Reveal Week: Our New Website and Branding!

It’s a week of fun reveals here at EOS/EGD!  Today I finally get to share with you our new professional website ( and branding for our design services and business!  While blogging, product designing and book writing are a lot more public facing– the design business is my bread and butter and what I spend most time on day in and day out.  So it was high time we had a website that reflected that (and I plan to redo the blog to coordinate, but I gotta save some pennies for that!)

I chose Hanna Seabrook from Gadabout Creative to design everything as I have always LOVED her work (and Instagram feed) and knew that our aesthetics meshed really well and that despite the distance, she would just “know” what I wanted without me having to explain everything in detail. And she did!

So please check out the new site…a little more about it here:

A clean new logo and monogram emblem that I want to put on errrrrrrrything.

While I do have a book that catalogs most of these projects, they are split up by room type.  Here you can see them all in their entirety.

Each project portfolio has nice big pics for you to Pin. :)

More detailed info about our design services (both full and remote/ e-design)


One of my FAVORITE parts is the online questionnaire with sidebars that link to tips on how to measure and photograph your rooms for e-design and Pinterest guides by style to help you define your style.

We also have testimonials from current/past clients (all the warm fuzzies…)

And links to my collaborations and product collections (also fun new holiday scented candles are LIVE on Wayfair! They are GOOD!)


And since I DO NOT do this alone (hardly) more about my adorable team. :)

We also used our new branding all over the place…

New gorgeous letterpress cards (printed for a reasonable price by these guys on Etsy)

A new painted carved wood sign (it’s a pinch-me moment every time I walk down the sidewalk and see it)

And a little door signage too (please ignore the mess)


  1. Congratulations! The new website is GORGEOUS! I have so enjoyed watching you and your business grow over the years. You should be PROUD!

  2. Amazing! The website is so organized and approachable – just like you! :) It’s so exciting to watch you thrive in a career that you love . You deserve to reward yourself!
    Mania Dallas

  3. The new website is perfect…it flows beautifully and I look forward to exploring it more when I have some additional time to do so! Bravo!!

  4. You’re an inspiration to many women. A lesson I’ve learned from you is to be a visionary. And I’m not just talking about envisioning beautiful spaces. Your example has been to Imagine the life of your dreams, whether that’s family, career, friendships, and then walk purposefully in that direction. I applaud and congratulate your hard work, dedication and success.

  5. Your website is absolutely beautiful and a wonderful reflection of you and your extraordinary talents. Congratulations.

  6. I love the new website! Can’t wait to see the blog evolve too!
    Question – is the grey rug on your website from Momeni going to be available in grey? It looks like it’s not on the website.

  7. Congratulations! So fun to be able to see so much of your beautiful work. When I clicked (from my iPhone) on each portfolio project, I was distracted bythe large “Pin this Photo” square covering part of each shot, and I wondered whether it could be made smaller or only show up if I hover over the picture. Just a thought. Thanks!

  8. So happy you’re working on two design projects in NC, one in my hometown. Go Deacs! Lovely new site. Best wishes.

  9. Your new website looks amazing! I actually never fully appreciated how insanely talented you are until I saw your entire portfolio categorised this way.

  10. Huge congratulations – it looks amazing! And so fun to see upcoming projects listed all up and down the East Coast in your new portfolio. Hope you’re celebrating the launch!

  11. Love Hannah – used to order those cool notecards from her way back when.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, and gorgeous.
    All gorgeous – from the E to the G.

  12. Love all of this! I’ve been following you for many years, and you’re really at an all time high right now. It’s been great seeing your style evolve and develop. I’m loving it.

  13. Can I ask for the name of the blue floral fabric swatch in the picture in the testimonial “thankful”?

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