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Today I turn 39. I can’t believe this is the last year in my 30’s, I still feel like 40 is so far away and sounds so much older than I feel! Not that I’m scared of 40 at all, I actually think my 40’s may be my happiest decade yet.  I think the one thing that we all hope for in life is to feel a sense of contentment with who we are and what we’re doing with our time.  I have worked so hard to get to that place of feeling truly happy and fulfilled, but it has been WORK. I haven’t really had time to breathe it in and enjoy it all that much.  That’s what I’m hoping my 40’s brings, a little time to savor life.

But in this last year of my 30’s I still feel like I have some things to tick off my list.  Ideally, another baby. We’ll see about that, as it’s very much out of my control, but one of the things I most look forward to in my 40’s is putting my fertility battle behind me.  It’s been the most grueling part of this decade by miles- physically, mentally and relationship-wise. So wether we have another baby, consider adopting another or settle into the idea that our family may be complete just us three, I look forward to moving on.  It weighs on me everyday in so many ways and I hope I will have the grace to bring this journey to a close, and be happy with that resolution, however it ends.

My second  book will be released this year, and then that will most likely be it for me and books.  The book process is very arduous, time consuming and while incredibly rewarding as well, not something I plan on doing again for a while.  I so look forward to sharing this next one with you, and feel very accomplished in having written two books, but I need to save that energy for myself, my kid and the other aspects of my business that have bloomed in the last couple years.  I also want to be able to share my work with you as it’s completed, instead of having to embargo it for years.  I think it’ll be a boost to my business as a designer and I’ll always have this space to share with you my thoughts, both serious and silly. Seeing my first book in so many of your homes (and on the NYT bestseller list) has been one of the greatest accomplishments of my career. But I need to take a breath after this next one.

We’re giving the blog a new facelift this year too, and I hope that the time freed up from not writing a third book will allow me to re-focus a bit more on the blog itself and flush out some ideas I’ve had for a while. This blog has been the crux of my whole career and it’s taken a slight bit of a backseat the past few years due to lots of other exciting opportunities, but it’s time to come home to it again and give it the TLC it deserves.

And as for me, I just want to relax a little more, give myself a few more breaks and snuggle my Henry tighter.  Take a morning off now and then to take him to a class or a museum and enjoy him being so little and so sweet.  Before long, he’ll not want me to hold his hand or snuggle him to sleep. Time is passing so fast now, all I want for my birthday is to be able to take it all in and enjoy it.




  1. I became a mother at 38, 41 & 42 at Adoptions With Love in Newton. I highly recommend them. I was a foster parent for the agency’s newborn babies for 10 years. My now 23 year old daughter is working part time at the agency.
    They are wonderful.

    Happy Birthday, the best is year to come!

  2. Happy Birthday. I’m midway thru my 40s and it is a great time of life. All the best this year.

  3. Happiest of birthdays! I do think my 40’s have been the most content decade of my life. All the best to you!!

  4. Happy birthday Erin! From someone who is way more content in the 40’s than the 30’s! Sounds like you have all the plans in place to slide into the 40’s just the way you want to. I hope everything works out just as it is meant to be xx

  5. Happy birthday Erin! I do hope you get to start enjoying life more. I loved your first book and am looking forward to the second!

  6. Happiest of birthdays to you Erin!
    I love your blog, your design, your humour and honesty.
    Enjoy your family, your health and your amazing talent as a designer.
    Life gives us what we need.
    All the best to you xx

  7. I turned 40 last year and it’s been pretty awesome thus far. There seems to have been a sudden realization to get real with myself and start understanding and focusing on the things that are authentically important to me – not just running on the hamster wheel of following whatever generic ambitions we’ve set for ourselves that aren’t really making us happy. I’ve shamelessly deprioritized a ton of cruft and I’m so much better off for it. Happy Birthday.

  8. Happy birthday EG! You were maybe the first blog I read, and it’s been wonderful to follow you on your journey.

    One human baby, two book babies, and two furry babies: what a gorgeous (and stylish) life.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about satisfaction, what it means, etc. I’m in a different stage of life, but I’m in the self-acceptance part of it too. Thanks for sharing your version of it— it’s helpful to see how others internalize!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love this message and thank you for being so open and honest about your life and career!

  10. What a beautiful reflection, Erin!
    Wishing you a very happy birthday and a year filled with more R&R!

  11. Yay! Happiest of days to you! These sound like some excellent goals. Very clear-eyed, grounded but still you know … goal-worthy. Congrats on another stellar year and thank you for all you do for your readers!

