Gift Guides 2017: Under $75 & STOCKING STUFFERS

Sorry this is so EPICALLY late. It’s been a crazy week and crazy day and I am just now getting to finish up this guide! A lot fo you asked for gifts under $75 and smaller and so here ya go! There are so many amazing sales right now that you can find lots of great, normally higher priced stuff in this category!

All items, except those noted below, have links by clicking on the images! :)

Items not linked through image: American flag hat // book of the month club (brilliant gift!)// Jill Rosenwald x Erin Gates bud vase // turtleneck sweatshirt // small landscape painting

Also, just a fair warning… I am unnaturally OBSESSED with this whole Meghan Markle/ Prince Harry situation. I love her style and them as a couple so fair warning– I may be pontificating on this whole wedding situation/ her style on here in the near future.


  1. Erin, your gift guides are worth the wait :). Thank you. Btw, I am IN for any and all Meghan and Harry coverage!

  2. I’ve been looking for some beautiful table napkins for the holiday. Unfortunately the Martha Stewart ones above are sold out. Any other recommendations??

  3. Love this! And yes to Harry and Meghan coverage. Love her style too and as someone from Toronto, love her Canadian designer picks. I’m embarrassingly obsessed too :-)

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