Project Reveal: The Bachelorette Condo of Every Woman’s Dreams

Its been hard for me not to be able to share any new projects with you guys since they are almost all embargoed for the next book (which I AM working on!). Except I had this one beauty that I could share– finally!!!  On Friday Elle Decor published some photos from it and today I am so excited to share a little more with you!

This client is a bad-ass single lady whose last condo was in my first book (remember the pink couch with black piping??)  Well, girlfriend decided to upgrade in a major way to this newly renovated condo in one of my favorite areas of Boston.  I was so happy to be back working with her as she is decisive, knows what she wants and most importantly, trusts me!

She gave me direction to do the space in tones of blue/ turquoise and greys and to keep it elegant, feminine and a nice mix of modern and traditional. Similar but also different from her last space we designed.

The main level is all open concept with great light, high ceilings and a gas fireplace and houses the living room, dining area, kitchen and powder room.  When this space was bare and empty we decided we needed a completely amazing large work of art to make a statement and anchor the space.  Almost immediately I recalled seeing the breathtaking work of Roseanne Olson at Iris Gallery on Newbury and thought this was the perfect client for her work.  I was crossing my fingers that she would love them as much as I did, and she did! And so we bought one and used it as the inspiration for the rest of the decor.

I mean, how amazing does it look?  We also bought an incredible Oushak from Landry and Arcari that combined all the tones in the room and put a sassy cut classic wingback in the bay window area in a velvety leopard Duralee fabric. We balanced out all the modern lines with a pair of vintage x-benches we found on Etsy and had refinished and reupholstered. I love how they play off the curviness of the wingback. The coffee table is one of my faves from Oly Studio.

A modern gas fireplace creates awesome ambiance and the West Elm storage tower fits perfectly.

On the other side of this floor is the dining area, which is small-ish but we gave it big personality and it’s own definition by papering the wall in a patterned grasscloth by Celerie Kemble for Schumacher and installing a dramatic Arteriors chandelier.  The traditional Louis style chairs from Hickory Chair are done in a linen fabric and we added a Schumacher medallion embellishment to each back to make them a tad unique.  The dining table is a clean, simple but modern piece from Redford House.  The Adler buffet was from her old apartment and we added a commissioned Renee Bouchon painting to bring a touch of color into the space.  The custom drapes echo those in the living area to keep everything cohesive- simple pleated ivory linen with a graphic Samuel & Sons trim.

The kitchen was done (well) already, so we just added some wire counter stools. Done and done.

The powder room is SUUUUUUPER tiny (#cityliving) with some crazy angles so we decided on this super bold MIles Redd for Schumacher wallpaper to just blow it out.  It actually makes it feel bigger and conceals all the angles.  A lucite towel ring is the perfect compliment with a monogrammed handtowel.

The master bedroom was another space we used wallpaper.  This time Pyne Hollyhock from Schumacher (one of my favorites), which worked well with her existing headboard. The chair is vintage found on Etsy and reupholstered in a lilac linen (we used the same linen to make a pillow for the bed).  The romans are custom.

The Aerin swing arm sconces add a touch of modern style to the traditional floral.  The bedding is custom from Julia B.

The guest room, we decided, was going to be an homage to her previous apartment which we all called “The Pink & Zebra Palace”.  We had the commissioned Amanda Talley painting we wanted to use that was prominent in her last living room, so we used that as the main focus.  The walls were painted Farrow & Ball Pink Ground and custom roman shades were made in a pink and ivory graphic linen (which we also used for a bed pillow) to compliment.  We designed and had built in a window seat to provide more storage and to really maximize the usage of this bay window area. The zebra rug was also from her former home.

I LOVE this nook. It’s heaven. Custom cushion and bordered pillows are paired with a Rebecca Atwood patterned pair of pillows.  Lucite hardware from Lux Holdups.

There is a third room on the second floor which was kind of a random storage space with a skylight.  Our client needed an office space as well as storage so we designed a wall of built ins that also included a desk area and Nick from NS Builders built them for us. We painted it all Farrow & Ball Manor House Grey and papered the backs of the shelves in a patterned grasscloth by Phillip Jeffries.  We made a pinboard with this gorgeous floral fabric and used a black and white patterned Quadrille fabric on this adorable Hickory Chair chair.  I adore how this “nothing” space turned into a completely useful dream space!

