A Vermont Weekend

Andrew and I escaped to Vermont this past weekend for a little R&R at The Woodstock Inn & Spa. It was my Christmas gift from Andrew (including a few spa treatments- which was so lovely) and it was quite a relaxing and refreshing time away.

The Inn is beautiful and full of such wonderful staff.  We plan to come back with Henry soon as it’s super kid friendly.   The decor is the stuff of New England perfection.  Like the library with glossy blue millwork and an upholstered ceiling.

The lobby is a beautiful duck egg blue offset by rustic herringbone floors and lots of beautiful art and blue and white ceramics.

The town is super charming as well– the old homes are spectacular.  I almost died of the cuteness of this house which had an LL Bean tote embroidered with “Mail” hanging on a hook by the front door.

It doesn’t get more quintessentially New England than a good ol’ covered bridge.

I was SO excited to finally go to Farmhouse Pottery in person.  I have some of their pieces and they have become such a hit with designers and stylish people alike.  The studio and shop is insanely charming. I wanted to buy ALL THE THINGS.


This place makes me want to burn my whole house down and start over.

I lost my mind over these sheep sculptures/stools.  The brown and white one at left… OMG, I want him. They are VERY expensive so I could not justify it. I wanted to, but Andrew kept me from doing anything insane.

There is a bit of blue making it’s way into some of their pieces, a a little pattern too!  Also, they have a curated selection of linen items as well.

Watching them work int he studio was so cool. And made me want to dig in and get my hands dirty.

We also stopped in at The Antiques Collaborative nearby and spotted lots of goodies!

These lanterns made me weak in the knees.  Minus the white bulbs. That patina though….

A cool marble side table and perfect little framed etching.

The color in this hatbox is original to the 1800’s. Isn’t that wild? Reminds me of Farrow & Ball’s Arsenic shade.  This old ship painting would be fab in a beach house den or bedroom.

Gorgeous period hardware and a stunning collection of butterflies.

After that we went to Simon Pearce in Quechee for lunch.  Their restaurant and bar are SO delicious and gorgeous.  I think the salad I had was one of the best of my life.

A gathered some items that encompass classic Vermont/ New England style after being inspired this weekend.


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  1. How very New England! What a perfect Christmas gift. Andrew certainly knows you well.

    Step away from the box of matches. Your home is where Henry was born and started his life. So many happy memories of baby Henry, Toddler Henry and on… And You’d get tired of the simplicity.

  2. The Sheep look like Hanns-Peter Krafft. I ordered a small one from a European online site that delivered to US: https://thorstenvanelten.com/collections/all/products/sheep?variant=13187674755#image-4.
    Another site that sells more of a range and ships to US is http://www.meier-germany.de/index.php/cat/c77_Tami-sheeps–white-fur-Tami-sheeps–white-fur.html

    I don’t know if the Vermont store listed the brand or if they are priced more than the above sources. But the smaller one i have in white is about 20″ tall and was in the $300s i believe?? Still super cute as a footstool even though not life size.

    Anyway, sorry if this is redundant information. thought i’d share. sounds like a fun trip.

  3. Awww, I love Woodstock! It was kicking around in my mind’s eye after we spent an evening there several years ago, so now we pass through and have lunch every year on our annual trip up to northern Vermont. You’ve inspired me to schedule another trip!

  4. I LOVE that area! FYI – it’s the Antiques Collaborative – consistent with the URL link – my MIL used to have a stall there…

  5. Erin, what was the name of that amazing place you stayed at last year (in CT, I think?)? Looking to plan a long weekend close home. Thank you!

    1. The Mayflower Inn in Washington, CT. Shopping was in Kent and New Preston. Such a lovely area. (I grew up around there, so it was a favorite post!)

  6. Heart be still!!! We have YET to scour the New England countryside…and have lived on the East Coast over forty years…WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE!! Luv’d, luv’d!! franki

  7. Love the huge roaring fire in the lobby of the Woodstock Inn and the yummy warm cookies that they serve in the afternoon. Lunch at Simon Pierce is always a treat.

  8. Whenever I hear the word “patina” I think of Bertie Wooster saying of a painting, “I like the patina.” His aunt says, “You don’t even know what a patina is!” Funny.

    Nice photos! Glad you had a fun weekend.

  9. FASHION FRIDAY REQUEST: Hi Erin. Vermont looks lovely, but I’m in a crisis and have a fashion Friday suggestion: BELTS.! After my daughter declared all of my belts awful, including my leopard one (?!), I’m out shopping for new ones and I’m like waaaay lost. Do we wear belts still? Skinny, wide? Half showing? I dunno! Would love suggestions as I’m bailing on this shopping trip!! Thank you in advance if you post on this!

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