Inspired By: Allison Allen’s Home

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m on a quest to complete my house in the next 2 months. So I’m still looking for inspiration for the finishing touches in my spaces and came across this wonderful spread in Southern Living of designer Alison Allen’s home in Atlanta.   I adore the mix of about 80% traditional items with 20% modern touches.  And the use of neutrals in such an interesting way. There is nothing boring about this living room, and yet there isn’t much color beyond the greenery and some blue and white pottery! I want to be here, don’t you???

The texture mix is genius and makes me feel good about keeping my family room completely neutral and yet still layered and interesting!

In contrast, the dining room is a study in bold decision making- combining the classic chinoiserie paper from Schumacher with leopard chairs (this lady must be my long lost sibling with her obvious love of animal print).

The study is a perfect example of classic yet bold with the Hague Blue paint and always impeccable Pierre Frey Toile de Nantes fabric as an accent. LOVE.

Oh and MORE ANIMAL PRINT ** virtual high five, Allison!**

Ok this bedroom makes me want to do spirit fingers I love it so much.  I have wanted this Matouk bedding for my bedroom FOREVAH and it’s making me think I should get it.  Even though Andrew yells at me about white duvets with borders (i.e. un-bleachable) + dirty dogs that sleep in the bed.  The prim and proper bed plus the furry bench and the leopard rug….. die.

And then this baby boy nursery.  Impossibly chic (upholstered walls, you guys!_

Here are some items that really reflect the style of this home (some of them exactly what was used, in fact.)  I’m feeling super inspired by this!

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Images via Southern Living by Hector Sanchez


  1. For stains and grime on white items with a border or stripe I use Oxyclean. It is great for whites like bleach but gentle on colors. (I do not work for Oxyclean) You cannot get rid of the dogs!

  2. That living room is the cherry on the top of my fudge sundae (starting a diet today … a little sugar obsessed). Blue and white in a neutral background with a bit of animal print … be still my heart. Am so pinning this.

  3. Oh cruel fate! My pin buttons aren’t working. Will check back later. Must not let this one slip by me.

  4. There’s always such a fine line between good and bad. The neutrals in the living room (and bedroom) are classy, classic and soothing–good. But neutrals so often are bland, boring, too safe–bad, in a motel room kind of way. Part of the success here is the mix of textures and certainly the interesting (not too safe/boring/bland) furniture. Even a place with good bones (like that marble fireplace!) can look awful if it has the usual matching overstuffed squarish sofa + loveseat + two recliners. Instead, the furniture here is a combination of styles, with plenty of unique pieces to mix it up.
    That blue study is gorgeous, but I also am a sucker for chinoiserie, like the dining room.
    This post is a great example of how to take what you might have and tweak it to be more personal and also more beautiful.

    1. Interested where you have your antelope rug!? I’m considering it for a living room but I’m not 100%. Thanks!

  5. so i’ve always wondered… why do people decorate their house with so much STUFF??? I mean, do they actually read those books? what is the purpose of all those vases and objects? why do we feel like it’s necessary to stuff our house with so much unnecessary and useless stuff?? i like having some objects that bring me joy and is nice to look at… but i think this is too much… way too much clutter!!!

    1. I agree with Tata. Although I love a lot of things about all of these rooms, the whole house just seems “overdecorated” to me. There is nowhere for the eye to rest in any room, except for the nursery which is beautiful but impractical with those upholstered walls.

    2. I couldn’t agree more. The living and dining room are bogged down in a really cluttered way regardless of the colors or lack thereof. These rooms look iike rooms of the 80’s.
      My eyes don’t know where to rest when looking around. Too much stuff for sake of stuff.
      Definitely not the Nate Berkus relaxed in view and spirit way.

      1. Count me in this column; I completely agree. Don’t really like to look at it – REALLY wouldn’t like to be inside of it. Completely overstimulating.

        Erin – you will easily outdesign this overdesign.