The guest bathroom on this level was simple so we dressed it up with this awesome Cole & Sons paper and custom monogrammed shower curtain.

Just a reminder that this was her last apartment– I can now see the similarities in style, but I think we did a more elevated version of her taste with the new space.

I am so grateful to have such wonderful, trusting and lovely clients to work with such as this one.  If you are interested in letting us help you with your own home email [email protected] for more information.  And stay tuned for our new website reveal on Wednesday!!!!

All photos by Michael J. Lee.


  1. Lovely! Question – what trim did you use for the roman shade in the master bedroom? I love it.


  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Everything but the elephant-in-the-room-TV above the fireplace. The darn TV is what my nightmares are made of b/c , especially in a smaller space, it often has to go front and center! Ugh! I wish I had known about The Frame TV prior to our latest build b/c I would absolutely splurge on that delightful piece of art!

  3. Simply charming! I recently had a vintage loveseat reupholstered in that Duralee animal print (but a darker color way), and it turned out fabulously…the texture of the fabric is nice, too.

  4. I love it! I find the space serene but still very interesting, sexy while being elegant and modern with some history. Ying versus yang. I could move right in here.
    The only thing I don’t like is the turquoise wallpaper in the bath. If you played the childhood game of one of these things doesn’t belong here, it would be that wallpaper. I hope you don’t think I’m being critical. It’s just not to my liking.
    Your new book has been added to my Christmas list. 😉

  5. Lovely – I love the use of wallpaper! Although I vowed never to use it again after removing it from every room in my home years ago… I think I am finally ready to jump back in!

  6. I might be too sensitive on this point being a single woman myself but this paragraph sounded awfully patronizing:

    “This client is a bad-ass single lady whose last condo was in my first book (remember the pink couch with black piping??) Well, girlfriend decided to upgrade in a major way to this newly renovated condo in one of my favorite areas of Boston. I was so happy to be back working with her as she is decisive, knows what she wants and most importantly, trusts me!”

    I wouldn’t hire a designer who spoke of me like that, like a novelty… it seemed to be saying “can you believe she is decisive and knows what she wants, with the funds to buy and furnish a bad-ass apartment, even though she is SINGLE?” I love your blog (marriage/parenting coverage and all) and don’t want to turn it into anything political but just wanted to point out something in the tone that rubbed me the wrong way. Looking forward to EOS II!!!

    1. I wrote it feeling more, “this woman is so awesome” not thinking anyone would take it that way. And decisiveness IS a rarity in my job. Most clients second guess themselves, so it’s nice when a client trusts you, makes decisions and is confident in them. She just happens to be a single woman who embodies these qualities. I’m not linking the two.

      1. I’m sure you’re right about decisiveness. I’m more like your ‘most clients’, and have struggled hiring a decorator. It was some time before I realized I was the problem. Lolz!

  7. I love this space! I always loved the previous apartment – it really stuck with me over the years so I’m so excited to see a sort of updated version. I hope this one will be in the book too, even though it’s been published on Elle Decor already! I’d love to have it in print!

  8. That lower level bathroom wallpaper is “DA BOMB!!!” The entire atmosphere is chic and ..more chic! franki

  9. I love being referred to as bad ass! It seems empowering. Congratulations on another beautiful job! This is why designers are so important. Looking forward to your next book!

  10. OMG! This is amazing and wonderful. I want to live there. I saved about 6 ideas for my house. I’ll be up to visit soon…. ;)

  11. LOVE! I remember this first project!

    Question – who made the fabric on the roman shade in the guest room? LOVE! THANKS!

  12. Any chance you could share who you use for the custom window seat cushions? I had emailed a few on Etsy but the lead time is huge (6 months plus!).

    1. I don’t know who Erin used but I recently used Hearth & Home on Etsy for 4 very similar cushions (nook cushions with trim) and they were awesome. Super friendly and excellent craftsmanship, not to mention they had the best pricing among several vendors I consulted. Highly recommend.

  13. Erin, I love the work you did on this condo. Absolutely lovely. I think my heart rate went up with excitement. Really really lovely!

  14. This makes me want to be a young single badass woman living in Boston! Alas, I would have to give up being an oldish married badass Mother and Mimi😏 The beautiful piece of inspiration art might be my favorite 💗

  15. The Hanley Chandelier is stunning. Decor Interiors carries this ceiling fixture from Arteriors in multiple sizes and finishes. It’s such a cool modern light.

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