Design Crush: Hendricks Churchill Homes

I spent the weekend in western Connecticut at the lovely Inn at GrayBarns and saw an ad in a local design magazine for Hendricks Churchill Homes & Interiors and fell madly in love with their work and website. This husband and wife team really have a unique but classic style I adore.

I am particularly amazed by this modern yet totally English-farmhouse feeling home called “The Little Farmhouse Renovation“.

This living room is looks both influenced by Manhattan and the country in equal measure. I love the painted millwork and the color of the floors in literally perfect.

Minimalist and yet not too cold. Not exactly my personal style, but I can really appreciate the push and pull between the styles.

Those brass switchplates are making my morning.

I adore the kitchen.  Classic materials like soapstone and wood counters look fresh and modern in here.

That FAUCET! (And sink. And hardware.)

The simplicity but incredible craftsmanship of these cabinets is effortless.

This home is seriously a master class in millwork.

I’d like to sit here with a good book and cup of tea, wouldn’t you?

Such simple but thoroughly thought out and thoughtFUL spaces.

Did I mention the exterior is a gem too? #dreamhouse

Some suggestions to get this look, including

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Photography by Amanda Kirkpatrick,


  1. This is stunning!

    Just a heads up for anyone considering the S&L Tucker dining chair – I was about to order a set recently, then noticed that the DWR Salt Chair is identical (but like $50 cheaper.) Delivery worked out to be a bit less for me, too. And I’ve been very happy with the quality since they arrived. Just a PSA for others looking for a nice modern Windsor chair!

  2. Is the paint color in that amazing sunroom F&B Mizzle? I’m in love with that sunroom.

    Swooning over that shot of the sink area, too. Crazy good.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love all the millwork and the simplicity of the design. Personally Inwould require less gray but in this application it was a perfect choice. I just need happier color around me.

  4. You know my favorite part of the rooms? The lighting…and the fact that it comes in all different metals. It looks fantastic together, every piece is unique, and the overall effect is so special. Such a successful all around project!

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