Brimfield: The Pro Shots

My pal (and fab photographer) Sarah Winchester came with me to Brimfield (her first time) and took some fantastic shots with her deliciously sharp camera lens. Check ’em out!

Shoppers and Vendors (Sarah uses the same foxed 50mm lens The Sartorialist uses and I now NEED one!)

Brimfield_Dogs&People5 Brimfield_Dogs&People7

This was a very unique piece with a very big price tag.

Brimfield_July2010-1 Brimfield_July2010-2

My great grandparents, grandparents and parents all lived in Willimantic, CT and so this piece was pretty special to find. But yet again, out of my budget.


Brimfield_July2010-4 Brimfield_July2010-7a

These pristine condition vintage suitcases were props for the movie “Around the World in 80 Days”!


How amazing would this be in a restaurant?


I loved this little corner chair, so sweet in a bathroom.  And this paper roll holder/cutter would be ridiculous in a Martha-esque wrapping room!

Brimfield_July2010-10a Brimfield_July2010-11

Lucite handled tableware. Blinded by the yumminess.


Also mad for this silverware set in a red/ hot pink case. They were gold with wood handles and oh-so-amazing!

Brimfield_July2010-15 Brimfield_July2010-23


More glove molds. I love them (and this shot!)


Mushroom/fungus sculptures!

Brimfield_July2010-21 Brimfield_July2010-22

I think Eddie Ross would have snapped these up for a great table setting!

Brimfield_July2010-26 A wood artifact becomes a table lamp.  The interior boning of this drop dead gorgeous canoe captivated us!

Brimfield_July2010-20 Brimfield_July2010-9a

Jewels and glasses to decorate yourself!

Brimfield_July2010-31 Brimfield_July2010-27

Oh hello sequin disco boots. I could use you for my 31st birthday party coming up- we’re going to see this show and boogie down!


I’ve been frantically working on styling a shoot for Boston Magazine Home which goes down TODAY! once it’s over I’ll shoot pics of my Brinfield finds!

Wish me luck!

EOS Sweats It Out at Brimfield: Part 1

Brimfield was HOT. Really, really HOT.  Sarah and I were dying after an hour, re-hydrating and re-applying sunscreen  like we were in the Sahara, so the fact that we spent almost 6 hours there was miraculous. But it also meant that we missed quite a bit of the show.  We did our best to capture some of the goodies available (there were some amazing finds this year) but something happened this year that I’ve never had happen before.  Lots of vendors yelled at us for taking pictures! It was so strange, we’d find a great vignette to shoot and then hear a bellowing “NO PICTURES!!!”.  We finally asked why and got some story about thieves scoping booths out with pictures, and I wanted to be like “Do we look like thieves? Does Sarah’s humungous professional camera look like something we’re using to prepare to steal your wood printing blocks???” It made us a little shutter shy, so we didn’t get as many shots I had had wished! Bummer.

Brimfield is generally greatly overpriced now, but there were still some serious deals. I got a pair of vintage cane back chairs for my office for $25 each that are in great condition and two cool vintage necklaces for $4 each (those pics coming tomorrow!) Here are my shots, I will post Sarah’s tomorrow!

A great vignette worthy of the Ralph Lauren visual merchandising team’s attention!


Amazing stone Buddha’s and screens

DSC_0264s DSC_0262s



A fab vintage sunglasses/ eyeglass booth


Bold and vintage!

DSC_0270 DSC_0269s

Two very different yet amazing collections

DSC_0287s DSC_0272s

A vintage telescope and cheese dome worthy of Marie Antoinette!

DSC_0274 DSC_0275s

A gorgeous Chinoiserie tray table and pair of doors I would love to see painted and on the front of an old South End townhouse! :)

DSC_0273s DSC_0285s

Buoys. That is all.


A Mad Men worthy dress that would be adorable for a low key wedding. We saw a J.Crew model trying on stuff in this booth. only I would recognize a J.Crew model. At right, a sweet elephant side table- but I hated the color.

DSC_0282s DSC_0286s

If I had a ton of money I would have bought these for my dad- one for our farm, and one for our to-be-built beach house!

DSC_0278s DSC_0277s

Amazing mirror.


Loved these leather benches. Very camp-chic!


More FOO DOGS! And I loved the font on this old sign.

DSC_0279s DSC_0281s

I have a CRAZY beginning to my week so I apologize for the brief postings….I’ll do my best!

Off to Brimfield.


Raise your hand if you love long days of antique hunting!!! (via flickr)

Armed with coffee, sunscreen, cash and my pal photographer Sarah Winchester, I’m giving Brimfield a run for it’s money today! Some of my fave bloggers and designers have already been this year and scooped the trends- read about it on Design*Sponge! You can also check out my recap from when I went two years ago! I’m sure I’ll have DAYS worth of posts when I get back- send me all your good antiquing karma!


Back from Brimfield

I (Marni from StyleCarrot – Erin’s still in Paris), did a whirlwind tour of Brimfield yesterday. Oddly, I didn’t buy a thing. Not that I was on the lookout for anything in particular, but nothing caught my eye. I came across a lot of the same vendors (and in some cases, the same items) that I discovered when I went the first time back in May. I would have picked up some more stray antlers, but alas, those I did not find. Here’s an array of what I saw. You can check out today’s post on my blog for more pictures, or this post for specific vendors if you’re planning a visit.

Scandinavian style: raw muslin covered furniture.

Glass handles aplenty.

Hunks of wood. Tres trendy.

Carousel horse.
Burlap sack chic.

Empire era for kids.

Loose type speaks out.

Would be perfect framed in a nursery.

A huge statement piece.

Such rich colors on these vintage advertising prints.

Bamboo bed.

A sorta scary skull.