Fashion Friday: Spring Shoes

Yesterday in the office I asked the girls what I should blog about today. At first we joked about “how to dress for spring when spring is 30 degrees and snowing” and then, literally as we ate a huge plate of muffin tops, decided maybe “how to dress to conceal you winter hibernation weight”.   But in all seriousness, it’s not fun to buy spring clothes right now.  Trying on pastel colors and short dresses with pasty, dry skin and an extra few pounds is anything but uplifting. But you know what is always fun to buy? SHOES!!!

So many fun finds– jeweled, patterned, bright colors and staple neutrals.  From all sorts of places from H&M to Bergdorfs (and even Talbots!) I love that people are having more fun with shoes these days (some too much fun, there is a BEVY of hideous platform/ 90’s throwback footwear out there right now.)

So here is a round up of some of my favorite spring shoes– both that you can wear now while a bit chilly and later when it’s hot.  Click the images for links, except for the pink ikat loafers which you can find HERE!


Поможем вам подобрать и в любом городе.


  1. It is REALLY hard to imagine wearing pretty spring clothes with gloomy rainy weather out the window but your shoe post helps …

  2. Got a post idea. Are fish tanks ever cool in the design world? Ever? My husband wants one and they ARE fun to look at, but is it just a residential flop or do you know anybody who did it right?

    1. Oh I’d like to hear thoughts on this too. And forever tips on living beautifully with animals

  3. Love this post. You are right no matter what the weather or the weight shoes always fit. Yay for shoes. Loved Talbots offerings. Of course I m a grown upmprepster gal sontalbots works for me!

  4. These are so cute, it’s hard to choose. I love those ikat loafers. There’s a name for that style of shoe, but I cannot remember what it is. Louis something?

  5. And really hard pass on all the platforms? I’d really want some to be appropriate for ladies.

  6. Omg….with those shoes in your closet….it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing! Play dress up and have a hot cup of tea:)

    1. The Steve Madden Hermès looking sandals are on sale at Macy’s- buy 2 pairs get 40 percent off- got a pair for my friend and I and saved $$$

  7. Whereas here in Sydney it’s supposed to be Autumn (Fall) and it’s still at least 30 degrees C (that’s Celsius not Fahrenheit!). Stupidly hot for this time of year.

    I’ve seen you’ve featured M. Gemi loafers in several posts so I ‘bit the bullet’ and bought two pairs (a blush leather and a fuchsia suede pair) which I got sent over to Australia via export carrier. Of course they turn out to be hideously expensive when you factor that and the exchange rate it. BUT they are so beautifully crafted and the packaging is a delight! Thanks so much for putting me onto them Erin.

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