Statement Dressing Takes on New Meaning.

Last night’s Golden Globes was powerful on so many levels. While Hollywood itself can be very self-congratulatory and seem superficial- I really felt like the speeches and inclusion of so many great social justice pioneers and leaders as “dates” to the super famous on the red carpet really was something special.  Not to mention the showing of incredible support through almost every single person wearing black (I had to cringe at the handful of people who somehow missed the memo, including the president of the HFP).  You may think that having the dress code be only black would make for a rather sartorially dull red carpet– but NOT THE CASE! I actually thought it was one of the best, most interesting red carpets fashion-wise in many years!  Sometimes when given a directive or limiting “rule”, the results can actually be more beautiful than when it’s a free for all.  You have to think more creatively when limited in palette.  So while I had another post ready for today (which I will post this afternoon- my spring accessory collection is out and it’s a fab sea of color), this morning I wanted to share my favorite looks from last night and also pitch you a little fundraiser– so read to the end!

Reese was simply perfection in her one shouldered gown, straight locks and statement earrings.  But Viola Davis brought the house down with her look- a black velvet Brandon Maxwell paired with the most amazing diamond necklace and rockin’ hair.  She has to be one of the most intelligent, classy women in Hollywood.

Mandy Moore killed it in this number- the red sash plus the red lip was so good. PLUS LOOK IT HAS POCKETS!  One of her best looks ever.

And how about Diane Kruger? Can we say a collective WOW?

I looooooved this Oscar de la Renta on Alexis Bleidel. So unique, so artistic. And Dakota Johnson looked the best she has ever looked in this belted number with a crazy cool train. Top 5 for sure of the night.

Two daring and amazing looks on Issa Rae and Kate Hudson. I mean, DAMN GURLS.  Those necklaces too…

I have not seem SMILF but something tells me I’m gonna like it. I do know I like this lace bustier look on the show’s star.  Also while I was not a fan of Jessica Beil’s hair in the back, this gown plus the hot pink lip was stunning. She is so beautiful and I loved The Sinner (despite its very creepy parts). Her arms though– wow.

Two elegant and lovely strapless column gown on Zoe Kravitz and this star I can;t find the name of (help?)  . Adore the emerald earrings and the bow. Both little touches make these looks winners in my book.

I typically am not a big fan of Sarah Paulson’s red carpet looks- but this one was soooooo friggin’ good! Loving the separates and that big skirt!

There were a lot of sleeves last night, and two of my favorites were Roseanne Barr (never thought I’d have Roseanne on a best dressed roundup) and Elizabeth Moss. That jeweled collar and tea length skirt is just so spot on for her!

Allison Janney always looks good, and this take on the all black look was so funky and sexy without look age inappropriate. She’s one of my favorite actresses, hands down.  And I apparently really need to start watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel- Rachel Brosnahan looks simply lovely in this one shouldered gown (and I loved the black ribbon around her bun!)

I gasped and clapped when Debra Meassing called out E! for it’s pay discrimination while being interviewed by E!. And I thought the pants under gowns/capes was a cool look that many people chose to rock. Allison Brie did a more ball-gown version and it looked very cool on her.

My #couplegoals award would have to go to Sterling K. Brown and his wife who were so adorable being interviewed on the red carpet while also looking insanely good (note to self: get Andrew a velvet tux for no reason other than it looks amazing).

I was inspired by the energy and feeling of support from last night’s show, so I thought it would be great to find a way to give back in the spirit of the #metoo movement (because like many of you, yes- #metoo).  So I picked some of my favorite current black items and will be donating all affiliate revenue from this post to the Times Up Legal Defense Fund.  As soon as I have a total (in about 30 days) I will let you know how much was raised!  So share this post as much as you can and we can get that total up! CLICK IMAGES FOR LINKS!

If you loved Connie Britton’s sweater she wore, you can buy a “Time’s Up” version from Lingua Franca too, 100% of proceeds go to the Times Up Legal Defense Fund there as well!



  1. The name you can’t find: I think it’s Dove Cameron. I think Henry may be too young for her Disney movies.

  2. That actress who’s name you don’t know is Dove Cameron. She’s a Disney star (those of us with 11 yo girls know all about them … ::sign::).

    And all I have to say is All Hail Viola Davis! She kills it. Every. Damn. Time!

    1. YES! I burst out laughing when you asked her name – 11 yo girl in my house too, who was OBSESSED with her. Less so now, thank goodness. She’s the next Miley.

      I agree with all your pics but also loved the edginess of Saorise Ronan

  3. I think it’s Dove Cameron in the black column bow dress. Disney star, but I recognize her from Hairspray Live!

    Also the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is hands-down hilarious! Husband and I both loved it, and can’t wait for season two. It’s by the Gilmore Girls creators but its dirty, funny, dark – it’s excellent. Hope you get a chance to watch!

  4. Last night’s dresses, while making a statement, were the most interesting and elegant and exciting red carpet dresses we’ve seen in years. I feel as if the actresses had more say in what they wanted to wear and that stylists had to go along with that. I think it was liberating in so many ways. Hollywood has always been a boy’s club and to see a girl’s club (or a Reese’s club to be more exact) I’m sure was a wakeup call to many. It’s hard to believe it’s 2018 and we’re just coming to terms with this. When I was growing up I really thought that as an adult I would live in a world of equality. I guess I’m still growing up.

