Fashion Friday: What I Wear When I Have No Idea What To Wear

I had an event to go to the other night where I wasn’t sure if it was casual or fancy. A cocktail dress would have been too much, but my daily office attire of a striped tee and blue jeans wouldn’t cut it either. So what’s a girl to do? In my case (and during the spring/summer), I almost always reach for white jeans, heels and a cute top. It’s my “feel comfortable no matter what the dress code actually is” sort of outfit. And there are grades of this outfit, from 1, being like an early evening BBQ to 4, which is more like, a charity event in which you may encounter people in dresses but you don’t want to wear one yourself. So here are four versions of my fail-safe “casual-fancy” outfit:


This one is pretty casual, but steps it up with accessories

I wore this exact outfit to the event mentioned above (tunic is on sale, and this bag is PERFECT-holds a decent amount – Henry was with me and I had string cheese and his water bottle in there- and comfortable can sling over your shoulder in a pinch)

I adore this top, and the block heel is comfier than something skinny.

A little off the shoulder action with fun earrings– always a great look! The wide leg jeans add a little fancier flair.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!

У нашей организации нужный портал со статьями про перевод текста с английского на французский .


  1. Erin,

    Love the basket handbag look but those see a bit plain jane. There are better ones you should check out — new one featured in NYTimes’ Style section yesterday under the title “Jane Birkin Would Be Jealous”

    You’ll DIE! They are amazing.

  2. The link #4 jeans leads back to #1 jeans … I’d wear my version of all those looks. Love! And I wish I’d seen your Instagram stories about the Met Gala.

  3. This is a fantastic post. Thank you.

    I just ordered that fabulous tortoise clutch from Tuckernuck. I am thrilled, it’s just what I was looking for.

  4. Missing a met gala recap! Live for your award show reviews. Cute outfit ideas though! Thank you for sharing and Happy Mother’s Day!

    Now, onto my is a fish tank ever chic desperate pitch for a post idea! Quite the issue in my house right now.

  5. Love all of the shoes. They look great but also look like they’re comfortable. Agree with some others wanting you to post on Met gala outfits—you do fashion commentary like no one else. You have a great eye for what looks good & a very clever delivery. I always love your dress picks but get a laugh out of what you say about some of the poor choices.

  6. I love this collection! I am always in a quandary when it comes to dressing up for summer events — I find it’s all over the place! Love those bucket bags too! So cute!

  7. Erin, this is my first time to post a comment! I absolutely love all your posts, and always find something to buy. Today, I ran out and purchased the Red top and ordered the tortoise clutch. These outfits are just perfect for so many events! Love the Tory Burch tunic as well! Thank you and Happy Mothers Day!

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