cohesive. I’ve been seeing this trend a lot more recently and it always reminds me of a Parisian apartment. I’m trying to do something similar in my living room, but it’s tricky with crown molding, a chair rail, etc. Do you have any tips on matching walls and moldings? It could make a great blog post ;) Thanks!

  8. This post is so classic, what-brought-me-to-Elements of Style ten years ago. *serotonin releasing* LOVE that effortless chic tradish modern luxe, omg, THOSE WALLS.

  9. LOVE the green lacquer! When we renovated an apartment 5 years ago, we did a green lacquered ceiling down the long entry hallway. It was stunning!! Wish I could post a pic of it here. The color is definitely brave, and I was hesitant. But, was so happy with the outcome.

  10. Funny—we just painted our master bedroom this color (walls, trim, doors, built-ins), and when I posted photos on my blog, they were not as well received as I hoped. But we do live in Idaho, where we tend to be about two years behind national trends, so there’s that.

  11. Amazing painting and I loved the result with a greenish type of room. I love green but never thought a room could be amazing in green but now I know it’s possible :) Great job outsourcing!

  12. I love this, my best friend lacquered her entrance foyer in the same color. It’s like being inside a Harrod’s bag! But the painters had to do it three times, terrible time with runs and drips in the lacquer.

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