SAG Awards Red Carpet Review!

While I love me some Kristen Bell (Andrew and I are convinced we’d be besties with her and Dax if given the chance) I did not stay up and watch the SAG Awards. But I did watch some of the red carpet and reviewed all the looks this morning.  I am going to double down on my opinion that given limitations (say, all black like at the Globes) stylists do better.  This was a wholly underwhelming show of fashion and I constantly wonder how and why stylists who are paid HUGE money, pick some of these dresses.

Let’s just review some of the good.  Kristen Bell was my FAVE in this amazing J.Mendel (whose dresses I always love).

I adore this deep merlot gown on Marsai Martin. Age appropriate and get super glamorous!  And Felicity Huffman always looks amazing. This velvet gown and hair remind me of the Sargent painting Madame X.

Yara Shahidi slays it in this Ralph Lauren jumpsuit. Classy and fierce. And I am loving this cobalt color on Mandy Moore.

Holly Hunter looks totally chic and age appropriate  in this unique mustard gown.  And she’s working those pockets, girl!   I LOVED this deep brown color on Nicole Kidman.  SUCH a flattering tone for her coloring- she should wear it more often.

Another great color choice was Reese’s Zac Posen. I don’t LOVE the dress, but she looks beautiful.  And Alison Brie got a lot of flack for this gown but I actually loved it on her- the colors were amazing, the cut showed off her body and the slightly zany theme reflects her 80’s themed show.  I don’t like the platform shoes, but the earrings and everything else is awesome.

I’m halvsies on these two looks- the first one on the girl from Stranger Things- I love the whimsical nature and it’s suits a young person, I just struggle with her weight.  She just looks painfully thin. And Lupita’s dress was pretty but something feels a little off and I can’t put my finger on it.

So let’s now check out the ones that were okay, but made me feel like they could have done better (and what I would have chosen for them if given the chance).

Laura Dern. I LOOOOOOVE the top half of the dress and her hair/makeup looks great– I just HATE where the dress hits at the bottom. I feel dresses this length always look unflattering.  I would have preferred something full length but a similar feel like this J. Mendel.

Allison Janney has a rockin’ bod and is one of my most favorite actresses,  but this looked a bit severe.  I would have adored her in a jumpsuit like this sparkly Jenny Packham with big, bold earrings. It would have been different and really chic.

Dakota looked perfectly pretty, the hair and makeup was great and the cut of the dress is great too- I just really dislike this color on pale blondes.  She would have looked BANANAS in this navy J. Mendel gown (please pardon the image of this model- she is hard to look at she’s so thin…I though fashion was supposed to be getting better about using underweight models? This picture is particularly jarring.)

Margot Robbie- also pretty hair and makeup and this color actually works on her because she’s a bit tan.  But the feathers in the middle? Nope.  I would have LOVED her in a really bright color- like the fuschia Brandon Maxwell.

Another super severe look on Allison Williams. I feel like she’s been wearing a lot of looks like this lately- new stylist? If it were me I would have put her in this navy, one shouldered Dennis Basso.

Saorsie Ronan– she’s got more edgy taste, for sure.  But the sequined flap on this dress is in such a bizarre place. I think she would have looked stunning in this shorter lace J. Mendel gown, complete with feather gloves but different shoes.

Olivia Munn is such a hottie. And funny.  And I actually like this dress a bit– I just again, would LOVE to see some color. And with her amazing skin tone I would have gone with this citron Cushnie et Ochs with big, amazing canary diamond earrings or something :)

Gina Rodriguez is adorable, and this dress had an interesting concept, but missed in execution. Another person I would LOVE to see in color- again, in a J. Mendel in red/ blood orange. I mean, it would have been PERFECT.

Laura Linney’s caped gown felt a little bit too heavy (and wrinkled).  How fierce would she have been in this white pantsuit look with big diamond earrings and her hair up???  Covered up, but WOW.

Leurie Metcalf’s gown was pretty, but it fell funny on her frame.  I adore this deep purple Badgley Mischka with sleeves and a dipped neckline.

OMG. Okay, the two worst.  Like, WHAAAAAAAAAT HAPPENED???  Kate Hudson. No words. NO. WORDS. With her pixie bleached crop haircut I think she would have looked SO amazing in this dramatic off the shoulder Badgley Mischka. A red lip, small diamond studs….gamine and gorgeous.

