A Bit of Blue

There is an old design adage that all rooms need a little black in them.  I’m starting to feel that way about blue.  I mean, I’v never met a room that didn’t benefit from a little blue and white pottery!  We’re installing a house this month that we designed completely in blue and white (little sneak pics from my Insta)– from the palest light blue to dark navy and every iteration of blue in between!

Here are some fun ways to use blue in your home in either a big or tiny way.

1. // 2. // 3. (dying over this pair!) // 4. // 5. // 6. ($150 version of my lamp!) // 7. (melamine!) // 8. (outdoor pillow!) // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12. (super cute sleeping bag!) // 13. // 14. // 15. // 16. // 17. // 18. (on sale!)


В интеренете нашел популярный web-сайт , он рассказывает про Comanche Prairie Comp Fs.


  1. Blue and white is such a classic color combination. I see this a lot in the country style types of homes. I bet it would look cool in a very sleek, modern interior.

  2. Calico Not only sells your books, we also sell those beautiful white spindled chairs, in many wood finishes.
    Blues are a major seller in our market in Beverly, MA as we’re not far from the ocean.

  3. Love this post! Our kitchen design was built around a collection of blue and white Canton that has been in the family.

  4. I’m anxiously awaiting your blue and white beach house design. That is a favorite look of mine and one I have aspired to in my own home in California. I was told it has a Nantucket look and that thrilled me to death. Loving what I’m seeing so far

  5. A rich azure or a deep navy never goes out of style–and it’s usually easy enough to find other pieces with those hues at any time.
    I love the spindle chair!

  6. Since my childhood tea set (blue willow) I’m a lover of blue and white. It’s one of key elements of my style. Love it!

  7. I have that Lands Down Under throw in a slightly darker blue in one of my bedrooms. It is so lovely and soft, and since it is made of a cotton/acrylic blend, it is much cheaper than a cashmere or baby alpaca throw!

  8. Holy moly. That Bunny look-alike lamp. Must have! And the Wisteria porcelain vase is reallly tempting, as are a lot of their other blue and white porcelains that are on sale. I have a large collection on my giant mantle, and I keep up-sizing. because jars/vases that look large on most mantles look minuscule on mine!

  9. I love mix of white and blue.
    It gives a feeling of serenity. In fact, it is like a sea breeze – calm and refreshing at the same time!

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