Felix Doolittle Holiday Discount!

I really, really love Felix Doolittle goods not only because they are gorgeous and fabulous gifts but the company is headquartered in my new hometown of Newton, MA! :)  There are so many goodies available all with various imagery and personalization (which I think makes a gift really special).  And just for EOS readers get $30 off a $100 order by using the code: FD30EOS1126.

Address Labels:

Calling Cards:


Note Pads:

Baking and Canning Labels:


Southern Spectacular

I am CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY about this house.  I love me some southern hospitality in the form of an amazing renovated cottage that used to be an old horse car station on Isle of Hope in Georgia.  The architecture and interiors are SO perfect for a vacation home- relaxed, slightly rustic but with hints of modernism.  Interior designer Carter Kay did an amazing job, take a peek:

Holy beams and door, Batman.

LOVE the wall mural mixed with more rustic beams and modern light fixture.

Clearly I like exposed beams. And so do these people.

Such modern fixture yet it totally works mixed with more traditional pieces.

Awesome bed.

MORE awesome beds.

Fantastic mirrors and vanity.

Great lighting placement.

An outbuilding that serves as a bar. How fun would it be to entertain in here.

DIE over this outdoor sink.


The patio. The outbuilding. The fence. The fire pit. Can you stand it?

Hell, I’d live in the garage.

Via Savannah Magazine

Hitting the Target

I took a little trip to Target yesterday and struck gold- literally. I was SO impressed with pieces from their new Threshold label. They all looked and felt much pricier than they actually were- and so of course I had to leave with a few things and then SHARE with you because I cannot keep a secret when it comes to a good deal.

And I couldn’t escape without noticing the amount of LEOPARD in there- including this great little faux fur jacket and skinny pants for a song!

Antiques by the Sea.

This weekend I got to spend time in the gorgeous north shore town of Manchester by the Sea for a good friend’s wedding. It’s an amazingly adorable place that is excellent for house stalking! While there I stumbled upon a fantastic shop, Cargo Unlimited, and took some pics to share with you guys!

These vintage bar stools were so col as was this super unique round mirror!

These monogram trays are INSANE and such an amazing gift. These dining chairs were unlike anything I’ve seen!

A citron folding picnic table surrounded by Knoll chairs and a pair of yellow vases I died over.

Gorgeous iron chairs perfect for a garden and there was a pair of linen upholstered chairs that i was seriously considering. Drop dead.

How cool is this old iron sign?

A fun vintage cart perfect for a small island in a kitchen or as a bar and a set of turquoise and wood folding chairs I love!

Zinc topped round table and some awesome driftwood as well as sore modern re-upholstered side chairs.

Fantastic horse head sculpture and store’s mascot, a wee toy poodle. :)

The town in the morning. I really love having coffee in front of this view!

A Curated World

The fantastic Kay McGowan has launched a new shop called A Curated World with a lovely and inspiring collection of artisan made goods made exclusively for her buyers, each with a captivating story behind it.  Kay travels the world to meet and learn from artists and bring these unique, hand-made items to you. Being a Boston local (and former guru of all things at the South End’s Mohr & McPherson) I had to share this amazing new source with you all!