Team EGD’s Wishlists!

What I love about my team here in the office is how different everyone is, and so it’s great to share what everyone wants for the holidays because I think it covers a lot of different ground. A little sporty, a little glam, a little preppy, a little adventurous…lots of great ideas. And I swear I did not hold a gun to their heads and make them all pick earrings from my M. Flynn collection “you guys love these, riiiiiight?” They actually each picked them randomly and all a different pair, which makes me feel good about the wide appeal of the designs!

Click the bold numbers below each collection for links!

1. Absurd, but a dream // 2. I had the original AirMax 95 in…well,’95. They were the best! // 3. Would love a piece by Emily Morgan Brown for my house // 4. Proof I’m an adult // 5. // 6. // 7. Winter is coming…// 8. A case for…// 9. The iPhone X -for the camera alone, honestly // 10. So I can throw out my three different curling irons// 11. 

1. An original Caitlin McGauley// 2. an elegant scent diffuser // 3. // 4. // 5. Al says this smells insane. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. She needs a bigger condo to fit this, so really it’s two gifts :)

1. // 2. // 3. Kristen’s brother’s company makes these beautiful passport cases // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. who doesn’t want a Golden puppy?// 8. Away bag for all her many adventures // 9. Designer fuel // 10. // 11.

1. We used these on a shoot and all loved them // 2. // 3. // 4. Cute return address stamp // 5. monogrammed, of course! // 6. // 7. Katie loves this product// 8. // 9. Dream light fixture // 10. // 11.


    1. Lindsey had to leave full time as her commute was too long with her sweet baby girl now at home. But we’re photographing her house for the next book on Monday and she’ll be working on a remote/consultant basis.

  1. All great lists and such a help for me when buying for female friends & family!! And I have to say – I’m a HUGE fan of Rothy’s (#11 on Katie’s list). My friend’s husband started this company several years ago. They are THE most comfortable flats – literally feels like wearing a sweater on your foot. They’re washable and made of recycled materials. As far as sizing – I say go up a half size. I need to start earning a commission on how many pairs i’ve convinced people to buy! ;-)

    1. I see these shoes on Instagram all the time! Are they at all supportive? They look like they might be more like slippers?

  2. My brother is just back from vacation in Argentina. Obviously they took loads of pics. A lifelong Apple devotee, he swore his friend’s landscape photos on the Pixel phone were INSANE.

  3. I would skip the Quip. I had one and I’ve gone back to a less-chic Oral-B, but I have much cleaner teeth again. ;) Great lists!

  4. Love the list idea! Can you please link the lamp on Kristen’s list? Lots of wonderful ideas! Thank you girls!!

  5. Such fun lists… I too adore your earrings (already have the compass necklace and disc with diamonds…) Adore the M. Flynn ladies so much they are redesigning my engagement ring and a band to match!
    Kristen – I bought a set of the Away luggage in that navy – LOVE IT! Hope you get some for Christmas!
    Katie – thank you for the LBD – just what I’ve been looking for…

  6. Can you please fix the link to the black scarf? It goes to the Nike shoes right now. Thank you for all of these awesome lists :)

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