The Dreamiest Bedroom EVER.

Mark Sikes is a decorator’s decorator. I would hire him in a minute to do my own house without question and let him just go to town. I imagine we’d have a Chip-and Joanna reveal and I would cry and hug him and all would be right in the world.

Anyways, he’s a genius with impeccable taste.  Case in point, his bedroom in the Kips Bay Decorator’s Showhouse. I. AM. OBSESSED.

It’s such a good mix of super traditional styles with some touches of modern. I personally would maybe add a little more modernity to it through art and a table or two, but overall, I would happily watch all the Netflix in here.

Oh and the fabric tented entry/dressing area… STTTTAAAAHHHHHP.

There really would be no reason to leave this room for anything.  Green and blue together is just the BEST.

Here’s how to recreate this look in a bedroom of your own!

  1. Instead of papering an entire room which can be insanely costly, buy a pair of wallpaper panels and frame them in a simple gold molding and hang on either side of the bed above the nightstands.
  2. Mark Sikes’ fabric for Schumacher- this stripe is one of my personal favorites!
  3. Matouk for OKL bedding— high style and quality for less than regular Matouk.
  4. Linen drapes in a pretty blue.
  5. Brass rods (get the rings too!)
  6. Ikat X benches.
  7. A classic urn sitting atop… a modern lucite pedestal (13.)
  8. Paint the rest of the room Benjamin Moore’s Harrisburg Green.
  9. An antique headboard (reupholster in #2 fabric)
  10. Swing arm lamps with pleated shades.
  11. An antique mirror with details.
  12. A cool modern blue and white lamp.
  13. Lucite pedestal
  14. A graphic pattern rug offsets the organic chinoiserie panels.
  15. A brass small side table.
  16. A white Louis style chair done in a peacock blue velvet.
  17. An antique inspired chest with marble top.


  1. Beautiful. Makes sense that he titled his book “beautiful”. Its what you think when you see his work.

  2. I love those blue pottery barn curtains, but Jesus they are asking a lot for those curtains. You can have someone make you curtains on etsy with pinch pleats for cheaper than what they are selling those for. Come on pottery barn.

  3. This is an undeniably beautiful room, although I did think it teetered on ripping off Miles Redd. Still super beautiful though.

    1. I disagree. This style has been around long before Miles Red. It is classic and will never date. He did an amazing job in this room. I am still waiting on the perfect client so I can use this wallpaper.

  4. I call dibs on the armchair. I want to sink in there with a book and a glass of wine and never come out.
    Nice mix of patterns–flowers, stripes, geometric. More interesting than solids, yet not too busy.

  5. Thank you for this great post. Do you have another source to order those wallpaper panels? The link you listed is for members only.

  6. So visually intoxicating and feminine, I love this inspiration Erin! I too am discovering how beautiful blue and green look together.

  7. I absolutely love this room. I’m also interested in another source for the panels. Members only…boo hoo.

  8. Beautiful room and amazing re-creation! Love the blue and green, especially the rich peacock blue.

  9. Although this bedroom is not my style, I think I’d be happy as a houseguest in this space.

  10. I know!!! I saw that bedroom and it’s insane!! Lucite catches the light..rainbows! That room will be inspirational! franki

  11. WOW! I LOVE this room…So wonderful. I have seen other Kips Bay posts floating around, but none of them have what makes your posts special and lots of work for you. A recreation of the room….
    And THAT’S why you are loved. <3

  12. The wallpaper looks so beautiful!! Wow! Thank you for sharing the design. I have never thought green and blue together could be this great.

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