And Molly Simms. Of all things holy… this is the biggest miss of the night. I do not understand how this gets chosen? She’s so beautiful, and typically has good taste. THE SHOES?!?! Whoever styled this did not do poor Molly justice.  If it were me-  a cashmere sweater and full skirt from Christina Siriano. Cool but beautiful.

Ok, how did I do? What did you think?



  1. You did awesome! I always love these posts because I think you nail it. The celebs should hire you!!! I know you do interiors but you have such a good eye for fashion. Kristen Bell was my fave, too! I totally want to be friends with her and Jax. Did you know they are giving away a double date with them? I saw it on her Instagram.

  2. As always , you’re spot on! I didn’t even recognize Kate Hudson. That pink dotted wonder would look great on one of the teen age actresses (lose the black lace inset and alter the neckline) but a little “House on the Prairie” for an adult. And Margot Robbie, wonder if she might be hiding a tiny baby bump?
    I love your pant suit choices for anyone who wants to be a little more covered; so chic! I’d love to wear them myself.
    Which dress either actually worn or chosen by you are you secretly dying to wear? I can easily imagine you in several…

  3. You always get it SO right! I think with Lupita’s dress, it would have been perfect if the feathers were layered and pointed DOWN, instead up and out. I feel like it messes with the lines of the dress. I don’t love the layer of tulle on top of the sequins – but I think the angle of the feathers is throwing me most.

  4. That sparkly Jenny Packham jumpsuit you picked out for Allison Janey would have been the BOMB! Seriously, you should consider hanging another shingle, you’re so good at picking clothes for celebrities you deserve to be paid for it. And frankly, Kate Hudson could use your help!

  5. i couldnt’t get over molly’s dress!!! WHAT?! i also loved the look of glasses with evening gowns — lupita and dakota both presented wearing glasses (not in these photos above) and it looked so chic!

  6. love when you do the red carpet review…you are spot on with your suggestions – you could be a stylist!

  7. I’m having a hard time understanding why you didn’t like fashion on the girl from Stranger Things because you liked the dress but thought she looked painfully thin. If someone was overweight, you wouldn’t say it takes away from the fashion yet you say that about a teen who seems underweight. I’ve read enough of your blog to know your intention was not to shame her for her body type or weight. There are so many possibilities as to why she is thin–including just being a young teen girl with a high metabolism…or some sort of eating disorder…or a health issue (like Sarah Hyland)…or some other reason we don’t know about.

    1. I’m with Erin on the girl from Stranger Things. It’s possible she’s sick but it’s also possible there’s an eating disorder. Considering how open Erin has been about her struggles with an eating disorder, I appreciated that she mentioned it.

      1. I totally agree. I feel like that’s the next frontier in Hollywood – not expecting women to be SO FREAKING thin. Allison Williams also looks way too thin to me. I appreciate Erin mentioning it – otherwise it feels like the elephant in the room…

    2. Just trying to make sure any young girls reading this know that I do not think it’s desirable to be painfully thin and that it is not something to try to attain. We don’t know the reason, but I still felt the need to say it having been through what I’ve been through. I can’t comment on being overweight since it’s not something I’ve had to deal with.

      1. Erin, thank you for your response. As I said, I am sure your intent was not to shame her, and I appreciate you being so honest with your own struggle with body image.

      2. Erin , these are my favorite posts and you always knock it out of the park. :)
        I love all your choices!
        But I seriously feel like crying reading comments speculating on “why” some women are thin. Some of us are . just . naturally. thin. No amount of food has ever changed that for me, and a lifetime of enduring hurtful comments people feel free to make about my weight makes me sensitive to this topic. It’s humiliating to have people pointing and whispering that maybe you’re sick or anorexic , and even worse when overhearing other parents ridicule your thin child. I see myself and my daughters in the girl from Stranger Things , and she looks perfect to me. Can we just acknowledge that maybe thin women – especially young girls! – are built that way, and please stop judging?

      3. Maybe open eyes, rather than roll them. Erin has been very honest about her body issues and I was sharing mine. The post was about style choices, and a different dress probably would’ve been more flattering on Natalia’s small frame. She can change the dress, but not her body type.
        (Erin, your picks were amazing. Thanks again for a great post! )

    3. Also — can you please refer to Natalia Dyer by name, rather than “the girl from Stranger Things?” You specifically name all other celebrities, so it feels insulting to not identify her.

