A Quick Hello!

I’m so ridiculously overwhelmed right now, so the blog is going to have to wait until Wednesday this week. Sorry guys! Just not enough gas in the tank or minutes in the day today!

Instead here are some sneak peeks from my trip to NYC last week…. an almost completed condo project we’ve been working on for the better part of a year and some spring/ summer 2019 pillows from the Elements by Erin Gates line!

Very excited to shoot this one in the fall…. (and yes, we work long distance!)

Fall pillows…. which will be out in August!

Some a sneak peek of spring and summer 2019!


  1. Oh yes! An animal print! I love love love my velvet leopard print pillows from you. Fabulous quality at a reasonable price point.

    Waiting for Wednesday…

    1. The print and the frame are from ArtfullyWalls.com. It’s a great source for artwork and framing!

  2. I’m in search of a dining room chandelier and the one we can glimpse in the living room mirror looks great – source? Love your sneak peak posts!

  3. In the first photo (foyer) is the ceiling metallic? Or is it just the glow from the chandelier? I love it!

  4. I have a question about art in bathrooms: are there any rules? I saw that you hung that portrait- I especially appreciate that you don’t have a face staring at you while you’re in there – but most of the time I feel like I see pictures of bathtubs in bathrooms or beach pictures. Do I just stick with the color palette and do anything I want? I’d love to hear your take on it.

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