  5. Love that you are donating affliliate revenue! Can you please find and add the “poverty is sexist” shirt that Connie Britton wore? I think that the same line has other shirts like “I Miss Barack”.

    1. It was by Lingua France but I cna only find the Time’s Up version on the site right now (100% of those proceeds go to the Defense Fund too!)

  6. love your award posts! I always like the “what they should have worn” posts–but as you said, I hardly think it’s necessary this year, they all looked so amazing! Mrs Maisel is great for the clothes, the comedy and the Manhattan exteriors and interiors- There is an episode that opens with a montage of the couple moving in, and how they gradually have added on and changed to their young people Manhattan late 50s style–its so interesting! Would love your take! :)

  7. Erin, what a great thing for you to do! I will definitely pick something up from one of your links.

    The outfits last night were better than I’ve seen in ages. I can’t seem to pick a fave, but Reese, Viola and Elizabeth Moss were beautiful. And of course, Oprah. Not only did she look great, but her speech was amazing.

  8. I thought it was one of the best red carpets. The minimal hair and make up showed off everyone’s beauty perfectly and the dresses so interesting, unique and gorgeous. The message was obvi the most uplifting and inspiring! Time is Up! Great post!

  9. Meher Tatna, the president of the HFPA, didn’t wear black on purpose, but she did wear a Time’s Up pin. She explained that she supports the movement and stands with the women wearing black, but in her culture, only widows in mourning wear black. As the president, and given that this was the 75th anniversary, she felt that it was more appropriate to wear red.
    I dont necessarily agree with her choice, but it’s clear that she didnt “miss the memo”

  10. I agree with the above except for Jessica Beil. I didn’t love the way her dress fit. It looked as though it was going to slide down. I also loved Salma Hayeks simple well cut dress.

  11. I am LOVING Allison Brie’s outfit! But they are all awesome. Thanks so much for providing the chance to donate too! I am eyeballing that black layered bib necklace…. :)

  12. Love your post. Diane Kruger always looks like she’s wearing couture … her gowns are always fabulous. Thank you for posting a worthy cause fundraiser and donating your affiliate links earnings. Alas, I’m starting the year with a ban on clothes shopping (I’m taking it one month at a time) so I’ll just applaud everyone else for stepping up and throwing themselves on stunning clothes in the name of justice.
    You all rock!

  13. I really enjoy your fashion sense. These women look amazing. But…these are the same women that gave Roman Polanski a standing ovation…talk about hypocrisy!

    1. Lets not make blanket statements. Thats the 2003 oscars you’re referring to…where a number of people stood up when he won Best Director. I would venture to say 80% (if not 100%) of the women pictured above were not present at the 2003 Oscars.

      1. Comments like this infuriate me. Are we not allowed to grow and mature our collective consciousness? That was 14 years ago. Even if it were the same women, so what? There are a lot of things I thought and did 14 years ago that I wouldn’t do today. Also, sort of the point of the “Times Up” message. … sheesh!

    2. They stood up and gave a standing ovation to a convicted child rapist. Was child rape considered OK 14 years ago? Sheesh!

      1. Fair enough – that is definitely not and never has been okay. But the point of my post still stands…. what’s the statute of limitation on “hypocrisy”? Does a mistake 14 years ago really negate a movement today?

  14. Love that Debra called E! out as well. Surprised no media really picked up on it though.

    Really loved the look of Nicole Kidman’s dress! One color but so much variety!!

  15. I think I’m in the minority here…Viola Davis to me was meh. Loved the following tho: Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Helen Mirren, Alexos Bleidel, Allison Williams but holy cannoli the one that looked so damn good was Halle Barre…not a floor length dress but holy cow she looked smokin hot! I mean that body, her skin…there’s no way she’s 51! Noticed many deep plunging necklines…I’m talking dipping wayyy below the lasers. Kate Hudson, Margot Robbie, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Susan Watson, and oh! Sharon Stone who I thought looked amazing!

    But why, WHYYYYY didn’t Claire Foy win!?! Big upset there.

  16. I completely agree with you that this was one of the best red carpets in years, from a fashion perspective. Everyone looked so polished and the accessories really stood out against a sea of black. Of course, the theme of the night was really the star, but I still love to ogle the fashion.

  17. I love that your reviews were all positive this time! women can be so harsh on other women sometimes when these women should be celebrated for their amazing work!! (like E! and their fashion police! lol!) wasn’t sure if i was intentional or not but it seemed appropriate for this golden globes to keep it all positive! so thank you for that!

    mandy moore & diane kruger were my favorite and obviously Oprah. not only was her speech so inspiring, i thought she looked FANTASTIC!!!!!

  18. I always enjoy reading your take. I was also very impressed with the looks this year, almost across the board. Loved Viola, Nicole, and Elizabeth Moss. I also loved the host!!

  19. While Roseanne certainly looked lovely, she is a big Trump supporter. Curious how she squares that with her support of the #MeToo movement.

    1. You think that Trump supporters are ok with abuse?!?!?! If your criteria is supporting someone who has been accused of abuse, then I think the same applies to Clinton supporters.

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