Finding Vintage Rugs on Etsy

This beauty above we snagged for a gorgeous baby girl nursery!

These days, I find a good chunk of the rugs I use in my designs on Etsy.  Still a place to strike a good deal on vintage designs, Etsy allows you to buy directly from vendors in Turkey and other locations know for their artistry in the rug field.  This style of rug is so wonderful in a variety of spaces and with numerous styles of decor- from modern to traditional, in a bedroom or a kitchen. They also hide a lot of dirt and stains, which is a fantastic bonus when you have a toddler dripping ice cream on them.

When looking for great vintage rugs on Etsy you need to be smart about search terms (and that means also searching for rug types that are incorrect- as I learn more about rugs as I develop my own line, I am beginning  to understand the proper names for different styles).  The styles that I search for are “Oushak”, “Anatolian”, “Persian”, “Turkish” and “Caucasian”.  Add to that the terms “faded”, “pale” or “washed” if you want something very worn looking.  Or the specific color you want… or all three (ex. “faded blue Oushak”)

Below are links to some of the great vendors I like on Etsy for rugs of this style. A lot fo you ask where I get these when I share them on Instagram, so I thought I’d share a few. :) Click on each rug image for the link!


  1. I found a gorgeous palace size (10 x 16) vintage oriental for my dining room on Etsy last year. The owner was extremely helpful – took additional photos for me and answered all my questions. The price was reasonable as was the shipping cost from Seattle to CT. I only knew to look on Etsy thanks to Erin and EOS. Thank you!!!

  2. Erin, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate these posts. It is so generous for you to share your sources and expertise like this.

    Merry Christmas,

  3. Love this! Thank you for sharing your strategy. I’ve never bought a used (“vintage”) rug before. Is it wise to have it professionally cleaned when I receive it?

  4. Genius! I wouldn’t have thought of using etsy for finding vintage rugs and will keep that in mind the next time I am looking for one. Love all of the recommendations you share. Thanks so much!

  5. Erin, have you heard about a new startup called Revival Rugs? It just launched a few weeks ago. A California couple has set up a direct supply chain with another couple in Turkey to ensure the rugs are inspected before purchase and shipping, that the creators are fairly paid and it cuts out the middleman / reduces cost. I have been following them waiting for “mine” to appear on the site….

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