The Best Budget Friendly Hardware!

Am I the last person on earth to know about Martha Stewarts hardware collection at Home Depot?  I got wind of it last week and was FLOORED by how good it is… and cheap! At $4 a knob, you can afford to give your kitchen or bath vanity a fun little makeover! I am so happy she offered an antique brass and polished nickel– the two finishes we use almost exclusively!  I paired my favorite selections up below:

Pair 1. knob // pull  Pair 2. knob // pull  Pair 3. latch // pull  Pair 4. knob // pull  Pair 5. knob // pull   Pair 6. knob // pull

And also, randomly I came across this chair on Walmart of all places, and was in SHOCK. I had just quoted a chair almost identical to this from Mr. Brown for over $1,200 (right) and the Walmart version (left) is $394– and also comes in black.  CRAZY good find. I am obsessed with this chair for a desk or dining.

Another charming budget find, this 30″ laurel leaf mirror from Pier 1 for $75!

Just a few fun budget finds for your Wednesday! Have a good day everyone!



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  1. Love these budget finds! Unfortunately life keeps throwing me curveballs… and I’ll be stuck renting for at least another year. I keep putting off buying things I like in favor of a cheap option or just going without. Really appreciate this post and would love more to make my not-forever spaces feel more like me!

  2. I have the pull from #2 and the knob from #4. I can attest that they are beautiful in person and have held up for the last 2 years. No issues whatsoever.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with it, Vee! I trust recommendations on here far more than random reviews on vendor websites.

  3. Don’t laugh but Walmart has been my secret for more budget friendly clients. You can find some great items.

  4. My main takeaway from this is that Walmart sells a $400 chair. lol. It’s cool that it really does look so similar to the $1200 version though. Like it’s not even semi-wonky knock off looking thing, it’s pretty much a 1:1 copy. You don’t find that very often.

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