Fashion Friday: The Bag We All Need for Spring & Summer

image via Collage Vintage

If there is one bag you need for spring and summer it’s a wicker or woven bag.  This is lucky since this style bag is most often VERY affordable (minus a few exceptions, like this INSANELY good vintage Ferragamo bag above that I would die for).  Natural toned wicker or seagrass goes with everything and anything- from jeans and a tee to a summer dress for an evening out.  Black or colored versions look a little dressier, and the types with leather accents add a nice refined quality to the casual woven texture.  So pick one up now and be ready for all the wear you’ll get out of it (once all this snow melts….)

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  1. I love these! Can you fix the link for number 4? It looks nothing like the picture you posted. Thx!

      1. No worries, understood. Could you share the details though so I can try to find it elsewhere or if it comes back in stock? Thanks Erin!

  2. Sorry to be bearer of bad news but it looks like the link for #4 is wrong – it takes you to a different bag. I love the number 4 in the pic! Thanks Erin!

  3. I have a lightship basket style bag I bring out each summer. Mine is thrifted. I love it.

    Elizabeth … snort! But seriously, maybe The Golden Girls are coming back as style icons? I could consider a caftan.

  4. If anyone is curious about a couple of the bags in real life, I ordered number 4 and number 8 a few weeks ago (as well as some other Zara bags to test out). I can share the quality on number 4 wasn’t very good. It looked and felt cheap but number 8 is amazing and looks and feels like it is $$$. I highly recommend it. They also had a knock off of the Cult Gaia in mother of pearl that is amazing.

  5. I would also suggest taking a look at the website – they do all sorts of rattan bags, quite preppy, but worth a look! I got one of the small drawstring bags and didn’t get any special touches, so mine is quite plain.

  6. These are very popular already in the south of France, where spring has sprung. All shapes and sizes.
    #9 reminds me of Kenyan sisal bags, which were a thing after Meryl Streep had one in a movie decades ago. Glad to see they’re back!

  7. Gulp. So the first one I clicked on was over $2000… I do think they are cute and summery! A nice change if I ever get to stop wearing turtlenecks…

  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS POST!!! I wanted one for summer this year….you did my shopping for me. <3

  9. Thanks for doing this round up! I have been meaning to screenshot all the wicker and woven bags I see on Insta, now i do not have to :) I just purchased the black one … love!

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