Gift Guides 2017: For Him

Sorry for the delay on posting this week- I got hit with a nasty case of strep and am seriously down for the count. Typing to you from my bed (which I will soon be asleep in). But here is my first gift guide of the season- for him. I tried to categorize it a bit this year by interests/styles, so I hope you find that helpful! Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and I’ll be back on Friday with another guide!

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. (awesome for gym or travel) // 5. (you don’t need your phone with these earbuds- music stored ON THEM!)// 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. (on Andrew’s wishlist!) // 10. // 11. // 12. (purifies stream water for those super adventurous types!) // 13. // 14.

1. (rapidly charges three devices at once) // 2. (great wall art)// 3. // 4. Andrew’s absolute fave jeans) // 5. // 6. // 7. (a smartwatch that doesn’t look like one) // 8. (Sonos + Alexa= Happy Guy) // 9. (a throwback he’ll love)// 10. // 11. (duh!) // 12. (cool kicks) // 13. (Andrew’s current fave casual sneaks) // 14. (a heavy duty wagon that is also a bad ass stroller!) // 15. (Keeps coffee hot at your desk for hours!)

1.  (soooooo good looking) // 2. (Andrew loved this book) // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. (DOGS!) // 7. // 8. (a nice vodka made in Chicago-plus a pretty lable) // 9. ( a nice gift under $50) // 10. (A stunning weekender- or this one for less/ the gym)// 11. (all men need to get on the shawl collar train) // 12. // 13. (pair with #8 for an extra nice gift) / 14. (classy and under $150)


  1. Do you have any experience with the “Untuckit” shirts? I was wondering if that would be something college grandsons might like. Thanks

  2. Omg, my husband still talks about Atari. Just purchased one. Thanks again for another awesome gift guide. Bought my husband the Timberlands from last year and he loved them!

  3. Thanks for struggling up from your sick bed to cough this out. We appreciate your efforts. I was toast last week so my admiration knows no bounds…

  4. You are the BEST to do this. Shopping list is complete now!!! Dear hubby has very similar taste so you make life very easy. He is desperate for a good winter jacket that is long enough to cover his suit jacket but not knee length. And not wool. Any ideas?! So hard to find warm and not s rain coat look. Replacing an old Barbour.

  5. These look great! Having trouble figuring out what these products are, however. Nothing happens when I click on the product or the number. Thanks

  6. Thanks for the men’s gift guide. I bought several items off of your list last year and my husband loved them all. He especially loved the timberland boots.

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