Fashion Friday: Blush & Blue

For summer I am all about comfort.  And as a mom, I need things I can live in and not have to pose a certain way or wear sky high heels for it to look good.  I also am having a moment with blue and blush. So here are some items that fit the bill for both of those categories:

  1. I am LOVING this blue and pink gingham dress for hot days- and at $130 not a huge investment!
  2. ADORE this cover up– especially at $44.50. Add to cart!
  3. I admit I bought this cleanser because it’s SO DARN PRETTY, but I actually think it works great and has a lovely scent for summer.
  4. I just ordered this hat based on the reviews of it being good for those with big heads (*waves hand).
  5. I have these sandals in another shade and they are durable and so comfy. This rose gold tone would be great to wear with just about anything.
  6. I LOOOVE Persifor dresses when its super hot out- the material literally cools you off. And they have a bunch of last summer’s dresses on super sale right now! I bought two (they are shorter than the current style, which I prefer).
  7. My favorite lip balm/gloss. Need one for every purse.
  8. I love wearing jeans but sometimes they feel to tight and thick in the summer- these are adorable, cut for comfort and have a little nautical influence.
  9. I am ALLLL about the one piece after having a baby. This suit is on it’s way to me. Only $29.50 right now!
  10. I am really obsessed with this bronzer. It makes me look like I actually feel rested. Which I never do.
  11. Is it bad that I want these new products (shampoo / conditioner) for my shower based on the packaging alone? No, right?
  12. Allison in my office swears by these J.Crew Factory scallop shorts. I am going to try them. Even though I HATE shorts.
  13. Comfy denim bow flat espadrille sandals. Sounds like everything you want in a summer shoe, right?
  14. I have a pajama problem. I love the contrast tipped J. Crew pj’s– these are the Factory version and I think worth trying.
  15. I’d prefer a small bag like this instead of a clutch because you can wear it like a bracelet and hold a glass of wine and still have a free hand to gesture wildly while telling your friends a stupid story. V. important.
  16. A striped tee you can MONOGRAM. #dead
  17. This dress looks like a breath of fresh (flattering) air.


  1. Love the Persifor dress!! How do you find the sizing? Final Sale is always daunting :-)

  2. You make me laugh! Re: Is it bad that I want these new products (shampoo / conditioner) for my shower based on the packaging alone? No, right?

    I’m a sucker for packaging and of course one of the first things i noticed was the pretty blue bottles in the post!

  3. I’m seriously crushing on the swimsuit cover-up …

    Voice of Reason: Patricia, you have an entire BIN of pareos and cover-ups.
    Me: But it’s so cuuuuuute!
    VoR: Nope! Don’t need.
    Me: And it could be an adorable tunic over white jeans!
    VoR: You donated your last pair of white jeans. Don’t need.
    Me: Need white jeans to go with my new adorable tunic/cover up I just ordered while VoR was busy arguing…

  4. I love all of these, as well as your inspiration. Thanks again for bringing beautiful things to my attention!

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