      2. Agree! It’s a beautiful home but needs an intense edit, I know I would trip over something in the living room or break a vase due to too narrow a walkway…granted I think I am less into hyper traditional. The Hague Blue room is less stuffy/more inviting. :) Always interesting to see your faves, thanks for sharing, Erin!

    3. Agree! We purged so much during our last move and we have embraced a minimalist approach when it comes to artwork and “thing.” And you know what? Our house always looks/feels clean because of it!

      1. I absolutely agree. I have finally learned that I am so drawn to these rooms when I look at them online or in pages, but when it comes to my home, it’s not for me. It just feels cluttered and junky in my “real” life. And, although I think these rooms are gorgeous, they are not anything new. Seen this look a million times. But, does that really matter? When it’s your home, it should be whatever you want it to be, even if it is hot and trendy, or timeless trends. Do what you love Erin….I know you will!

  6. Great post! I’m a blue/white girl so I love the dining room and study. So glad to have you back after your well-deserved break. I’d like to put in a request for a Fashion Friday post please – real winter dressing. What do you wear this time of year when going to client meetings or playing with Henry? Particularly shoes when it is cold out and/or there is snow? Thanks!

  7. The living room looks exactly like Mark Sikes’ iconic living room, but that lacquered Hague Blue library is stunning!

  8. I’m taken back from some of the negative comments. Shame on your mama for not teaching better manners. I wonder how they would respond to us viewing their home? At the end of the day, this is someone’s home. I think it’s wonderful and delighted to be able to view it.

    Please , people, act kind in 2018.

  9. The dining room is aweful, but the rest of the house is tolerable with all the varying textures. LOVE The Hague blue walls. Great post Erin.

  10. The Southern Living article told the story of how the couple inherited this home from his grandparents, and they were married in the meadow out back. A sweet story, and I am a sucker for saving what others might tag a “teardown”. I love how personal the interiors are. Great post, Erin!

  11. There is another blogger that I feel liked is underrated and does a wonderful job of modern + traditional in neutral colorways. Check out (not affiliated in any way) and you’ll see what I mean.

    I’m also in the camp of feeling like those rooms are over decorated- they need some edits stat!

  12. I think the house is fabulous! Not that I would want to live in it, but I find so many great ideas to take away. For some, the take away is I don’t like rooms with all that stuff in it. For others, it’s just the right amount of stuff, and I’m sure there are some who would have more in a room. The study is my favorite with the blue walls and animal prints and more mixed in beautifully. As they say, to each his own. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I completely agree!! this house is a perfect example of when a stylish person goes overboard with the decorating process – She clearly should have stopped many chinoiserie vases ago. That is obviously just my modest opinion, although dissent here is not encouraged…

  14. Love the dining room! It’s incredibly well put together and sartorially balanced. Love the Hague blue, we went with Oculus Blue by Ralph Lauren which is the inky twin sister.

    I’m going to guess that many of the critics in this comments section aren’t from the south and don’t relate lol

    I saw the original in the mag and I knew it was going to be love or hate for people

  15. I sincerely hope that giant clam under the coffee table is there for staging and not part of the decor. I would hate to have to pull that bad boy out every time I vacuumed.

    I always like the cluttery look in magazines, but the practical aspects of having to dust all those tchotchkes prevents me from adopting a similar look in my own home.

  16. Hi! You mentioned the dogs here and I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Can you do a post on living with dogs? And by living with dogs I mean sleeping with dogs? I bought a rug and her nails caught the loops and ruined it. I have another one without loops but you can see her “spot” that she regularly sits in. I can’t be the only one? Right?!

  17. KBG: That cracked me up about the clam. I thought the same thing plus I know one of my cats would take up residence in it.

    Everything is very pretty on its own, but it looks more like a showroom than a home but that’s just me. Less is more is my motto.

    Christine: living with cats is my problem. Our previous rescue cats were declawed, current (and final) 3 are not. Crate n Barrel was our go to couch place, I now have to search for cat /pet resistant material over my first choice. After 2 months we have one coming tomorrow from Joybird, one line they have is pet friendly. Fingers crossed.

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