A Soothing Palette for 2018

The world is a dark place these days, and we all need a little comfort and calm in our lives amongst the discord. One fo the easiest ways to refresh your home and make it feel more like a sanctuary is paint. Yes, you may have to spend a whole weekend taping and rolling–but it’s so worth it when in the end you feel like you have a whole new room!
2018 is all about warmth– gone are the harsh, super cold greys and in with the more cozy neutrals. And brown is back–in grey or green tinted versions. Dramatic and rich, especially yin a dining room (and awesome paired with glossy whites!) Don’t worry, its NOT your late-90’s chocolate brown.
Here’s a paint palette I think will be popular for 2018– greens, blue, brown, beige, blush and even a deep fig. Colors that envelope or elevate your spirit.

** Tip: When Googling or looking on Pinterest for rooms in a specific color be sure to click through the links to confirm– sometimes other paint colors that are similar or menitoned withing the same post on a blog or magazine are the ones shown and not the one you are looking for!


  1. I’m quite literally in the process of painting our guest bedroom F&B Light Blue! It’s a lovely color….really I’ve never been disappointed with any Farrow & Ball. I painted our Master F&B Green Smoke a couple of years ago, and love it every day.

  2. wonder if any of these would work for kitchen cabinets? giving our kitchen a face lift and need to finally settle on a color for shaker cabinets.

  3. OMG! I just painted the wall behind my bed sharkskin!! It’s gorgeous and has so much depth. In different lights it shifts from greyish, to brownish, to greenish. Love it.

  4. Is Sharkskin a Ben Moore color rather than a SW? LOVE it, and just want to make sure I’m looking at the correct color!

  5. WE just painted our master bath/ walk-in wardrobe BM Iron gate with a Foussana tile and a natural wool carpet that can be best compared to the colour of our aging Weimeraner. I love the depth of colour that surrounds us – It feels very spa like and is so relaxing. Iron gate can be grey, brown , and even green- in direct sunlight (not my favourite) depending on the time of the day. But it never feels cold. In the adjacent master room we have a dramatic feature wall in BM dragon’s breath which I also love and the rest of the walls are BM silver fox – another winner – just a very pretty grey- which seeps into the adjacent great room/kitchen. I was tempted by FB colour palette but read some mixed reviews on coverage and where we live contractors hate trying anything new. BM and SW are the standard. Any experience with F and B? good ? bad?

    1. BM will match F&B on request (you can literally go in and say you want F&B whatever, and they make it, their machines are even set for it) – I’ve done that in several rooms and the result is really on point – I did test patches with the actual F&B testers, and when I painted next to it with BM’s F&B version you couldn’t tell the difference in color. However, coverage was much better with F&B than BM when I used F&B itself. Their finishes, especially the estate emulsion, is really lovely, and I thought noticeably nicer than BM. That said, you notice it when they’re right next to each other, but honestly the difference is so subtle and the $ savings so high to do BM, that now I do BM’s version of F&B colors.

  6. I’ve been looking for a great shade of green and the BM Century Privet looks perfect. I can’t find that shade on the BM website. Might you have the name incorrect? I’d love to know. Thank you.

  7. I am picking paint colors for a whole house scheme…new construction. Eeek!!! It is open concept through the main living area. Any SW picks for a greige or beige comparable to above colors. I’ve been looking at Agreeable Gray and Anew Gray but unsure if warm enough??

  8. I can’t find “Sherwin Williams Sharkskin” found Ben Moore, PPG etc. Not on SW site. Is that Ben Moore Sharkskin?

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