  12. A very happy birthday! I’ve found that turning 40 (2 years ago) was both a little scary (“my youth, my looks-please don’t leave”) but ultimately so satisfying (“eh, who gives a crap. I’ve got other things to do”). Enjoy!

  13. Happy happy happy birthday Erin!! As someone also going through fertility struggles (no babies yet for me though)- I completely understand the weight you are talking about and I also await the day I can get the weight off my shoulders! Prayers for healthy babies for us both! :)

  14. Erin,
    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and all the best in the decade ahead, and always. Thanks for sharing so much beauty with all of us — and that pertains to your honesty, your writing, your family, and your design!

  15. Well….happy birthday! As someone a couple of decades older…all I can say is…the best is yet to come!

  16. Happy birthday Erin! I’ve really loved your blog, book (looking forward to the next one), and you sharing not only your awesome interior design, but your personal life in an honest and real way. 40’s are the best yet! I fought with infertility (felt like a battle) for 11 years, had a couple of miscarriages and was finally blessed with 2 kids so I know how hard it is. Henry is such an awesome kid! So glad that you are taking time to slow down a bit – trust me kids grow up fast! Happy to get your inspiration and advice here on your blog – it doesn’t need to be in a book!

  17. Happy Birthday! I’ve been reading your blog (and now book) since the beginning… still loving what you’re doing and am excited for things to come! Enjoy today!

  18. Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your day and that this year brings you ample happiness, love, and laughter!

  19. ERin my forties were my favorite decade. You still feel good, look good and know who you are. You can have an I’m okay your okay attitude. What use to give you angst you can put behind you and you realize moving forward at what ever paceYOU. Choose isA-okay! Watching you grow as a designer, Mommy and author has been a true pleasure for me. I agree HENRY IS YOUR BEST WORK.

  20. Happy Birthday Erin! Best of wishes. Thanks for sharing so much of your life and love and work with us. You make my day better

  21. Happy Birthday Erin!! Thank you for all of your blogs and posts! I accidentally found your 1st book, several years ago, at Borders Book Store…Just glancing through it was so inspiring! I then began following your blogs and shared with many others. Reflecting back, I think my 39th Birthday was the hardest because of my fear of turning 40, which ended up being a wonderful season of life! Somehow turning 40 taught me how to embrace each year of life! I am sure you have heard this before, but I don’t feel a bit different than I did at 39, except for the wisdom that comes from all of the experiences in life!

  22. Happy Birthday! The bes t advice I can give is to embrace the time you’re in. It took me to 50 to realize this, as I’m fond of looking back in hindsight and worrying about what’s ahead. But now I try to just appreciate where I am- the knowledge I have and the wrinkles that go with it. Carpe diem!

  23. Happy Birthday Erin. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and so happy to hear you will continue writing and sharing not only your design inspiration but your thoughtful, poignant, and often hilarious views on life.

  24. Happy Birthday Erin! Best of wishes. Thanks for sharing so much of your life and love and work with us. You make my day better

  25. Happy Birthday it sounds like you know what you want in your 40s and that is awesome. I don’t think I had it together at your age. I Enjoy your blog and wish you continued happiness with your family.

  26. Happy birthday Erin! I’m coming up on 30 this month which feels like a scary milestone. I think I remember you posting about your own 30th – the summer before I moved across the country to embark on my own design education & career. Thank you for sharing and for being an inspiration!

  27. Hi Erin, would you do a post on vinyl wallpaper options (beyond grasscloth) please? What are the good options out there for vinyl wallpaper for high traffic rooms (powder rooms, family rooms, etc) that are used by kids? Thanks!

  28. At 37, I feel very similar about my 30s. Some amazing highs but some big lows too. Hoping 40 brings confidence in all sorts of areas of my life. Thanks for your openness and this blog!

  29. I am turning 39 this week, too! We may be in separate states and different fields but you summed up how I feel as well – from not quite believing I’m entering the last year of my 30’s to nailing the notion of needing to take small breaks and allow space in which to breathe and enjoy this stage. Thank you, Birthday Girl! And happy birthday to you!!

  30. Happy Birthday, Erin! Thank you for sharing your talents and life with us. Your words definitely reflect a wisdom well beyond your years. Wishing you and your sweet family much happiness and many blessings in the years ahead.

  31. Agreed! Take the time to enjoy the time with Henry -daily interior design can wait!! My “little” guy is now 13. I miss the snuggly times with him so much, even though I am so proud of the young many he’s becoming. The time goes so fast!

    Enjoy and congrats on the second book!

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