Our Most Used Retail Items

Although we do a lot of custom work for our clients, what people like most about working with us is that we are more than happy to work in retail items into our plans as well. When you have kids or are trying to stick to a certain budget, it’s great to be able to get good quality items without the cost and wait time for custom made. Even people with HUGE budgets don’t want to spend zillions on a sectional for their family room– even if they can afford it. So over the years we have developed a list of “go to” items that we find ourselves using over and over again in projects. Not because all our projects look alike, but good basics are trendless and timeless and can work with just about ANY style decor!  I thought I’d round up a chunk of these items and share them with you!

  1. I’ve used this chandelier a few times- most recently in my own new family room.
  2. I use this Pottery Barn simple banded bedding ALL the time on projects, including my own bedroom. It’s affordable and the border is a great width.
  3. Blue and white ginger jars and vases from WS Home.  ALWAYS.
  4. This diamond indoor/outdoor rug from Dash & Albert is a perennial favorite that we recommend all the time for it’s great style and durability.
  5. Solid color velvet pillows (like these from my line) with a border is something we use on 90% of our sofas.
  6. This barstool from Serena & Lily is in numerous kitchens we’ve designed because it’s so family friendly and has a sturdy back so kids won’t tip over!
  7. We have a real love for grasscloth wrapped furniture– especially the S&L ones that are great in bedrooms paired with a wood dresser to avoid matchy sets!  To be honest, we also use the chest, console and coffee table a lot too!
  8. Pairs of white gourd lamps are probably our most used table lighting for bedrooms or living rooms. These ones I designed are a current fave (naturally).
  9. This is THE BEST leather ottoman that I spec all the time.  While it’s something we buy direct to the trade, you can get it here without a designer. It’s perfection.
  10. Faded vintage Persian style rugs from Etsy (like this one from Old New House) . I have yet to tire of these and how they add a traditional element to a modern space or patina to a tailored traditional space. Ideal flanking a bed.
  11. Aerin Lauder’s lighting for Circa is my favorite– these sconces are the perfect mix of simple, modern and stylish.
  12. My most favorite statement accent lamp is this one from Bunny Williams Home. It’s funky but classic. I wish Bunny would do a “Buy 10 Get 1 Free” on these bad boys. :)
  13. The C & B Colette bed has been a favorite for SO many years! I still have mine in the guest room and see no reason to change it– which for me is saying A LOT!
  14. The C&B Marlowe chair is a great modern Windsor style dining chair with a nice high back.
  15. We often recommend Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams sofas for clients who don’t want to go custom.  This skirted sofa is perfect as is their Keaton sectional ( which we used in three homes this year! It just works).
  16. We’ve customized a bunch of Gates tables from Huston & Co. for many families! It’s the perfect combination of rustic/ modern and has a tough finish that doesn’t stain!
  17. A gold Louis style mirror is hard to beat. We use this Wisteria one often in bedrooms, entries, and bathrooms.
  18. A simple brass and glass coffee table is the perfect table when you want something that looks polished and minimalist. This one is a great deal.
  19. We’ve paired these Ballard Designs Louis chairs with just about every style table- from hand-me down formal tables to modern marble tulip tables. We love that we can send our own fabric for them to use for a reasonable price!
  20. The Darlana lantern is hard to beat for it’s simplicity.
  21. A framed figural sketch is something we always have on hand when styling a home. Sometimes two. :)


  1. I really appreciate that you’re generously willing to share so many of your sources. Many interior designers with blogs (whose work I admire) are unwilling to do that or will only link to products that are sold at their own ecomm stores. Or they claim everything is custom when a prominent light fixture for example is obviously from a well known high end lighting company. Love your work, and your openness.

  2. Thank you for listing our table (or your table), the Gates Table. We have built SO MANY of these tables since you ordered the original for your home years ago. We’ve built them in just about every size and shape you can imagine. Again, thank you for the mention! I also love 11, 12, 13, and 17!

  3. Love this post! We are in the midst of trying to refresh a guest room – nothing crazy, just brightening up, and this is exactly what I needed.

  4. I echo the same sentiments as above. One of the reasons I follow you is your honesty and willingness to share. Loved your first book and just received the pillow pictured above from your line for Wayfair- love, love, love. Thinking of buying another one just like it!

  5. Love this post! I would love to buy a new sectional for our great room and appreciate your recommendation!

  6. What a great post! Thank you for sharing so many items and resources. So many great items and some really reasonable prices too which is always appreciated.

  7. Good morning!
    Amazing post, thank you! Wondering , if you could pair the chandelier ( 1) over the round Gates table (16) ?
    thank you!

  8. Thank you for sharing :) Love seeing round-up posts like this, even better when it is stuff you are returning to over and over again!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing these fabulous pieces! Now, if I could just make a decision and follow through instead trying to second guess myself ! Have enjoyed reading your blog for the past 10 years and look forward to each new post.

  10. Hi Erin,

    Ditto on the praises for sharing information. I find it so frustrating when its impossible to locate an item on a blog.

    BTW–We actually have the MGBW Keaton sectional, which was purchased a few years ago. Generally, I’m very pleased, but the fabric has not worn well and shows more pilling than expected. We bought the bluish gray that was a standard fabric at that time, but is no longer offered. I was wondering if any of your clients have had the same experience.

    Thanks again for your wonderful work. We really enjoy it!

  11. I know I’m repeating many of the comments already posted, but thank you, thank you, for sharing so many great sources! This is a very helpful post. But I especially want to thank you for your previous post on vintage rugs on Etsy!!! Wow, what great prices! I have your first book and will be purchasing your second. And your picture frames on Wayfair ❤️❤️. Thx again.

  12. I’m super late to this party, however, I wanted to thank you for sharing your tried and true pieces.

    I have been racking my brain for months – researching, and pinning from, a multitude of sites – for the perfect dining room light fixture. We don’t have a lot of resources in our rural area. And I have found when I remodel a home, lighting is my most difficult task.

    Voila! You totally came through. Our dining room looks absolutely perfect and I so, so appreciate you!

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