When Life Gets Crazy

(Just a  random stunning kitchen I’m loving from Bria Hammel)

Hey Guys- My weekend was an absolute sh*tshow of a very sick toddler + husband away and I have a big, full day of meetings so my post will have to wait until tomorrow. Sorry! Gift guides begin tomorrow though, so get excited.  My categories this year are For Her, For Him, For Kids + Pets, For Home and Under $100/ Stocking Stuffers.  If you have any specific requests please comment, I’d love to hear what you guys are looking for, what kind of budget ranges appeal to you and anything else you look for when doing your holiday shopping! Can you believe its that time already????



  1. I’m basically counting on this guide to give me a great idea for the husband because I’m SOL right now. No pressure!

    In all seriousness – looking for a nice leather weekend bag for him that is nicer than LL Bean ($300) but not as expensive as Shinola or JW Hulme ($1300).

  2. I would love ideas for more of a blue collar guy. The gift guides that bloggers put together are always beautiful, but there is no way I’m going to get my guy into a velvet blazer, suede oxfords or spend $500 on a Yeti cooler for his beer.

    1. Haha! The blog-world gift guides for husbands always make me giggle too. I’m sure they’re applicable to lots of husbands… just not mine! :) Although part of me would love to watch my husband’s face as he unwrapped a velvet blazer…

  3. This is kind of random, but can you do a post about how to decorate the wall above your headboard? Mine is curved and I am totally at a loss for what to do with all the blank wall space. Wallpaper is not an option :(

  4. Second the gift guide for tweens or teenagers (boy or girl) $50 or under. They have been challenging in finding something they would love/appreciate that isn’t a $400 gadget or $150 pair of shoes.

  5. I’m so sorry your son is sick while your hubby is away. When it rained, it pours (as mom used to say). Hope he feeling better soon.
    I’d like to see a gift guide for hostess gifts that don’t cost a fortune. Who pays $50. and up for a token of your appreciation when attending an afternoon open house? Not in my budget!!! Please, I need help for a women who has everything and expensive taste.

    1. This is neither here nor there, but a great hostess gift is pair of 100% pure beeswax taper candles. Should be under $25, and super elegant and chic. Same for bayberry tapers (100% pure), which has great New England references too if you are from here.

    2. One of my favorite hostess gifts this time of year is the Christmas tree-shaped rosemary herb trees from Trader Joe’s (around $12) or Whole Foods (closer to $20) – then tie it with a beautiful plaid or velvet bow!

  6. I would love to have a list of things to send mothers and mothers-in-law. Also, a list of “Things for Her” in the $75 – $100 range – people are already asking me what I want for Christmas and the only things I can think of are a new front door, grasscloth wallpaper in my master bedroom, and a week in Key West.

    Also, I have gotten GREAT ideas for my husband from your “For Him” guides. My husband is so disinterested in fashion that his funeral is the only way I’m going to be able to see him in donning a nice sweater. But, the non-clothing choices have been fantastic.

  7. Awww, poor Henry! (And poor mama! :( ) Take care of yourself Erin! Feel free to take as much time off as you need …
    xo Mania Dallas

  8. I would also love recommendations on gifts for coworkers/employees/bosses and any advice you have on if you need to buy for all these people and how much to spend! Thanks!

  9. Hi Erin, I would love to also see a gift guide for teen girls, but not just the girly girls. Sporty girls would be amazing!

  10. This is a bit off topic, but would love a post on stylish ceiling fans. I live in AZ, so they are a MUST in nearly every room! But the options are pretty drab and boring. Thanks!

  11. And, I agree that hostess gifts are my biggest stumbling block this time of year.! I’d love to know some of your favorites in different price ranges…especially when there are multiple hosts/hostesses.

  12. I agree with some of the ladies above – I don’t spend that much money on people. I will give my girlfriends an ornament or bottle of champs for $20. I try to spend $60 or less on almost everyone but my husband. Most of my gift exchanges are $25 or less. And many gift idea lists in magazines and on blogs are just way too much money for a 30 person gift list!

  13. For you and for Henry…hope you are rested and well quickly!
    For grandparents.. look into the wooden jigsaw puzzles from Liberty Puzzles! They are expensuve ($100), but so beautifully made..they will never want to do any other kind again. So worth it! Hey! If you give it jointly to both of them, you’ve only spent $50 on each!!!!

  14. A gift guide for office assistants would be amazing! I’m always struggling to find ideas for something small to give them in addition to their bonus.

  15. Ditto to the in-law gifts. Also I would be interested in gift ideas for men like my dad and FIL who are in their 60’s and appreciate something practical and not “trendy”, but still thoughtful!

  16. A quick note – saw on Instagram that you’ve been taken down by Henry’s illness (what, no, I’m not an Erin stalker, I swear in my head you and I are best friends!).

    You are in THE HARDEST STAGE. I know it’s cute and charming and wonderful, but truly, it is also the hardest. Sick toddler who starts to get well just as Mom and Dad go down…believe me, I’ve been there. It really does get better and so much easier so please do whatever you need to do to rest and survive. The blog isn’t going anywhere!

    XOXO and Happy Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for your blog and your book, and how your amazing eye for detail has sharpened my own.

  17. Feel better! Try and get some rest if possible. Try getting chicken soup from Whole Foods – will save your life. :)
    A suggestion for practical grandparents… UV Sunshirts – there are a lot of different companies besides Orvis selling them now…

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