  8. Guess I’m just seeing it a little differently. I have a daughter with an eating disorder, and totally get bringing attention to the unrealistic expectations teens have because of celebrities/role models who are too thin. I guess because this actress is still a teenager herself, the “mom” in me wants to protect her from negative body comments.

    I also had a family member who was bullied in high school years ago for being too thin;
    she was a competitive runner and tried very hard to gain weight. It was very hurtful to her when kids told her: “Oh my god, you’re so skinny, it’s disgusting!” Not everyone understood that to her, it was just as bad as if someone had said: “oh my god, you’re so fat, it’s disgusting!”

    1. I agree with you BP. It’s the same thing as saying “her nose is too big” or “her thighs are too wide”. Why be negative about someones looks? You don’t know anything about her or her life. Erin, as someone who has publicly talked about having had an eating disorder, I’m surprised that you’d be so cavalier with criticisms of weight. I’m sure you mean it as a way to encourage women and girls to not obsess about being that thin, but it comes across as an insult based solely on looks. Let’s build each other up not tear each other down.

      1. OMG. People ! Give it a rest and give Erin a break! The Stranger Things girl IS too thin as is the chick in the navy dress! Thanks for commenting Erin. Both girls and dresses were beautiful, but both girls are far too thin (for whatever reason). If Erin had posted these pics and left them as is without a comment you’d all be giving her hell for posting pics of girls so thin! Enough!

      2. Since it won’t let me reply directly to you Erin, I’ll respond to myself. How are you damned if you don’t? Who does it hurt to not comment on someone else’s body?

        You say you want girls to know that it’s not desirable to be “painfully thin”, but maybe if we stopped putting each other down over looks, young women and girls wouldn’t be so obsessed with trying to look a particular way.

  9. When I go to the Oscars and Golden Globes I will seek your advice on the dress! I always love your insights and better pics. I do have to say that I loved Saorsie Ronan’s dress and how she wore it though. To me it felt like glam athleisure wear, which I always find super cool. xoduchy

  10. Agreed with all of your assessments, except for Alison Brie’s dress (that trim looked tacky to me). Your alternative suggestions were spot on, as always! Kate Hudson…what was she thinking!!!?

  11. For some reason I can’t stand looking at Nicole Kidman anymore (and she is winning so many awards this year she is everywhere). Her plastic surgery has gone over the top to me – she doesn’t look like herself anymore! Her frozen face and the changes to her features – can’t put my finger on it – her cheekbones, nose – is what I always fixate on instead of her speech or her dress.

  12. Wonderful assessments and the your ability to find an alternative dress for the misses is what puts your analysis over the top. Lupita’s dress is simply gorgeous on top. The cut is sheer perfection. But I think what bothers me is that it looks like they took handfuls of Elmers glue, smeared it on the bottom, and then threw shredded feathers at it. I suppose it’s supposed to contrast how clean the top is but it doesn’t look right to me either. PS: I’m with you on the stranger things girl and I have a very thin, but healthy 15 yr old daughter.

  13. Luv, luv, luv your take on fashion. I sometimes think you missed your calling. Even your edgier choices are still classic.

  14. Put me in the “Erin Rocks” category!! Your fashion/designer choices are incredible!! You know, the “jumpsuit” does not get nearly enough “respect!!” Great show you put on, kiddo!! franki

    1. Are we calling out women for their aging necks ? AND those that try to improve them, too? Right Erin, darned if you do damned if you don’t!!

  15. As always wonderful! But I’m personally tired of the plunging neckline! Let’s emphasize beauty, not sex appeal ladies! There is just so much more satisfaction in getting that right and more self esteem!

  16. Pretty much nailed it.

    On Saoirse Ronan, I think the dress would have worked great if it didn’t have that belt-tassel thing and were in a different shade of pink (or a different color altogether).

  17. it’s an art to be able to match a dress to the woman in order to compliment the dress, the woman, her style, bodytype,vib, personality etc. it is almost intuitive i imagine. hard to get it right all the time but usally it’s a bell shape curve where most look good, some great, and some well, fashion faux pax is the nicest way to say it.

  18. Thank you for sharing the review! Your suggestion is truly far better. I wonder if they were wearing sponsor gown, but these choices couldn’t make those brands more popular.

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